Your (Future) Baby’s Agent is on the Phone

Wanna know the best part about having my bro-in-law and his fiance staying with us was??

(aside from the excuse to do fun things, eat good food, and drink too much)

((and aside from the fact that we kinda sorta like them… a lot))



Anybody know a good sports agent?  There’s some serious volleyball/basketball/pitching offspring-potential in that gene pool.   (in the very very very distant future please don’t freak out)  ((ahem, Dad B))

I’ve already got a script proposal and casting call to ESPN for the new Dance Mom’s spin off, don’t worry.  I hear early retirement calling my name…

OUaL Dating Tip : Fellow tall girlfriends, find yourself a tall dude and scope out his family tree  (don’t get caught though, that’s toeing the ‘stalker’ line a bit)  Bonus points if his kin prefer vertically-blessed counterparts as well.  Latch on for dear life.

You’ll thank me when you aren’t imprisoned to a lifetime in flats or taking your shoes off for family photos.

Sarah OUaL


29 thoughts on “Your (Future) Baby’s Agent is on the Phone

  1. I’m pretty short at 5’4″, but my husband is only 5’8″ – so I was limited in wedding heel selection to 3″ heels so he could be taller than me in photos. You’d be surprised at how few cute heels exist at the 3″ and under mark. Thankfully, I found a pair after months of searching!


  2. Amen! I once got dumped for being too tall (nevermind that it was in 5th grade) so I cling to those tall boys like white on rice. My guy is 6’3 which is perfect for most shoe options, although his siblings seem to lack his genetics in the height department. But a smaller baby (in the very far away future!) should be less painful so it’s fine by me either way. BUT if that kid is tall, you can bet I’ll do everything in my power to get on this Dance Moms show you’re thinking of!


  3. Haha! This is awesome! My husband is convinced that our future offspring will be either professional volleyball or basketball players. I have to remind him frequently that we’re both average height and are among the tallest in our Mexican families. I guess a man can dream though… I’m convinced they’ll just kick ass at rugby. That and being awesome.


  4. So i’ve never commented before, but HAD to come out of hiding for this one…I’m 5’11.5″ (yea. i’m THAT girl that’s 6’0″ but refuses to admit it because it scares people…) and this post seriously just made. my. day.

    Now if only finding a tall guy with tall friends or a tall gene pool was easy…

    You rock btw. Just saying…


  5. I have such a height complex- i’m 5’11 pushing 6’0, its hard to find someone taller, which is one of the many reasons I’m single. I do love going home since I too am the shorty!!!


  6. Yes! It’s all about tall families! I’m 5’12” and my Manfriend is 6’5″. He comes from a family of tall women (olympic volleyball status) and my family is 5’10” and up. We often talk about having kids that are either super models or super athletes! I also LOVE wearing heels and feeling like a “normal’ girl :)


  7. I find this post too too too funny. My husband is six foot eight, so had he married almost anyone other than five foot three me, he’d probably make quite a few little million dollar athlete babies.
    Most tall girls hate me for stealing one of the few tall fishies in the sea!


  8. Ok … enough about tall talking … :) … oh, how I wish I was taller than 5’3” … 5′ 2″ and a 1/2 according to my last physical … am I already shrinking … NO … I should at least have a few more good years, no?

    Can you give me a few inches if you have them to spare?


  9. I love the new blog look!! Am I late on this? I usually check blogs on my phone and they never come up right.

    I am 5’7″ and was in complete denial for quite a while. When I was younger at had to get new licenses at all my milestone birthdays, I’d be adamant about it saying ‘5’5″ and a half’ or 5’5.5″

    Captain crazy over here embraces her height now :)


  10. Im 5’10” and the bf is 6’1″, but my dad is 6’7″ and the bf’s family is all tall so he’s hoping for some athletes…just hope they only get my height and not my athletic ability


  11. What’s up short stack?! HA! Loving the look of the new site. Seriously awesome.

    K, I might have to run Fontana this year. We’ll see. Trying to take a summer racing break, but remembered I’d probably want to run on the 4th of July again. It’s too fun not to do it!


  12. Love the new look of your blog! :)

    Just recently found out that I’m 5’2 1/2. But, I’ll still just say 5’3. :) You’re tall and gorgeous!! :) Have a great weekend blondie!


  13. I soooo didn’t plan that part out. My husband is just a couple of inches taller than me. Imprisoned to flats FOR-EV-ER. Except when I’m at work…because he’s not there and I can be as tall as I want.



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