The Start

Guess what today is???

The official start to Ragnar & Huge Eug training! 

January was full of yoga, speedwork, maintaining a 10ish mile LR base, and learning everything possible about racing fo real.  February brought a reinvigorated love and excitement for running.

Which brings us to now, ramping full speed into this 10-week training cycle for my first relay and marathon #6.


Kicking off the right way with the Fantastic 15K and a few warm up/cool down miles for 15 on the day.

Shit just got real.

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “The Start

  1. YAY FOR OFFICIAL STARTS! Which comes first, the relay or Eugene? And how long in between the two? My official training doesn’t start until the end of March and I’m already kind of getting antsy.


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