2011 – When I Wasn’t Running

Thank you to everyone who chimed in – regardless of your stance – on the OJ Houston issue yesterday.  I know Operation Jack appreciates the support and I appreciate having badass & passionate readers.  For the record, the purpose of the post was to clear any tarnish to the OJ name that may have come with the cancellation/relocating of the event and the unfavorable correspondence sent by HARRA.  Ok and reiterate what an awesome cause it is.  That’s all.

But let’s take a step away from the social media warfare and do something fun and completely unique

RECAP THE YEAR!  EVERYTHING I DID IN 2011!!  Nobody else on the internet is doing this.  I checked.

I hate to brag, (do you hate when people say that? like obviously i’m about to brag but want it to seem a little modest? dumb. i’m bragging.) but my 2011 was pretty awesome.  There were some significantly sucky parts, but all-in-all, 2011 was definitely worth writing home blogging about.

So here’s Part 1, aka,

The Time I Spent Doing Things Not Called “Running.”

Getting adventurous, trying new sports  –  Paddle Boarding w Erin

Coming out of the blog-closet to Brian  –  He Knows!

Trying Bikram Yoga, my One Hit Wonder  –  My First Bikram

Losing my snowboard V-card (the day after a 20 miler)  –  If Shaun White Ran Marathons

Declaring my love for philanthropic footwear  –  Toms in Action

Celebrating my (somewhat bitter) Cali Anniversary  –  One Year Ago (the start)

Flying CA –> OH and driving OH –> SC to surprise my little sister at her softball tournament  –  A Surprise Visit

Partying on a pimped-out school bus in Corntown for Bachelorette Party #1  –  Dive Bar Ugly Bus Tour

Surviving Bridal Shower #1 with a hangover & Gift Anxiety  –  Extreme Social Awkwardness

Made BFFs with Jaymee, the talent behind our wedding designs  –  Invitations, check!

BFF Laur & Sister Mel invade Cali  –  Estrogen Overhaul (the collection)

My entourage (& tutu) take over Sin City  –  Vegas Bachelorette (the collection)

Skin cancer happened  –  Too Much C-Word,  Update on that GD C-Word

The Post Office “losing” my engagement ring  –  My Ring is WHERE?!,  Crisis Averted

Using my hillbilly to advance my career  –  Fishing is the New Golf

UMMMM GOT MARRIED  –  We Did It!  (planning, pre events, main event, photos)

Trying to break into our own house  –  Brain Surgery (I Need Some)

HONEYMOONED IN COSTA RICA  –  The Plan,  The Recaps (that I still haven’t finished)

Corntown tried to kill me again at the Jason Aldean concert  –  Jason A Short Bus

Little sister & boyfriend crash our beach pad for a week  –  CLE in Cali

Tutu’d halloween and requested your Madlib assistance to piece the night back together  –  OUaL Madlibs,  A Tutu Tale

Made the most of a rainy day at Catalina Island  –  Island Time

Stated my case as “The Tall Girl”  –  Sarah Just Plain Tall

Celebrated my favorite Midwest Holiday  –  TurkEve in Corntown

Went without power for 8 days  –  National Lampoon My Weekend

Dusted off my ballerina alter-ego for a barre class  –  The Time I Barre’d Instead of Bar’ing

Made the most of our first holiday away from home  –  Very Cali Christmas


Coming up next – 2011, A Year in Racing.  Spoiler : It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  But mostly the best of times.

Sarah OUaL

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