Run 2011 (Yes, I Freaking Did)

Obviously I can’t recap the year without mentioning all the ups, downs, and CRASH AND BURNS that came with this bipolar running hobby of mine.

2011 brought the birth of no-train-racing, discovering my recipe for injury-free training, a debate over “cheat courses“, the Sub4orDie Failure, the Secret Marathon, a return to short distance and speedwork, and a PR-sweep on the year (marathon, half, 10K, and 5K).


Here’s the run down, in case you missed any of the awesome (or awesomely tragic)


Broke out of my 2010 run rut   –  Tell Someone You’re Not a Runner Anymore

No-Train-Racing is born!  –  What Like 13 Miles is Far or Something?

… and then I almost PR’d  –  Mermaid Half

Ran with friends, hated it  –  Running With People Sucks

PR’d & finally ran injury-free at the LA Marathon  –  The Soggy Recap

… using my 5 Weeks 2 Marathon “training plan”  –  5W2M, My Thoughts

I made my first “PR or Bust” claim  –  Pre-PCRF Crazy Talk

… and chalked one up to the “Bust” column  –  PCRF Half

Introduced Mary #4  –  Race Binge

Made the most of (yet another) un-trained race  –  Laguna Hills Half

… and then “PR’d” on a super downhill course 6 days later  –  Fontana Half

Disclosed my secrets to No-Train-Racing  –  Unfair Advantages

Suffocated during a humid half in Ohio the week before the wedding  –  Columbia Station Half

To0 busy GETTIN HITCHED to worry about runnin.

Marathon #4 training began (5.15W2M)  –  Sub4OrDie

Preached about how personal running is  –  It’s All About Me, Me, Me

Rounded up two Ragnar teams for 2012 and let blogland choose the team names  –  Nameless

Let a sweaty internet stranger stay at our place  –  Stranger Danger

Bombed my Sub4 attempt  –  Long Beach Marathon Pt1,   Pt2

… but at least I learned something(S)?  –  Sucky Lessons in Racing

Redeemed myself with a killer 5K PR  –  Chapman 5K with Team Sparkle

Beast Mode’d a long run at a charity event  –  Operation Jack 6-Hour Challenge

Learned to love running with friends  –  Run Friends <3

PR’d a Garmin-less 10K  –  Iron Girl Del Mar

Planned a “Secret Marathon”  –  How The Secret Marathon Was Born

… and finally got my Sub4!  –  Santa Barbara Marathon

Made an appearance in Fitness Magazine  –  Fit Bloggers We Love

Broke in the cowbell at the Cleveland Fall Classic  –  Race Spectating (a warm up)

Cheered the CRAP out of RnR Vegas with that stranger from Long Beach  –  Not Your Typical Race Recap Pt1,  Pt2

Got Ho Ho Ho’d on a hilly half  –  LA Holiday Half

Broke a 2+ year Half PR at my last race of 2011  –  Operation Jack Half

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2011 finished with a lot of steam and on a major high note  –  perfect fuel to take into 2012, right?!  Have I told you how pumped I am for 2012 yet?  I’m gonna go ahead and claim it as the biggest year for OUaL racing ever.

BIG plans.  Well, big for me at least.  Remember my expectations are pretty cellar-ish.

I’ll share them next post.  Before I forget them and/or chicken out.  But really, expect some drastic changes around here…

  * * *  Give me some motivation – tell me about your ambitious goals for the new year!

Sarah OUaL


19 thoughts on “Run 2011 (Yes, I Freaking Did)

  1. Well I am hoping to log 600 miles next year instead of my 300 this year. Small steps, but it is what it is. I am hoping to do the half marathon (my second) again. I also need to take better care of me.


  2. Wow. Crazy year of running!

    Maybe you should do the San Dieguito half on February 12th!!! OR the San Diego Half (new race) on March 11th! I’ll be nice and let you pick just one. :) Please. :) :) :)

    My goal is to break 3:30 in Boston, which will be my 2nd marathon. What what!! Hooty hoo!


  3. u did have one awesome year…both running and otherwise! :)

    i really like those zebra arm sleeves that u’ve got going for the holiday half. i’m not sure on goals as of yet, i haven’t raced in an eternity, so i may have to bust the dust off those racing flats. :P


  4. What an amazing year of racing!! And I think your cheering needs a double fist pump, high five or something.
    I’m planning on doing LA marathon this year. Thanks for the race report. I hope we don’t get rain like that.

    My big plan for this year is Ironman. I registered for Ironman AZ in November. Holy crap, what have I done? :-)

    I can’t wait to see all your plans for 2012.


  5. Great post!! What an amazing year you have had. Congrats girl! I’m toying with the idea of training for a marathon. But, maybe it’s a runner’s high. Or I must just be high to think I can actually pull it off haha. Can’t wait to see all of your goals come true!


  6. Such a great year!! My goal for 2012 is to not embarrass myself in front of all of you crazy ragnar runners :) And to run a few more halfs in 2012. And make Ryan Gosling fall for me. I try to keep my goals realistic.


  7. Looks like you had an awesome year!! :)
    My goal for 2012 is to stay committed to running, and run 2-3 half marathons. And… I want to run a sub 2 hour half at one of them at least! We’ll see how the first couple halfs go this year… Then maybe I’ll think about a full! Eeek!



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