With Love (& pain)

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

I’m celebrating with my scandalous and abusive new lover.  When you hear me crying uncontrollably and then declaring my undying affection 2 seconds later, don’t be alarmed.  It’s a healthy relationship, swear.

He says he’ll always treat me right and buy me nice things.  Like PRs and an injury-free race season.  I’m a sucker for that kind of sweet talkin.

Other than Stick’ing the shit out of my legs, we’re celebrating by drinking our final Great Lakes Christmas Ale.  Yes, we still have one, and yes, we’re sharing.  The downside of “what’s mine is yours,” I’ve learned.

So I’ll share.  I won’t like it, but I will.  Because I like Brian.  And because I didn’t sign a prenup and don’t want to end up with half the dogs and a motorcycle I can’t ride if I don’t.

The fact that I haven’t run home already and selfishly enjoyed all 12 cinnamony ounces on my own should be a valid testament of my love.  I know all you Clevelanders agree with me.

For the record :

1/2 GLBC Christmas Ale = 112 calories

1.5 Forrest Gump’y chocolates = 105 calories

1/4 Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake = 124 calories

4oz Yogurtland froyo = 120 calories

17 thoughts on “With Love (& pain)

  1. Absolutely no beer better than GLBC Christmas Ale. I’m not a Clevelander (or an Ohioan for that matter) but I happened to fall in love with one and spent my college years in SW Ohio. I generally hate on all things O-H-I-O (i.e. Buckeyes, Skyline Chili, Browns & Bengals) but I can totally get down with Great Lakes Brewing Co. Bottoms up!


  2. Question about your stick… Is that the “travel stick”? 17″ long? I’ve been meaning to order one but I just don’t know what size to get!!



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