Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Read This Blog

I never claimed OUaL would be a source of any real pertinent information on running or life or really anything in general.  Dumb stories.  Crappy pictures with a bunch of scribbles on them.  Infrequent posts with crappy grammar and lots of swear words.

I’m a great sales person.  Here are all the reasons you shouldn’t be wasting your precious time on this stupid, pointless website!  Thanks for stopping by!

But when I do have something pretty awesome, and actual photographic evidence to show for it, and then coyly allude to it but forget ALTOGETHER to actually include it in the post, I call that a pretty big blog fail.

So are super run-on sentences, but we’ve been over that already.  Grammar shit.  OUaL specialty.

Anyways, I’m blaming daylight savings.  Late for work?  Shitty run?  Bad hair day?  Must be that lost hour.  Everyone’s favorite Monday cop-out excuse.

Blogging at midnight and not proofreading and lack of sleep definitely not the real reason for leaving out this gem from the LR boat recovery plan :

There were like 50 of them swimming with us and they were so close.  Seriously.  I went all Titanic Rose on the front of the boat and came about 6 inches from touching one.  Is that dangerous?  Dolphins probably bite, don’t they?

What about bareback riding them?  Is that ok?  Approved post-LR activity?

Brian’s a terrible blog paparazzi and missed the shot, so I had to improvise for you.  Please excuse the giant ass, lumpy legs, and weird skin tone.  It was a bad angle…

SarahOUaL, Dolphin Tamer, Graphic Artist to the Stars, and Slight Over-Exaggerator.


19 thoughts on “Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Read This Blog

  1. Awesome!!! I am a relatively new reader.. Love it… you are motivation.. and I really love all the pictures with the captions/writting.. what ever it is… I need to get better about taking photos…


  2. I am despirate to see dolphins!!! I keep begging the hubs to go on a boat tour, but obviously that hasn’t gotten me far! I too made the time change my excuse all weekend…why not take advantage when the opportunity arises ;)



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