LR Haters Anonymous–2nd Meeting

Sometimes you’ve got shit going on in your life that isn’t running.  It’s weird.  Kind of inconvenient.  But ya know, that’s life.

Also sometimes you match your running partner and end up parading around Back Bay looking like the 26.2 Apparel Doublemint Tootsie Roll Twins…


Right?? This is pretty much exactly what it looked like.

Also, I know my MS Paint skills are rad. It’s on my resume.

Anyways when you have to move your weekly long run to Friday and chase it with a full day at the office, there are a few things you should consider :

  • The workers at 24 Hour Fitness don’t care if you show up already caked in salt and stink just to use their showers – your coworkers WILL care if you don’t
  • Pack 3x the snacks you do for a normal work day.  At least
  • Fill as many drinking vesicles as possible each trip to the break room – you’ll be tempted to let your lazy trump your thirst
  • Employ a colleague to perform hourly check ins on you. As in, you’re still alive and not napping on your foam roller under your desk

The run itself was decent.  After last week’s 17 where I had enough kick at the end to drop ~30 seconds off each of the last three miles, I wanted to pick up the overall pace this week.

I mean, it didn’t seem like a terrible idea.

Maybe there’s some reasoning behind the thought that “running farther is harder,” but I’m choosing to ignore that.  Isn’t that why we run during the week?  So we’re capable of running further on the weekends?  My run was hard because I ran too fast and wasn’t diligent in watching my early splits.  LOOK I’M LEARNING THINGS.

Anyways, the point is, I averaged :01/mi faster than last week. 

       Last week = strong, fast, love running finish. 

       This week = dead, shuffling, misery march finish.

For :01/mi – which if you’re decent in math (I used a calculator) would equal :26 seconds off a marathon time – I think I’ll stick with option #1.  Slow and steady out of the gate, furious speed demon through the finish.  Not feeling like the world might end with every step for the last 30 minutes.





For my record, I had four miles in the 8:30s, and a mile as high as 8:58.  Not a terrible spread or that far off of pace, but definitely not as consistent as I’d like.  Pinky swear next week I’ll spend more time paying attention to my pace and less debating passive husband manipulation strategies with SR.

Well, ok probably not.  Maybe.

Sarah OUaL

I’m gone through Tuesday on a work trip and am not taking my laptop.  I’m not put-together enough to have planned posts or anything for you.  Sorry.  I might manage to run once or twice while I’m gone.  Hopefully.  If I survive the cold and lack of oxygen.


20 thoughts on “LR Haters Anonymous–2nd Meeting

  1. Doing a long run on Friday is great, because than you don’t have to do it on the weekends, but I think running that long before work is pretty badass. I’m still a student so I don’t have to get to work on Fridays.


  2. 19 is a lot of miles for any day of the week, and you did it on a week day and then went to work? You are my hero. I can’t do morning runs during the week because my hours at work are early and I run really slow, but I am hoping to suck some motivation for this, because thats pretty amazing!


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  4. That’s a pretty good run at this stage of the game for Long Beach. Glad to see you’re doing longer long runs. That’s the biggest hole in your training and you’re doing great with everything else.


  5. Yeah, you’re a little crazy for running 19 miles before a full work day at a desk job – crazy and also impressive.

    Option 1 all the way. Always best to start out slower – stored energy doesn’t vanish if you don’t use it in the first half. It’ll be there in the 2nd half plus the added bonus of an ego boost that you’re actually able to pick up the pace.


  6. Were you running in the dark? I freak out about that, but would love to do my long runs early in the morning. You know, before life gets in the way with it’s inconvenience & what not. ;-)


  7. Did that employee ever find you napping/foam rolling under your desk? If the answer is Yes, I respect you.

    Long Runs on Friday = Taking Running to the Next Level. You’re insane…in a I’m super jealous way.


  8. 19 miles before work? You’re a beast! I’m proud of squeezing in 12 before work one Monday morning because the weather had sucked over the weekend. That was tough because I had to start in the dark and it wasn’t getting light out until well after 7. It made work go by fast though. When I got annoyed at things at work I just thought to myself “you already ran 12 miles today, you’re awesome.” I like to pat myself on the back like that.



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