Injury Scare – Postscript Final Notes

After the Long Run/Race Sunday, I took a day off from running to let my aggravated achilles/ankle rest.  Instead, Emily and I opted for some OpSD recapping and future Sweat Scheming on the ellipticals.


(sorry you have to wait a little longer for those recaps. no really, you do. and I am sorry.)

Tuesday and Wednesday I went out for easy recovery miles.  I mean EASY.  Cotton tshirt and loose ponytail easy.  Garmin-less easy, because I didn’t want to know JUST how slow “easy” was. 

And because I forgot to charge him.

As much as I missed my normal routine of ass-kicking at the track/hills/tempo runs, I knew this was the smart thing to do and I’m proud of myself for sticking to my “Get Well” plan.  The stretching, sticking, and rest helped a billion.  I’m still on high-alert for any looming pain, but it seems I’m almost in the clear.

Thank F’ing Heaven.

So, before we leave the injury topic altogether and move on to the actual weekend & race recap, I thought I’d touch on a few subjects either that I failed to mention in my last post, or were brought to my attention by you lovely people.

Off we go.


(exact comments MAY have been altered. author’s names have not, in a blatant exercise of my literary power and the fact that I haven’t said “it’s my blog and I can do what I want!” in a while.)

Losing Lindy : So you like that torture device thing you call The Stick.  Should I get one?

YES.  It’s terrific.  Just make sure you’re normal-stretching, too, and not letting the sadist in you have all the fun.  I bought this one at my local RoadRunner Sports for ~$25.

Anchorsaweightraining : Stick/foam roll THEN stretch.  blah blah doctory-sounding-things, it’ll work better.

Aye aye, thank you for the tip.  You’re really smart.  Please use smaller words next time.


You’re right.  I lost my yogi card and have no excuse other than I’ve been too lazy to make time for practice during the high-mileage (for me) weeks.  I’ll spend some QT with my mat soon, pinky prom.


Life of Blyss : Quit copying me! I had shin pain from tight calves!

True story, a few weeks ago I had some shin pain that was cured with extra calf stretching as well.  Apparently tight calves can make many things go to shit.  And I’m dumb for not learning the “STRETCHING IS GOOD JUST DO IT” lesson the first time.

p.s. I sent you a lock of hair and vial of blood for our twinkie friendship necklaces.  Please reciprocate.  ASAP.  xoxo.

Chacha : How much did you run in your Kinvaras last week? I’m calling 4mm-love bluff.

Why weren’t you here helping me get dressed for my workouts??  I did wear them twice as much as I usually do.  Two hard tracks, a 6 mile tempo, and the 5k with cool down.  BUSTED.  A little too heavy on the fast runs last week, OUaL.


Backgrounder : I wear the lightweight, 4mm drop (the difference between the heel height and forefoot height) Saucony Kinvara 2 for my speed workouts, typically once or twice a week.  All other runs are done in the more stable (but still neutral), 10mm Brooks Launch.  Running  with the lower heel-toe offset works the calves more, hence the gradual buildup of tightness.  I’ll continue running in both shoes, but with more limitations on the Kinvaras and a more stringent stretching regime.  See?  Learning things.

Everyone that said they like their feet rubbed :

You’re gross.  And if that means you don’t have gross runners feet, I hate you even more.


Anything else to chime in with before we leave the injury/pain/ouchie discussion forever and always?  I don’t want to talk about anti-inflammatories or icing or unplanned rest days ever ever again.

Sarah OUaL


20 thoughts on “Injury Scare – Postscript Final Notes

  1. No more pain and injury speak. You need to get back to straight track and speed work bad-assery and making me feel slow and lazy. Its some of the best motivation I’ve had. You’re set back has set me back and thats just not fair. But, its good to hear that you’re feeling better and ready to go. Looking forward to some recaps.


  2. I am very guilty of skipping out on yoga for more running. I went to a class yesterday for the first time in forever, and my hips & hamstrings feel semi-brand new today. Kinvara 2s are my shoe love forever – I never wanna wear anything else, except my old Kinvara 1s for cross-training.


  3. 1. Dave Easa loves to yell at us. GEEZ, DAVE.

    (I’m kidding. Dave is very helpful with all his wise advice.)

    2. Vial of blood is on its way. Seriously, did you give me skin cancer? ‘Cause I must have given you tight calves in reply. Although I think you got the better half of the twin deal.

    3. Meh, whatever to yoga. I’ve been running for years and have done about one half down dog my whole life.


  4. I’m sure lots of people have suggested massage, but I wanted to chime in because I have been having the exact same tightness/pain training for Big Sur. Went to the doc and he actually wrote me an Rx for weekly sports massage. Haven’t had any problems since!


  5. I agree with you on the foot stuff. Gross. And I have Kinvaras and Altras, and have always run on the balls of my feet, so I have perpetually tight calves. Love my foam roller, but looks like I need a relationship with the stick. That sounds dirty. Oh well.


  6. Aaaah, I wanted to love the Kinvaras but they gave me angry foot pain. First you inspired me to get rogas, and now The Stick. Enabler.


  7. I agree about the feet too. Pedicures always weird me out and end up being more painful than relaxing, since, you know – they always want to “fix” the broken toenails which pretty much means digging and cutting cuticles with a torture device. Yuck.


  8. In addition to the stick, get a foam roller – the trigger point one, if you can. Making mine my bestie since November has helped my IT band woes. I travel with and it was once mistaken for a weapon or bomb or something by the airport security people, who made me unpack it and show it to them. (And I was angry because I had neatly packed).

    Ok, end of story, get a foam roller!


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