Clash is Good, Baseball is Better

Ragnar/Eugene training plan had 15 miles listed as my step-back long run this week.  Due to some (soon-to-be revealed) exciting weekend plans, I had to get it out of the way last night.

After “excessively” carb-loading all day, I headed out to one of my old favorite trails for an easy/MGP/progression run.  What?  That doesn’t make sense?  Sure it does.  Just like my outfit totally matched.

Three of my favorite pieces – “rose” Brooks Launch, purple Pro compression socks, violet Rogas – just maaaaaybe not all worn together at the same time…

Despite my questionable attire, this was an awesome run.  4.5 days post 20+ miler, debunked injury scare, and tired legs be damned.  I ran the first 5 easy (slower than MGP), the next 5 at MGP, and then the last 5 progressively faster, finishing with 2 nice sub8 miles.

Booyah, #LongRunHaterz

Treating the LR like mini-runs rather than one big giant boring stupid run is going to be my secret to not committing marathon murder.  Glad I finally figured that out.  5.75 training cycles later.

Anyways, the reason for Thursday night Long Run???  We’re leaving on a little road trip in a few hours.

Any guess where two former NCAA softball/baseball players from Ohio living on the west coast might be pee-pants excited to visit this time of year?

We’re loading up the car and driving out to the Phoenix area for some pre-season baseball fun!  Peanuts and beer!  Sweltering heat and sunscreen!  Hat hair and polyester jerseys!


I’ve been way past due for a fix of home – be still, my baseball-loving Cleveland heart…

Sarah OUaL


23 thoughts on “Clash is Good, Baseball is Better

  1. My husband and I huge Tigers fans (please don’t hate me…) and every year we talk about a spring training road trip. Minnesota to Florida is just a teensy bit farther than Cali to Phoenix, though… We’ll make it happen one day, though. Especially since I’m sick of getting hated on whenever we watch them play the Twins!


  2. Love the mini-run breakdown concept. If I ever am uninjured enough to run a long run again I am definitely utilizing it. Hmmm…I may even utilize it on my *ahem* not-so-long runs. Have fun in AZ!


  3. Sounds like fun! My husband would be jealous. Not that he’s an Indians fan but he’s been dreaming of just being able to get out and take a road trip. Note: having a baby at home doesn’t help with that.
    I am amazed that you have the energy to get out and do a LR after work in the evening!


  4. that sounds like a fun way to break up a long run! keeps it interesting! just got my pro-compression socks in the mail this week, can’t beat the 50% off deal!

    ps: love your blog, it makes me laugh!


  5. have a blast!! ugh, i hate night running for a few reasons, my gut is always an issue because my stomach is way too sensitive and planning how to eat is always annoying and then second because i don’t like to think all day “mmmk, i have my whole long run to do later”…lol.

    drive safe and let the pre-gaming begin for the person not driving…lol. :)


  6. Super jealous of your weekend plans! That sounds fabulous. Enjoy. :-)

    And, congrats on getting over the long run hate – sounds like you are rocking them out like nobody’s business now.


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