“Your Wait Time is Currently… 10+ Days”

(started Monday night, delirious and cabin-fevered from spending 6 hours in the car driving home from AZ.)

I’m writing this tonight if for no reason other than to debunk Emily’s claim that I am the worst race recapper on the planet.  Ok it IS 9 (10?) days post-race so I can’t argue the terrible untimeliness claim, but I can at least try to get this up before her Cherry Blossom recap (from THIS weekend).  That has to count for something.

Sarting off straight away with some good ol fashioned excuses :

here and here and here

And life.  And my first ever 50+ mile week!  Those are the things I was too busy with to blog.  Sorry.

Anyways, the Hot Chocolate 15K!  I did it!  So long ago!!  Remember???

If a tree falls races in the woods SD but doesn’t blog about it, did it really happen?

If your long term memory is functional, you’ll remember Emily jetted the fly-over states for a Sweaty Cali weekend.  I swear all it takes is a gchat sesh with the words “plane” “sweat” and/or “bevmo” and next thing I know I’m getting airline confirmations forwarded to me.

You’re so easy, Halnon.  I love it.

We both had 20+ miles on our training plans so we woke up super obnoxiously early Sunday to squeeze in some pre-race miles.

Like, “just going to sleep” early, not “waking up to run” early.

SO dramatic.  Seriously I’m not THAT bad of a morning person…

I got my happy ass out of bed, on time for once, and took to my normal race morning rituals, plus a few extra bonus items.

Like ibuprofen’ing, stretching, and going all paranoia freak on my sore calf/achilles/ankle.  Quick assessment said the sticking helped, but I was still wary of the kind of trouble a 20+ could have in store for it.

Also a fun bonus?

I heard Em cowering in her room while I tried everything I could to revive that toaster.  Yes, even plugging it into an outlet in the bathroom.  That 3:30 OUaL fear tweet?  Prob 10 minutes prior to this potentially catastrophic scenario.  It was like her worst nightmare coming to life in front of her eyes!

But don’t worry. No bagels or toasters or run-friends were harmed in my breakfast prep. I acted like a mature and reasonable adult and handled the situation very admirably IMO.

Fire that f’ing stove up.  Heaven forbid I have to eat un-toasted PB/banana.

Please excuse the Goose and Milagro that managed to sneak in that photo.  We’re pictures of true health and stringent running practices.  Tequila is a carb.  Carbs are good fuel.

Mythbusters, feel free to test that one.

Despite the AngryOUaL scare we got out the door and hit the harbor path for 6.5 pitch black miles at easy LR pace.

Buttcrack o’clock.  Perfect time for a run!

Somewhere around mile 3 I finally woke up and decided to be the type of run-friend someone might fly across the country to spend time with.  I mean, maybe running in silence with intermittent one word grumble answers might be cool.

Em?  Thoughts?  Not super fun?


Around that same time, I realized I had to pee.  So we pulled off into a Marriott and I apparently forgot to pause Garmin.  Maybe that’s why I had two 12+ min miles?

Yeah, that was a fun adventure.  Glad Garmin captured our special adventure through the bathroom-less Marriott in GPS data scrapbook history.

Eventually we made our way to our rendezvous with SkinnyRunner for LR part2.  5 miles at MGP later and finally the sun was starting to come up.  I mean whatever to put in double digits moonlit.  No big.

Back at the car it was time for costume changes and the race.  You know, like the reason we were actually there.  Finally.

after 10 days I no longer remember who this photo originally belongs to (credit)

… which will I guess have to wait a little longer, since it’s now Tuesday night, more than 24 hours from when I actually started writing this, and I have to be up in like 6 hours.  Also, RAM did a great job with this event and I feel it deserves a non-insomnia review of its own.

Sarah OUaL

10 thoughts on ““Your Wait Time is Currently… 10+ Days”

  1. Ha. Your race recaps are funny and cute. The fact that they are 10 days post race do not matter. You’re just letting all the other racers get their words out first. Hope the injury comeback is going smoothly!


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  3. I learn so much from reading your blog. Like, cool ways to use piknik (before it’s closing), how a “Stick” can help you (totally bought one. A-Mazing), that baking my bagels to quickly crisp them is not wildly crazy because OUal does it, and of course how to gracefully complain about early AM long runs. Who needs school with these life lessons? Could you teach me how to tweet? Hashtags elude me. Good job on the long run!


  4. Those alarm times are BRUTAL! I’m now having painful flashbacks from marathon training last summer on the surface of the sun and needing to set my alarm for 3:45-4am. Not pretty.

    Glad the Great Toaster Crisis of 2012 was avoided. That could have been a horrendous way to kick off a 20+ mile long run day!


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