A Tale of Two Bah Humbugs


Tis the season.

Holly jolly.

Blah blah.


This holiday season is a little screwy – it’s our first Christmas away from home.  Brian’s working and I’m having a tough time committing to Christmas spirit with all the Santas in boardshorts and lit-up houses with sand on the porch instead of snow.  And having the mailman deliver your presents.  And baking treats and eating them all because your husband actually has willpower and your neighbor has a gluten sensitivity.

Bah Humbug.

I am trying to be upbeat about the less-than-ideal situation, though.  Like, ‘Bummer, Brian has to work…‘ AT LEAST HE HAS A JOB!

‘Too bad you won’t be with your families…’ YOU JUST SAW THEM LAST MONTH!  AND 20 OTHER TIMES THIS YEAR!

‘Wahhhh it’s not Christmas without snow…‘  YOU HATE THE COLD!  IT’S GOING TO BE 72 AND SUNNY HERE!

But now I have to do all the cooking…‘  GO TO SUBWAY YOU LAZY PIECE OF UNDOMESTICATED CRAP!


Great Lakes Christmas Ale – holiday cheer in a bottle

That’s all.

Just wanted to say sometimes things suck but you can make them better.  And also sometimes you eat 22 servings-worth of bubble gum candy cane and wake up with a sore jaw and a dentist appointment.

That too.

Sarah OUaL

29 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Bah Humbugs

  1. Been there! I worked Christmas day in 2008 and then worked Thanksgiving day in 2009 and 2010. It sucks for you (or whoever you are supporting who is working ie. B) but you’ll be OK.

    Make your own new Christmas tradition this year!!


  2. That candy cane would definitely put me into a sugar coma.
    So my parents decided to file for divorce (Merry Christmas to meeeee) this year so there’s no Holiday in my family. I will be drinking my sorrows away in the form of dirty martinis and walking the dog around the neighborhood while creepily looking into people’s windows as we walk by and wishing I was adopted into their family. Not weird at all obviously. Haha


    • gahhh sweetheart! Speaking of “not weird at all” I just had to comment on your comment because I want to give you a hug through the interwebs! Family and Christmas may not always be the beautiful spectacle we wish them to be, but they are REAL and they are all ours. I hope you get lots of Christmas snuggles with your puppy and Santa gives you a hangover-free morning-after-dirty-martini-drinking!


  3. I was bummed out the first year we stayed in Cali. Then I realized we didn’t have to do all the running around and could stay in our pajamas as long as we wanted. I suggest going to the beach and sending a picture to your friends and family! :)


  4. It’s ok, in Chicago its pouring rain! No White Christmas in sight. Best perk? You’ll get the beer all to yourself and no family to judge you when you drink a little too much. Precisely why I’ll be starting mine with Bloody Mary’s!


  5. I love festive beers! My favorite wintery one is somethingsomething nutbrown. It’s kinda gingerbready and kind of coffeish, very dark but oh so yummy.


  6. I have to admit, I’m JEALOUS that you don’t have to deal with your family this year at Christmas. There has been some mega family drama going on and I just want to move to California and celebrate with you. I’ve been a total SCROOGE all week – I hope I can find that spirit tomorrow.

    I feel you on the warm Christmas thing. I grew up playing in snow. My son played in bubbles that everyone pretended was snow last week. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here on Christmas Day. Yay?

    Hope you make the best of it and have a great holiday! It’s your first married Christmas — enjoy :)


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  8. What the! How is it you’re in CA and are drinking GL Christmas Ale??? I’m in Columbus and have yet to see it in stores! Restaurant kegs run out of it within of minutes of tapping! Okay, jealously over, enjoy your beer :)


  9. Girl – Christmas in the South is an adjustment here it is almost 7 years after I moved here and I’m still a bit bah humbug about the lack of COLD and SNOW… Christmas is just supposed to be chilly! Keep the brew coming and kick that spirit into high gear!

    P.S. What is it with husbands and willpower NOT to eat all the sweets in the house.. I HATE THAT!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  10. You know.. I hate the cold too. I’d be content with looking at snowy pics on the computer. I’m in PA, though, sooooo not really a choice. I’ll give a Christmas wave to OH for you, and probably drink a Christmas brew in honor of you too.

    For now, you’re right, you can make things better.. enjoy the great differences about Cali :)

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the chuckles you bring me!


  11. I think a giant bubble gum candy cane can fix a lot of problems! I think you guys made a great weekend, even if you were on the coast away from family…it’s hard not being around family on the holidays, but making new traditions as a couple is fun too!



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