Add it to the Calendar–Hot Chocolate 15K

So all of this “serious” running is happening during my kind of “fake” training right now.  My 10-week plan for Ragnar/Eugene doesn’t start until the 19th, but I’m all jacked up on running right now so I’m taking advantage and applying it towards my “base training.”

(bad ass base training, IMO. For OUaL terms at least)

((all the “ “ should tell you how serious I really am))

Training will be great.  I have a real life plan and high expectations.  I’m ready for it.  Ball drops next Sunday.  Game time.

But in reviewing my schedule, there IS something missing.  Apparently.


BLAH BLAH BLAH I know I said I was going to be stingy with my racing this year.  Focus on a few key events and give them my all.  Damn internet back firing and calling me out on all my silly old promises.

But a key part of nailing your goal race?  Having the right prep, including some trial runs.  Dress Rehearsals.  Shake outs.  Practice.

Soooo this is that.

The Hot Chocolate 15K is March 25th and is four weeks out from Ragnar, where I’ll be running 34.7 miles over 24ish hours with my ultra team.

You’re right, I probably need a psych eval more than a 15K to prep for that.  But a solid race can’t hurt, right?

Plus it’ll be a great place to test out race pace for Eugene, where I’m hoping to PR.  I know that’s a little ambitious just 8 days post-Ragnar, but to be honest, my 3:57.34 PR is seeming pretty weenie lately compared to all this “real” running I’ve been doing.

Turns out I might be faster than I’ve been giving myself credit for?

So earlier this week I hopped in the car with a few of my fellow OC runnerds for a planning/strategizing/brainstorming dinner with the RAM Racing folks.

p.s. It’s totally cool to go to a party with a bunch of legit industry professionals and introduce yourself as a blogger.  Totally.  After 3 people asked what a “running blogger” (yes, they made the bunny ears) means I may have started using “independent internet affiliate” just to sound like we had some business being there.

Sarah SkinnyRunner, Nicole HauteRunningMama, Margot FasterBunny, Monica RunEatRepeat, OUaL, Linzay BrokeRunner, Celestia

(disclaimer : Linzay and Clestia actually did have real-work business being there. Unforch for them they got duped into hanging with us thanks to Ragnar obligations. Enforced by me. Sorry.)

Truth is, Hot Chocolate/RAM Racing has some social recon to do.  They’ve had a few “hiccups”* at previous races and are really trying to turn this series into a steadfast nationwide event that lives up to the hype and excitement surrounding it.

* subject to judgment at your will

Hearing Steve Ginsburg (RAM owner) talk about their history and success in the Chicago running community, and his commitment to making San Diego a top-notch event was promising.

(Not quoted. Blog license to subjectablity and paraphrasing in full effect. SOPA/PIPA is to thank for that, right?)

We spent a lot of time talking running with these dudes.  What we feel makes an event successful (cohesive parking/logistics, well-manned course, on-time start, etc), what their target market is looking for in a race (70% of their registrants are women), and why the internet community is vital to their survival.

True. But we’re a good time!

I’m excited about it.  Not only because a mid-distance race is a GREAT fit for my training plan, but because I want to see how RAM pulls this one off.  Admittedly after the fiasco in DC I was skeptical, but their commitment to making this series succeed gives me hope.

(This has nothing to do with the wine – my love cannot be bought!)

If you’re looking for a SoCal race to gear up for Spring racing I really suggest you look into Hot Chocolate.  And not just because we’re all going to be there and there’s a 20’ chocolate fountain and cocoa afterwards.

But those are good reasons, too.

There’s a 15k and a 5k, and if you’re looking for some validation, Hot Chocolate Dallas is this weekend.  It’s sold out and they’re excited.  Let’s all watch and see if they pull off the flawless and fun event they’re capable of.

Sarah OUaL

23 thoughts on “Add it to the Calendar–Hot Chocolate 15K

  1. I was a part of the Washington DC hiccup. It was a nightmare although I did have a PR that day.. but I also think everyone deserves a second chance. I am sure that RAM racing has learned what not to do from the aftermath of the infamous DC race. I hope you have great race.. knock em dead out there.


  2. tell them to give the DC people free entry next year if they ran the mess of the race in Dec and I bet they will “solve” their PR problem….


  3. that hot chocolate thing sounds yummy…

    if they had a 10k i would seriously consider it, but man, i did 3 miles this morning and i was DYING. how the hell am i going to get to 13.1?! must.keep.running.

    p.s. sometimes i think you are a masochist.


  4. You are definitely ready to crush that old pR after all that fast track work you’ve been doing? How hilly are your Ragnar legs? On an ultra team do you run 6 times instead of 3 or do you run 2 legs each time you run, so still only running 3 times?


  5. I did the Chicago one in 2010 and it was all right. My bigger issue with that race was my IT band, not the logistics. And even though thousands of people finished well before I did, there was chocolate left for us slow, IT-band-impaired runners. I skipped the 2011 race to do a small, local 5K closer to home, but I’m planning to sign up for this year’s 15K in Chicago. Because many of my friends are planning to do it … and that’s always a good reason to do something, right?


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  7. I’ve run the Hot Choc 15K in Chicago for the past 2 years- it’s one of my favorite races! The goodie bag is legit and the after party is amazing. Post race chocolate fondu? Yes, please. :)


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