Race Spectating–Ready for The Big Show


So I went out for my third tour of Race Spectating duty yesterday at the SoCal Half Marathon.  I kind of consider cheering at races my social services to the running Gods.  With a heavy dose of AWESOME expected in 2012 I’m hoping to bank all the run karma I can get.


TALL MONSTER FREAK GIRL, Kat, Heather’s #1, Heather, Julie, Madison, and Margot. Race Spectate Commrades. All presently on the Run Gods’ good sides.

If spending 4 hours cowbelling and sparkling with these ladies counts towards my karma bank, I’ll happily pay my dues and compounding interest and taxes and whatever the hell else kind of fake money talk you wanna throw in there.  FUN TIMES.


Margot sliced up some oranges with a knife she had stashed in her purse (safety first!) which everyone loved.  I gave up orange-distributing when a 13 year old boy that looked eerily similar to SUAR’s son stopped mid-stride to take a slice straight out of my hand with his teeth.

There MIGHT be an underage violation being drawn up at OCPD in my name.

While my cheering skills have been honed and preened to their utmost potential, my photography skills could still use a good tune-up.



That’s supposed to be of my neighbor’s speedy girlfriend running herself to a sub 1:40.  Damn iPhone.  I hate holding it up, opening the camera, and seeing an extreme closeup of my own face.  Not cute.

Anyways I’ll have it all straightened out by next week in time for Kara and Ryan and Desi.

Oh, didn’t I tell you?  Race Spectate edition #4 is being taken to a WHOLE FREAKING NEW LEVEL at the


Vegas rendezvous is happening after a <60 minute Gchat sesh with SweatyEmily.  Hastily-made last-minute travel plans are the best.

Now I just need to decide whether Olympians prefer tutus or sparkleskirts, and how they like their cowbell.  London depends on it.

You’re welcome, USA – SweatyOUaL is available for travel to the UK this summer if you need us.

(You do.)


Sarah OUaL


41 thoughts on “Race Spectating–Ready for The Big Show

  1. I am so jealous that you are going to spectate at the Olympic Trials! So amazing! You are a great spectator and I think I need cowbell when I run the Tinkerbell half on the 29th. BTW, I nearly always freak myself out with the front camera, damn that shit is scary up close!


  2. I plan to cheer on the runners at RNRAZ next week but man you set the bar high. I’m hoping I can put forth a good effort.
    Way jealous you are going to the trials. Can’t wait to see the pics,


  3. You’re going to have a blast at Houston! My boyfriend and a bunch of his running teammates are going to watch the trails, too, and run the marathon on Sunday! Have fun!!


  4. Lol at the oranges. For some reason, spectators giving out food at races just creeps me out. Maybe it’s the whole never take candy from strangers thing but I always seem to just run right by no matter my glycemic status at the time.


  5. I’ll be the runners loved you guys cheering! I had to teach at the Y yesterday (which was interesting with the back issue) otherwise I would have been up there with you guys sharing in the cowbell spectating glory.


  6. I love all the sparkle skirts! Great job spectating, I would run faster if you were cheering me on at a race! I wouldn’t take an orange out of your hand with my teeth, though.

    Have fun next weekend! I can’t wait to see all the photos. They will be epic!


  7. I’m pretty mad at myself that I missed my favorite socal ladies at the race!! Eminem, Snoop & TuPac were serenading me. :) I was very “in the zone”. I don’t know how some of you girls race & take pics at the same time…ahem SR (mad skillz!)!

    Green with envy that you’re going to the trials. I’ll vicariously live through you and Em as you share your adventures with all of us “unlucky” ones!! :) :) You’re going to have sooo much FUN!! see you Wednesday.


  8. Love the sparkle skirts, and the spontaneity!!! Have an awesome time, though I wouldn’t mind if you were spectating the AZ RnR this weekend….running my first marathon in 4 years, second marathon ever. I’m terrified!!! Hope there are lots of great spectators to keep me going!


    • Good luck – you’ll do great!! When it sucks and you think about “I have __ left OHMYGOD” try to think about the __ you’ve already run. Got me up and over the wall at 19 last time :)


  9. You are an awesome cheerleader…it was great seeing you out on the course, especially towards the end, if you would have had a pony keg or mimosa in hand I would have stopped and joined you but since you didn’t your cheering inspired me to power through to the finish.


  10. I am super jealous that you are going to the Olympic Marathon trials! I went to the Olympic Track and Field trials in ’08 (in Eugene!) and they were awesome. Have a great time!


  11. The best sign you could ever hold is “If it were easy, it’s be called your mom.” Even though I’m sure you are already everyone’s favorite spectator, you might start getting spectator sponsored with a sign like this.


  12. Oh, man… don’t get me started talking about skiing! It’s a love/hate relationship, really. Because my husband is an elite skier and loves skiing, I have always felt that I should also be a skier. Plus, it’s just great cross-training and is low impact. There have been periods of time that I have wanted to spend a ton of time on the sport, improve a lot, etc. It’s truly a beautiful sport. But there have also been a lot of times that I fall out of love with it, mostly because I don’t have the technique to move fast enough to compete, or even get a workout (Uhg, I get so frustrated! And Nate is the first one to know about it!). My early “learning to ski” blog posts are entertaining to look back on. One post has a picture that sums up most of my time on skis: a frustrated kid on a tricycle with square wheels. Lately, as I have increased my running mileage, I found it nearly impossible to find time for any cross-training. If I have a period of injury, I may hop on the bike or rollerskis, but that has fortunately been very rare this last year. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to cross-train, and I know that in order to be a competitive marathoner I need to RUN – so I’ve allowed myself to not feel bad about abandoning skiing. I think eventually I’ll pick it up, and will probably really enjoy it – but likely not until my legs are broken and I have to. What are your PRs?


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