Tempo + Rogas = <3

I’m not gonna lie – Tuesday’s obnoxious track high carried me pretty much through the whole week.  By last night I was ready to run fast again.  After a few weeks of Thursday hills, I was creepily looking forward to this week’s tempo run.

(Turns out I’m more of a ‘short and extremely painful’ run lover.  That’s my run secret.  LONG LIVE THE TRACK AND TEMPOS!)

So I laced up my kinvaras (still my “speed” shoe of choice) and slapped on my new Oiselle Violet Rogas ready for 6 miles with 4 at 7:20 tempo.

all of these ugly photos will come back to haunt me someday.

Most of the mile warm up was spent in severe denial and confusion.

“It’s the wind making this 8:50 feel so hard, right? Jesus how loud are my steps? I sound like a buffalo. A buffalo in pretty pink shorts. Oh god, is it really time to go now? F. Ok. Here we go, legs.”

These fast paces are still so foreign to my poor 4-hour-marathon legs.  I mean, they definitely prefer running faster – stretch out the stride a little bit rather than keeping all 8 feet of them cramped up in conservative little distance strides – but they just don’t know what to do!  8 min?  6 min?  They don’t know the difference until my lungs send a memo down south that they’re going to combust if we don’t cool it a little.

So I spent a lot of time watching Garmin.  I’ve been told I’m supposed to be doing less of that (obsessing over times), but when the workout is built around a goal pace and your newborn legs don’t know the difference between a gallop and a sprint, it’s kind of hard.

Speed up, slow down, cruise… oops too slow. cruise… oops too fast.  Repeat.

I’m hoping I’ll eventually be able to “feel” these paces a little easier, but for now a glance down at Garmin every 30 seconds will have to do.  I mean, whatever, it worked.

 7:17, 7:15, 7:06, 6:57

I’m majorly happy.  Shout from the rooftops happy (ummm I have).  Not just the splits, but that I felt strong physically AND mentally the whole run.  I kept convincing myself to “just hang on! half way done! pick it up this last set! sprint the last 400m, comeon!!!”

No problem talking myself into hanging onto a lung-bursting, muscle-burning pace for 30ish minutes, but slow and steady for 3 hours?  Fing forget it.

Anyways, the most important part of all this isn’t my run revelations or breaking tempo pace or how I look like I have a terminal illness without mascara.  Nope.  The real story is my new favorite shorts.

I major love these bad boys.  They have a much cleaner cut than those saggy-ass Nikes, without feeling too form-fitted or constricting.  The material is a heavenly silky something-another and they have the small little hip pocket on the inside AND a zipper pocket on the butt.

After getting a sneak peek of their beauty in Houston (and badgering Oiselle on Twitter for the impending release date every single day after) I had one TINY reservation before pulling the trigger.

I run with music.  Almost all the time (unlike this girl).  Clip iPod to waistband, thread under sports bra (to prevent bouncing/getting tangled in the wire), pop in earbuds.  Shoes, Garmin, go.  Auto-pilot.

The drama of finding a new iPod system with an un-foldable waistband was huge.  Life-ruining, pretty much.

BUT I went against my non-risk-taking ways and bought them anyways.  And guess what?  Emily is a dirty liar.  Def foldable.

imaginary earbud cord not threaded for visual effect. crotch shot complimentary.

So if you’re a waistband-folding, shuffle-jamming, Tempo-wearing, afraid-of-change freak like me, take this as your shove off the bridge.  The rogas are your friend.  BFF.  Forever.  Life.  Anti-quitsies.

Oh and because I know you’re really wondering…

once again, eventual internet blackmail served on a platter

 You’re welcome.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RACING THIS WEEKEND!  I’ve got a 12 miler and then a 5K on schedule tomorrow – If anybody’s running the Tustin Leprechaun Leap lets drink some green beer after.  Cool?  Deal.

Sarah OUaL

I purchased these shorts on my own and was not compensated/bribed/or threatened to write these things by Oiselle or anybody else. You knew that though. OUaL says what OUaL wants.

26 thoughts on “Tempo + Rogas = <3

  1. Loving the paces girl. Freaking awesome.
    Never worn that brand before. Ummm never heard of it. [i live in az we are light years behind in “coolness”].


  2. I just got a pair of Oiselle distance shorts and I looooooooooooooove. No chafing. No poofiness in the front that makes me feel like an elephant. And the double zip pocket deal is A-mazing. I think I’m going all in with Oiselle shorts for life.


  3. Nooooo! Why does Oiselle not ship internationally? Probably to save my bank account from gigantic purchases. I’ve been some Oiselle stuff from running warehouse before, but they don’t have all the pretty colours…


  4. Have you tried any of the Brooks running shorts? I am OBSESSED. They do not give me diaper butt, also have the 2 pockets like the shorts you mentioned AND they have a strip of breathable fabric across the back to reduce butt sweat.


  5. First of all, HOLY FAST! Those are some serious 800 times! And I have to have some of those shorts…I am so over the “diaper butt” (p.s. perfect description!) from my Nike tempos. I am thinking that waist band looks nice and chafe-free too!


  6. Whoa those look awesome. I’ve been looking for new shorts and these definitely are a contender now! Would you say they are true to size? How does the size compare to Nike shorts?


    • I ordered a M and wear a M in tempos. The waistband isn’t the tight/scrunchy elastic, more of a flat yoga-like waistband, which eliminates any muffin top business. The cut in the leg is more straight and less pouffy. Not tight at all, just fitted. Does that make sense?

      Easy answer – yes, I ordered the same size I wear in tempos. :)


  7. The folks at Oiselle were generous enough to donate some items to my charity raffle that I will be posting in the next few weeks. Their products look awesome and I think I need to invest in a pair of my own, you know, just in case! :)


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