Wine & Candy = Track Greatness (fueling by OUaL)

After missing last week’s speed session for non-negotiable work obligations (newsflash : running and blogging don’t pay my bills. in fact, kind of the opposite) I was ITCHING to get back to the track this week.

I thought maybe my rekindling with the lanes would be put on hold though when Coach Margot suggested a group viewing of The Bachelor the night before.  Clarification : I don’t watch The Bachelor.  I don’t watch much tv, period, actually, let alone overdramatized shows based on (fake) love and (fake?) emotions.

But I went, because where I come from when you go to a girlfriend’s to “watch tv” you sit on the floor, eat junk, and drink and gossip/laugh/whine/etc.  And those things I DO like.

I took my happy ass, bottle of wine, and snacks to the land of the Faster Bunny.  Oh and the Stick.  He came, too.  For moral support.

TV timeout.  Guys.  Seriously?  This show?  I really hope the whole season/series isn’t THAT bad, all the time.  Or else y’all have big problems.

Sometime that night Margot started talking some nonsense about 3200s and “long intervals” and I told her very kindly that I sure as shit wasn’t running those in the AM.  As I shoveled cadbury mini eggs by the handful and emptied the bottle into my glass.

So it was gross long intervals for Margot and 800s for me.  Short enough to offer sugar-shock dry heaving if necessary, with opportunity to add/subtract sets as my abused body needed.

Obviously I had high expectations.

Goal was 3:30 (7:00/mi pace) and I took off pretty conservatively, since getting out of bed and functioning in general was (surprise surprise) not that easy.

But after the first 100m or so, I realized my legs came to play.  My kinvaras felt extra-springy, the weather was just right, and the jelly beans and wine must have muddled in my stomach overnight to create some magic track potion.

Game on, 800s.


8×800 – 320, 320, 318, 316, 316, 316, 309, 302

Seriously, every single step of this run was magic.  I don’t know if it was the “hate running” dramz after the 21 miler, or just the fact that I was expecting the worst after the giant fuel fail, but I didn’t spend a single second thinking this was anything short of the most fun I’ve ever had.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 THE TRACK x100

I spent the rest of the day in a major run high / track boner / endorphin bubble. God my coworkers were annoyed with me. Oh and Margot, too. Ask her if she loved randomly hearing “HEY REMEMBER I RAN A 3:02 800 THIS AM?? THAT WAS COOL, HUH!?” all day via text/email/gchat/twitter/etcetcetc

Actually no, don’t ask her. I don’t want confirmation.

Just tell her she’s awesome and you want to come to the Track Party next week.

And because the fun part of all of this is seeing your progress and feeding your ego (and in turn contemplating banditting the USATF Olympic Trials in June), let’s have a look at the other two 800 workouts. 

very first track workout, and the garmin run after that one catastrophic meltdown

Probably this giddy love affair w the track means I’m not running hard enough, but let’s just not bring that up. K? Let me have my time.

Sarah OUaL


19 thoughts on “Wine & Candy = Track Greatness (fueling by OUaL)

  1. Those are awesome times! I bet if you ran a 5km or 10km soon you’ll smash your PRs, and it’s great marathon prep too!

    And I think your pacing is great, you should finish feeling like you could have done one more rep. Otherwise it screws up the rest of your week too much.


  2. Run highs/track boners/endorphin bubbles are the best. When non-runners ask me why I run, this is what I try to explain to them. The track boners. They don’t get it.


  3. awesome times!!! bragging is just one of those “free gifts with purchase” that no one tells you about! I’m sure Margot did it, too, at some point! ;) I don’t watch the Bachelor, either, but maybe there’s something to it that helps your run… I’m going to have to try it–with the wine, naturally. ;)


  4. Nice work!! You are going to smash it next month. I think having a few rest days last week made a difference. Keep up the good work. You are going to be a force to be reckoned with.


  5. Whoa – don’t know what your Huge Eug goal is but from the looks of those splits your gonna rock it. Question – I’m curious as to what your shoe roataion looks like. Pretty sure I’ve seen you mention several pairs….couple pairs of Brooks in addition to the Kinvaras if I’m remembering correctly.


  6. I find that your blog inspires me to do a lot of things and I love reading about the track parties. Now I am just waiting for all the inspiration to go out and attempt some of these 800s but there is something about intervals that leave me nervous. Probably (likely) all in my head. Keep up the good work! You have to so I’ll get off my ass and do the same!!


  7. Your track posts make me want to attempt to get faster, especially if it means I can fuel with candy and wine the night before (wait was that not the message I was supposed to take away from this). Great job on being speedy!


  8. Love your post – and seriously speedy work. Especially after wine & sugar. I’m pretty sure I’d still be in bed recovering. This gives me a new perspective on my son’s birthday party tomorrow. I was going to skip the cupcakes & wine, since I’m racing on Sunday, but maybe I should throw caution to the wind. . . ? I willl blame you if things go awry. ;-)


  9. I’m a member of my local running club and we do Tuesday Night Track-which is so awesome! I absolutely would not do it on my own.
    Unfortunately I just had hip surgery last week so I won’t be running anytime soon-living vicariously through you right now!!


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