Don’t Worry, America – I’m Still Going to the Trials

I’m such an idiot.

Despite my best efforts to turn our OLYMPIC TRIALS WEEKEND from Epic* to Tragic* with one fatal click, I’ll still be in Houston this weekend.

Not April 13th like I apparently booked last week.  January 13th.  Tomorrow.

I went to check in for my flight because HELLO T-MINUS 24 HOURS AND COUNTING, and was about to call and yell at somebody that their website was broken and wouldn’t let me check in for my Olympic-destined flight.

It IS less than 24 hours before and more than 45 minutes before my flight, jerk, GIMME A BOARDING PASS!!!

Continental, you won this time, with your stupid change fee.  I learned my lesson and pinky promise to commit more than 27 seconds of brain juice to my next flight booking.

As the optimist I’m NOT but am trying to be (a kinda sorta ’12 resolution) I’m considering it a small miracle that not only do they have flights at almost the exact depart/arrive times, but that there were seats available.

Because as much as it sucks paying 30 times more for a ticket than I could should have, it would have sucked a MILLION TIMES MORE to miss the ridiculousness that will be #Houston2012 altogether.

Sarah OUaL

* I never use these words. They are reserved for leather-bound classics you’re forced to read in 11th grade lit class and not my silly little life I write about with poor grammar and made-up words on the internet. BUT spectating the marathon olympic trials is as close as I’m going to get to “epic”, and missing them for a dumbshit careless mistake is as close to “tragic” as I’ll get. Hopefully.


19 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, America – I’m Still Going to the Trials

  1. Oh no! Bummer on the $150, but that’s not a bad price for airfare to Houston. I got to watch the women’s trials in 2008 and it was pretty cool … pretty sweet that you’ll get to watch them both.


  2. Okay, so I had to look at the ticket like 500 times to find that it said April. I was like, “what the problem? That’s totally tomorrow”. And now I’m laughing a little bit :)

    To make you feel better, one time I bought tickets home and accidentally had them arrive and depart the exact same day. Another time, exactly one year later, I bought two one way tickets home. And since I didn’t realize the mistake either time until I was actually boarding the plane, it was like $200 to change. Lame. Airlines really make things hard.


  3. So, I did something similar in 2001 – though I booked a round-trip in the opposite direction (Providence to LAX and back, rather than LAX to PVD and back).

    I realized my mistake like 60 seconds after I booked it on Expedia and they were nice enough to fix it for me at no charge. I think that was the last time I’ll not double-triple check my flight bookings before hitting confirm.


  4. I once missed a flight because I thought I booked it for Saturday morning. Instead I’d booked it the day before. I didn’t even notice until my ex pointed out (he was supposed to pick me up). That mistake cost me $40. Oh well.

    Since that mistake, I’ve tried to double check the mistakes and I don’t remember making it again.


  5. YICK airlines make everything such a pain, don’t they?! I do want to share my one messed-up-flight story: one of my best guy friends in college wanted his 2 best friends to come in for his senior night basketball game. One of them booked the wrong month (like you!) but found out AT THE AIRPORT and ended up just buying a flight for that day on the spot. We ended up hitting it off, and so it ended up being my lucky day that he already had another flight to our lil college town booked for exactly one month later :) Unfortunately, I ended up getting back together with my ex a few months later…unfortunately for so many reasons.


  6. I always describe things as being epic/tragic – I may be prone to a bit of over-exaggeration!
    I’d love to watch the US olympic trials. Which is weird, because being an Aussie what do I care about US athletes? I guess we don’t have that many famous distance runners so I decided to adopt the US when it comes to distance running! (don’t tell anyone I said that)


  7. I love your new lay out =) Do you have your red, white and blue sparkle skirt all packed and ready to go?!?! So looking forward to pictures. I might even jump on the Twitter bandwagon if you and Sweaty Emily promise to post Twit Pics!


  8. Glad you could get it sorted out – have a great time.

    BTW – my friend Samantha Howard is in the women’s marathon – she qualified for the trails in her DEBUT MARATHON! She’s a beast so be sure to cheer my Sammo!


  9. ahhh!! that sucks! so glad you were able to change it!! you are so not alone – my parents booked a hotel when they came to visit the hubs and i in NYC and they were here in June and they booked the hotel for July… and it was like an extra $150 a night!! eeks! but you are going to have a beyond major epic weekend!! tell kara and shalane and ryan hey!!


  10. You’re lucky you only had to pay $30, sometimes it’s change fee plus fare difference which can get expensive! As an Exec. Asst. for a boss that flies every week, I’ve learned my lesson to slow down and pay attention when I book travel! At least you’re going to make it! I’ll be there on Saturday to watch and Sunday to run the half! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee


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