SR50K (aka my last “fun” run)

Last “non-training” Long Run

14.5 miles, 8:33 avg pace

Running with friends makes things better.  Knowing your “real” training plan starts next week and this run is just for “fun” makes things better. Finding a banana on top of the fridge when you thought you were going to have to have a banana-less PB toast makes things better.

Knowing your friend has to run more than twice as far as you makes things better.


from Rocket Racing’s FB page

Saturday morning Pam and I hit up Rocket Racing’s Majestic Marathon to support Sarah SkinnyRunner through her first 50k.

I showed up clothed, with two matching shoes and my contacts in the right eyes, ready to run.

You can’t ask much more of me at 6am.

Pam, however, showed up with a full on ultimate pit crew smorgasbord.  Table, chairs, cooler, and all of SR’s favorite goodies.  Water, Gatorade, pretzels, orange slices, chocolate milk, and obvs Swedish Fish.


We got all set up just in time for SR to come through around mile 12, and we took off to keep her company through the middle/end of her race.

Chatting the whole time made the miles fly (remember when I used to hate running with people? that was dumb), and I was surprised with how easy the pace felt. 8:30 is faster than I should be doing long runs, but this isn’t real training so it doesn’t count.  All those silly rules can go pester someone else for 7 more days.

She’s lying.  I tell great stories.

So in conclusion,

  • long runs don’t always suck
  • fast friends make you fast
  • being part of someone’s first (or any) Ultra is fun, motivating, and humbling. and come with great snacks

Rocket Racing put on a great little event – very small and no-frills in a great location with friendly people.  I liked it all so much I signed up for the Fantastic 15K next weekend.  Super Pam will be busy at RnR Pasadena so I won’t get the red carpet pit crew, but I’m excited to kick off Huge Eug training with a race anyways.

Plus I need to start getting familiar with that beach path.  October* will be here before we know it…

Sarah OUaL

(* read as far or as little into that as you like.)


18 thoughts on “SR50K (aka my last “fun” run)

    • I’m not ruling out a catastrophic crash – mentally or physically – so there’s still hope you’ll be waiting for me with an oxygen mask and/or stretcher. Tasty treats at the finish either way, deal?


  1. I will be running my first 20 mile long run in about 4 weeks (ample time for y’all to make travel plans) through the likes of central park NY,NY and I am in desperate need of an aid station such as this… And I will gladly demonstrate what a slow long run should be… emphasis on the slow… Also, please do tell how you keep your hair up in the bun while you run! I have a pony tail and the buns always seem to come loose and fall and become rather painful pulling every which way no matter how tight or how many rubber bands I use…


    • I don’t have a lot of hair, but I wedge two bobby pins in an “X” underneath the bun which kind of holds it in place. Sounds like a good idea for a post…

      Good luck on your 20! If I find myself on the E Coast I’ll be sure to swing by CP with some snacks :)


  2. Pam IS the NICEST ever, we are all in agreement right?! But, I love that you both supported SR on her first ultra! 31 miles is amazing and she barely looks phased! I think you are ready to rock your “real” training!

    btw, I was looking at RW 6-week plans and they failed to include one for marathons….thought you could write it up! :)


  3. Um, wow Pam is amazing, how do I get her to come to all of my races? And every training run? You need to tell us all your secrets about how you’re getting so fast so quick! I have been doing track workouts but aren’t seeing those kinds of gains!!!


  4. I’m just catching up on some reading here and that is some serious support going on between runners. I love it! Chocolate milk and orange slices, sign me up. Good work with the final fun run, being 14 miles seems not so “fun.” And I agree with Bess above, hopefully October means Chicago, I’m running that one too!!


  5. that’s a great picture of the three of us!! :) LOVE IT!!

    It was a memorable day!! happy it went well AND that the parking meter didn’t charge us for the extra time we were out there!! winning!! :) xo



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