Hello, New Love(s)

I did something I haven’t done since junior high this morning…

No I didn’t make out with a cute boy from the football team under the bleachers.  (But I did hang out at the crack of dawn somewhere they have them.)

I ran on a track.


Luckily for Margot, she doesn’t have to go into hiding or file a restraining order.  Unless I start showing up at her door every morning begging her to pace me through 800s.

(warning Margot – that MIGHT happen)

That’s me (the obnoxiously tall blonde one), Margot, and Madison, in case you couldn’t tell from my world-renowned MS Paint skills.

We knocked out 6 sets of 800s much faster than I expected :

(splits from Coach Margot)

I spent most of the time I wasn’t desperately hyperventilating yelling things like,




Sprinting around in those lanes on the cushy soft rubber track felt awesome.  In Margot’s words, I felt like an ATHLETE running on a track, whereas a casual jog down the beach path makes me feel like every other person in the world.

So maybe this is my new love?  Fast, fast baby.  Too bad I’m signed up for all these silly long distance races this year…

Good thing is, my lightweight Kinvaras are superb for fast running.  Still majorly in love with them.  Holding my breath the upcoming 3’s are just as badass.

Know what else is awesome?

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts.

As somebody that’s not comfortable in flat-out spandex for all the world to stare at, these shorts were great.  Tight enough to hold everything in but not too tight to leave indents all over my less than perfectly toned body, and long enough to not feel like bikini bottoms but short enough to be flattering.

The “squeeze” of the shorts was perfect – you can read about the science behind them here.  And the “cooleronline” 50% off code is good through the week if you want your own.

So there’s that.  800s, Kinvara, Aspaeris.  Love love love.

Oh and those obnoxious teal knee socks.

Sarah OUaL

34 thoughts on “Hello, New Love(s)

  1. Dang those 800’s are FAST!!! I hope for your sake you are able to run 10 of those at that pace, but for my sake I hope Yasso’s wrong so we can run the Huge Euge together!!


  2. Hate to be all non-fun and technical, but even with those silly long-distance races, you can and should incorporate fast running into your training. It’s not going to throw you off and it’s going to make you a lot faster. Just going off the time of these 800s (your first speedwork in this running lifetime), your training run paces and the time you ran in my race, I really think it’s reasonable to say you could totally be in the Boston neighborhood by Long Beach. Don’t know if that’s a goal of yours, but judging by the fun you had in Houston, it should be.


  3. HOLLA. Love me some middle distance speed work. Well, at least I used to. I still enjoy the idea of it. :) I help coach the cross country team and I do 800s with them, it’s sooooo fun. Nice work!


  4. OMG I just got the Kinvaras and was super nervous about a minimalist shoe…turns out they are light and heavenly and also pretty colors. Obsessed!

    I really need to get back on a track…it’s been a while!


  5. You are SO fast girl! My 800 times are around 4:02, which means 1. I’m way slower than you and 2. I need to be running my miles much faster. You’re going to kick so much ass in 2012!


    • Unforch those are just some $1.47 Reebok football socks. Just some extra fabric to keep me warm in the AM. Knock on wood I’ve only had shin issues once, but it was before I knew compression socks existed. Please don’t be offended I don’t want to be your twinsie on that part.


  6. Yep. The track is awesome.
    A couple of years ago I started cheating on my long runs to go spend more time with the track… Eventually I told distance running we needed a break.
    But eventually half marathons called me back. Now I do some of both. (Polyamory?)


  7. Wow! that sounds like an awesome (and tough!) workout! I’ve been telling myself I need to make it back to a track, bc doing tempo runs & yasso 800s around monuments is just not cutting it. Will def have to incorporate more into my next training plan!


  8. Woohoooo!! Freaking awesome workout friend! Argh so wish I lived closer so I could run the track with you and M. Maybe I need to talk the hubs into looking for jobs up that way. HA!

    Glad you love the Kinvaras! Best ever shoes for speed work and middle distance. Glad that 3s are coming out soon because that means the 2s will be super duper cheap! Score for us :)


  9. 3:01????!!!!!! You are crazy fast!! World record material right here. This was a perfect post to read just now because I’m about to head to the track for some 800’s of my own. And I am terrified. And have no one to be miserable with. Woesme!!!! Seriously dominant though.


  10. OMG I love the bathroom pic fail ;) and would you believe I’ve never run on a track….ya, you probably would; mom, new runner….pretty much there’s a lot I haven;t done. Now I want to!!!!


  11. I want some super cool compression shorts because I hate spandex with a burning passion – my saddle bags hang out all over the place!! are they true to size? I wear a 6 so according to their measurements I need a large? I just did 400s at the track… i feel like a wannabe runner… but i’m okay with that so i’ll keep going =) maybe just maybe i’ll get the teensiest bit faster and will be more of a middle of the packer than the mediocre back of the packer that i am =)


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