Bye Bye, Runboner

My #runboner streak ended yesterday.

Pass the tissues por favor.

In hindsight I’m really hoping that doing P90X (arms/back) and ab ripper the day before had something to do with it.  Hip flexors, right?  They’re part of running?

Please tell me yes?



I headed to Back Bay and started out feeling good, but made myself slow down to a more casual pace.

“Take it easy! This is just a fun run. You’re not training for anything. Just enjoy it…”

So I slowed down despite my legs’ protests. All that speedwork has got ‘em all itchy to go fast I guess. But I’m not training now and I’ve got a long season of hardcore training coming up so I told myself to play it cool.

Halfway I stopped to stretch a bit.  Because when you’re just running for fun you’re allowed to do that.

A mile later, I started counting steps until I was done.

Told myself I could stop and walk at 6.66 miles.

(that should tell you what kind of a mental state I was in)

“Why is this so hard?!  Ugh running sucks. Why is the car so far away?!”

“GD this freaking headwind. Last 4 miles? So rude ugh running hates me.”

“What the heck, iPod?! Is this playlist seriously 4 miserably depressing songs on repeat?? Ugh I HATE THIS SONG. And I hate you, running!!!!”

*no, this is not a dramatization

I can’t remember the last time I cut a run short, and don’t think I’ve ever been so pathetically weak to walk a part of a looped course just because I didn’t feel like running anymore. Usually the realization that it would take less time to run to my car than walk is enough to get my ass moving again.

Not this time.

Majorly demoralizing.

When I did finally make it to my car (what seemed hours later)  I remedied the best ways I know how.  Naturally.




Obviously shopping under the influence for a sport you just spent an hour HATING makes sense.


Hopefully when those babies show up on my doorstep I’ll be over my little grudge and will be ready to let running sweet talk its way back into my life.

It better bring chocolates.

Sarah OUaL


19 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Runboner

  1. Aahh! The Launch, you will LOVE them! I find they to wear down quicker than the Ghost so you may need to shop under the influence more often, but hey, they are cheaper than the Ghost. So thoughtful of Brooks :)


  2. I’m fairly certain that it’s normal to suffer a post-high come down. It’s pretty hard to maintain that level of #runboner excitement long term!

    And retail therapy always helps!


  3. Running is a fickle lover, that’s for darn sure. But I also use running retail therapy to get myself through some downer runs! I bought a pair of compression shorts yesterday, after taking a record long break from shopping for running gear (almost 1 month!).


  4. I think it was in the air this weekend. Everyone it seems, had a crappy run. I drowned my sorrows in a Malbec but bubbly and shopping would have been a great choice too.
    Better runs this week I hope.


  5. Brooks Launch? I almost pulled the trigger on those babies, except that I decided I wanted the 1mm less of heel-to-drop on the Ravennas. And the weight difference wasn’t that drastic between the two. But they have a nice ride – smooth. Actually, they felt similar to the Ravennas except more minimalistic.

    The purple sole ones are super cute, too. The Ravennas are not as cute, but, I guess I went with practicality and the fact that I already knew I liked them.


  6. My anti-running feelings are still in full force unfortunately, so I have nothing super supportive to say… But your new shoes looks so pretty! And the bubbly looks… well, looks bubbly. And clear. Clear-ish.
    If you are interested, or know anyone who is, I’m trying to get rid of my bib for the Tinkerbell half this weekend. I know you hate huge races, I just thought I would throw it out there. I think I’m going to spend time eating sushi and singing karaoke instead :D


  7. Hahaha I’ve definitely had runs when those exact thoughts went through my head! Running can be such a tease sometimes, it can’t tell whether it wants to be awesome or awful.


  8. Hahaha – LOVE this post! I totally do the same thing – “I hate running and running hates me – oooo, look at that running jacket! MUST HAVE!” Apparently my running personality is slightly unbalanced and has a shopping problem :)


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