When (co)Work(ers) Trump Training

In the times when work days were long, oxygen was sparse, and drinks were plentiful, running got strapped down in the backseat.  Or maybe in the trunk.  Ok honestly it really didn’t make the trip with me at all.

Four days in Salt Lake and I didn’t run a single time.  I thought about it.  Dressed for it a few times.  Set alarms for it.  Complained about not doing it.  But in the end, work and coworkers trumped training.

I don’t talk about work here (sans the brief mention of stick’ing at my desk and wearing sweaty lunch run clothes all afternoon) because frankly it’s boring and probably unprofessional to blast the internet about it.  But there are a few relevant work-related points to make in order for this post to make sense, and to validate me skipping a bunch of training.  So, real quick… :

I worked in the OH office before moving to CA to open the satellite office.  I made lots of friends there.  Sometimes they get to come out and work in our office.  It’s fun.

The day I announced I’d be competing with SR for #1 blogger/fisherwoman title

Sometimes your coworkers turn into bffs and they stay at your place “to save the company money” (slash be allowed to stay a few extra days for playtime) when they visit.

Going on the record to say that all of those things were done after hours and on our own dime. JIC somebody with a sarcasm handicap or the ability to fire me is reading.

And then sometimes, if you’re really lucky, not only do coworkers turn into bffs, but bffs turn into coworkers!

So can you really blame me when I opted for quality girl time with EB & L this weekend rather than suffocating through speedwork on a hotel treadmill in the land of elevation and no air?  Didn’t think so.

I don’t regret it, not a single bit, but knew I’d have some work to do to get my ass back in gear once I came home.  So early Weds AM I woke up and took my fat happy ass to the beach path for some shakeout miles.

Four days, lots of travel, and lots of indulging (in the liquid and snacks form) is enough for your legs to forget how to operate properly.  I’m going on the record to tell you that right now.

It’s true.


Logic set back in somewhere THAT afternoon, thanks to a few level-headed individuals responsible for my run-sanity, and it was decided that it was time for my first double run day.  Ok.  Neat.  Probably good for Ragnar training.  And my pride.  Let’s do it.

So I pulled those AM run clothes out of the hamper (ok fine, off the bathroom floor) – the sweat had dried by then, don’t worry – and laced up for run #2.

Important information.

Getting started, my legs still felt heavy and awkward.  ‘STUPID LEGS. STUPID WORK TRIP. STUPID LAZY ASS SNOOZING ALL OF THOSE ALARMS. STUPID OUAL.’

Something angry and awesome (Linkin Park? 30 Sec to Mars?) came on my ipod and I decided to just get the miles over with.  Picked up the pace a little, and wouldn’t you freaking know, running fast felt better.  The backlight on my garmin is broken and I didn’t really want to be bothered with watching my pace, so I just ran.  Hard enough to feel like I was fixing my weekend woopsies, but not so much that puking/collapsing/dying on the path was a viable threat.

I convinced myself I wouldn’t be pissed if it turned out I was actually running 13 min/miles at what felt like tempo effort.  I’d be happy with just getting the miles in and getting back on track.

Good thing I didn’t have to own up to that promise.

 B’s watch, my run. Pinky swear.

Even better than surprise fast runs?  Surprise negative splits.

8:09, 7:54, 7:48, 7:36, 7:13.  Booyah.

Sidenote : Please don’t try to use this as collateral for watch-free running.  I see the benefit of not stalking pace but how would I have proof of awesome runs if there were no garmin face collages to share?  Hmm?

Confidence definitely boosted.  Maybe SLC didn’t wreck everything afterall.

Yesterday was 7.5ish miles of hill work and this AM was an easy 4 miler.  I’m either going to show up for tomorrow’s 21 miler refreshed and back in the game, or without a shot in hell at survival.

Here’s hoping for the former.  Or at least a lesson learned.

* * * Anybody racing this weekend?  Wear clothes off the bathroom floor?  Have coworkers as awesome as mine? (didn’t think so)

Sarah OUaL


26 thoughts on “When (co)Work(ers) Trump Training

  1. I’m either going to show up for tomorrow’s 21 miler
    (a) refreshed and back in the game, or
    (b) without a shot in hell at survival.

    I say choose (a). Get’r done!!!


  2. I run on my lunch break and wear the same thing each day (i work MWF). They get washed on the weekend and then the cycle begins again. Shhh, don’t tell anyone :)


  3. I travel extensively for work and sometimes when all my coworkers are together, running falls to the way side. Only I hate myself and beat myself up over it. Good work on the double run day! That’s true dedication to getting back on the wagon!


  4. Have to say I’ve never recycled my running clothes…except maybe shorts/tights…but everything else is CRUSTY! Do you fight throw the crust or are you crust-free??? (if it’s the latter, I’m super jealous!)


  5. 8K race on Sunday, and today I did 1.5 miles in 13:00 total. That’s about 8:40min/ml pace. May not sound too fancy but that’s nice and speedy for me :) Woo-hoo for your upcoming 21 miler, I am pretty sure it is going to go super awesome, sometimes a few days off to relax and enjoy makes you come back with a vengeance!! Good luck!


  6. I definitely wore the same sports bra two days in a row–and picked it up off the floor to do so. Husband forgot to change the laundry…


  7. You probably NEEDED that break, so I bet it was all for the best, especially when you look at those speedy splits! I’m jealous of your fun coworkers, I work pretty much all alone and it’s the #1 worst thing about it. Though I guess it’s better to work alone than to work with a bunch of dbags??!!


  8. Just started reading your blog and I love it! I am doing my first sprint duathalon tomorrow. I’m a little nervous as I’m new to running and biking. Reading blogs and everyone’s comment truly are helping to motivate me to sign up for my first marathon.


      • Sarah- race went ok but my hip was hurting at the end but I finished in 1:27. My goal was 1:30 so I’m happy:) Next up : 10k on April 1. And I talked my 8year old to do the kid 2k race also. She is so excited to be “training” with mom.


  9. I’ve been a regular reader (and lover) of your blog for awhile, but never comment. However, I passed you twice at back bay loop this morning and thought it worthy of my first comment (we were running opposite ways around the loop). So, here to say 1) your outfit this morning was lovely and 2) i am very jealous of your gorgeous, long gazelle legs.


  10. I just got back from a conference in Denver. Did 5 miles the first afternoon. Thank goodness because I think my co-workers are just as much/maybe more fun than yours. 2 days later, 1 less credit card, and a very hungover presentation given to 125 of my colleagues, I was on my way back to New York and avoiding those snarky updates from dailymile telling me it’s been days since my last workout.


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