Bar OUaL – The Nuunarita

As athletes, we understand the importance of hydration.

As somebody with past beer pong addictions, and an undying love for south-of-the-border spirits, and less than ideal coping/celebrating/destressing mechanisms, I also understand the importance of a perfectly crafted beverage.

When I don’t feel like cracking the top off a pale ale or uncorking a bottle of zin, I put on my mixology cap and get to work at my fully nuun-stocked bar.

If your beverage cart at home doesn’t look like this, it should.

This weekend I tested out my Nuun-arita on our Super Bowl patrons.  It was a perfectly sunny and warm afternoon playing cornhole and grilling on the deck, and I felt it warranted something a little more refreshing than a lukewarm Bud.


Freaking amazing.  Move over, Skinny Margarita.  There’s a (more hydrate-y) fiesta cocktail in town.

Happy Friday.  Happy Hydrating.  Happy Cheers’ing.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Sarah OUaL

28 thoughts on “Bar OUaL – The Nuunarita

  1. I can get behind the nunn-arita. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay healthy while destroying your liver. But I don’t know about that Milagro. It’s really cheap, but I love me that Margaritaville Lime Flavored vodka. It’s like you can cut out the fruit completely. Why have something else competing with your liquor, aye?


    • I’m not very fancy. Usually I just buy whatever’s between the top shelf and the stuff in plastic with little red sobreros for caps. I can get behind your lime flavored though – one less thing to worry about spilling.


  2. Um. You are genius! The only flavor of Nuun that I have tried thus far is the fruit punch. It’s delish. Are all the other flavors tasty, too?

    Also, I just became your 300th follower! I saw you were at 299 and thought I should make it offish!


    • !!!!!!! This deserves a celebration! Thank you :)

      Lemon lime is my #1 for during workouts, followed by orange. All of them are wonderful. Lemon tea’s a great sub for soda/tea and has a bit of caffeine in it. Great 2pm pick me up :)


  3. Pretty sure I had a Nuun (only semi because I was partially hydrating) hangover all last weekend thanks to your antics on Twitter. This weekend may result in the same as we just stocked up at the liquor store. I’m determined to figure out what goes with Tullamore Dew.


  4. So, I had never heard about Nuun until your blog, when you had it with vodka on the plane. Sounded genius to me! When I was at the Surf City Expo last week I told the vendors at the Nuun booth that I had seen it was being used in cocktails and they’d never heard about it before- they were all ready to close up shop and hightail it to a bar with their merchandise. I’ve got to try this.


  5. you are a runner after my own heart. i need to make this later, or perhaps during my next training run? can’t wait to share this one with my friends, they will think i am crazier than ever… but seriously this is genius. thanks for sharing!


  6. That sounds delightful. Have you ever put Nuun in Club Soda? I think that would make this even more delicious as I love “bubbly” drinks. It’s only 11am – but I kind of want one of these now? Do I have a problem?!


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