Track Party – The One That Sucked aka “a Learning Experience”

Time travel back to Track Party Tuesday.  Since I’m still so new to this whole “real” running thing (aka training plans, and workouts other than casual strolls down the beach path) we had a 3200m (2 mile) time trial on the schedule.

A time trial is good to use as a basis for future speed workouts and paces and such.

And testing your puke threshold.  Trying to make you cry.  Et cetera.

So it didn’t go great.  SHOCKER, “I <3 THE TRACK!!!!!!!!!!” only lasted two weeks.  My legs weren’t fresh (damn you, sexy yoga teacher and your level 2 class the night before) and I had some wicked stomach cramps I’ve NEVER had to deal with.  All y’all with sensitive stomachs?  God bless you.  Running in that pain f’ing sucks.

Anyways, my team of kidnapped running guru consultants told me I could run the 3200m in 13:00-:30 (6:30-:45/mi).  Rookie blue here still has no concept for speed/distance so I was just all, ‘alright then, if you say so!’

And then I didn’t. 13:40.

I know 10 seconds isn’t a big deal, and it’s still a pretty awesome time for me, but it was my first time missing a “goal” on the track.  Probably because all other “goals” were just random times based off nothing, since a 4-hour marathon isn’t a very accurate measuring tool for this kind of stuff.  Regardless.

So weekly Track Party with Coach Margot will continue, but I’ve had my little reality check.  The fear of mid-distance speedwork has been effectively instilled unto me.  Also, the kidnapped gurus know what I’m made of now.  Not fooling them anymore – time to get to work.

Sarah OUaL

* FTR/those playing along at home – 2 mi warm up and 1 mi cool down ~9:00/mi.  5 mi total

20 thoughts on “Track Party – The One That Sucked aka “a Learning Experience”

  1. That’s a good pace. Don’t know what you’re supposed to do for 3200, but at lunch I ran 4@GMP which was 6:49/mile, basically the same speed you ran at today, and it was a good workout — not easy. Regardless of whether or not you hit whatever time you were aiming for, that’s a good run and you’re better for it.


  2. Whoever said “digest your lungs” has it right – teh fine line between not working hard enough to want to puke but not actually puke. Not hitting your goals can hurt, but if u hit every single goal, you would never know if you were working hard enough. Next time!


  3. I seriously cringe where there is any speedwork on my plan longer than 800. So the one time that 3200 showed up, I was dying (or so I thought). Great job! I promise you will get faster…it really does work!


  4. Yeah. that’s pretty much my high school fastest 2-mile time (13:38). The 2-mile is a painful race (I’d still take it over the 800m). It’s hard not to go out too fast and then feel like you’re moving in slo-mo the last 800 meters.


  5. I hate the track so you can’t stop loving it, it’s my motivation that one day I’ll love it too! I think sub 7 minute miles for two miles Is still pretty dang AMAZING. I just want to do one sub 7 in my lifetime and then I can die happy. Maybe that mean its time for me to do a 1 mile trial? Happy Friday!


  6. Once you’ve been doing track for a while you’ll find that there are definitely good days and bad days!

    I’m reading The Little Red Book of Running at the moment, and they say that a big difference between elites and the rest of us is that elites don’t sweat the bad stuff. They know that one bad session doesn’t mean they’re running poorly, they just look for overall patterns.

    And I could say your current trend is running awesome!


      • It’s really good – my friend and I did a book swap and I think I’ll end up buying my own copy when I give it back to her! Most of it is commonsense stuff, but it’s well written and set out in short paragraphs with headings so you can open it up and read a little bit when you’re in need of motivation.

        My favourite quote: “In the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot. In the second half, don’t be a wimp!”


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