Last LR & my Nuun HTC App

Formalities out of the way first –

The final long-long run of Ragnar-Eugene training is in the books.  22 miles of shockingly amazing, life-changing, #LRhater president resignation run bliss.

I know you probably think I’m being sarcastic or an asshole or something, but I swear I’m not.  I freaking loved this run.  Every step.  Really.

And, I know I know, I said before that I simply CANNOT run without music, buuuuut… yeah.  All 22 miles music-free.  Earbuds in but never pressed play.

Please don’t leave.  It’s really still me.  The same Sarah OUaL.  I haven’t been kidnapped and LR Haters Annonymous isn’t pointing a gun at my head making me say these things.  Pinky prom.

I’m not 100% sure where the credit is deserved – the massive amounts of carbs I ate Friday (including an AMAZING and GIANT oatmeal raisin cookie from Specialtys)?  extra hydration during the run? kicking my shitty ‘tude to the curb and actually trying to enjoy myself and my surroundings?

Whatever it was, I sure as hell hope it shows up again on race day(s).  Which, btw, are coming up fast.  WAY fast.

It’s taper time, baby.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In almost as exciting, and mostly related news, guess what I finished yesterday?

Dun dun dun dunnnnnnn…

My OUaL for Nuun HTC Campaign!

Nuun is once again sponsoring teams of running bloggers for the Hood to Coast relay this summer in Oregon.  Y’all know I’m a huge Nuun-fan – from Track Party to Cocktail Party – it’s definitely a staple in my daily AND running life.  So I figured it only fitting I throw in my bid for a spot on one of the teams.

And here it is.  In all of its OUaL’y awkward photo and picnik’d glory.

Maybe I should have waited to see if I survive Ragnar before offering to run a second relay…??


Sarah OUaL


53 thoughts on “Last LR & my Nuun HTC App

  1. Is it wrong to put in an app to be part of the Nuun HTC team only to spend 30 sweaty, smelly hours with you and Sweaty Em?! Tell me its not. Maybe I’d actual write a post on my blog again…..


  2. Omg, that is too cool for school! Love that video. They better pick you! Good luck. And I am totally jealous that 22 miles felt great! I wish I could say that about 10 or even 5!!


  3. Sarah, I have never commented before but I think your blog is so honest and fun … not to mention motivating. And your video is sooo cute! Nuun is gonna pick you for sure … Or they are really missing out.


  4. You inspired me so much with this post! I’m training for my first full marathon (with my longest run in life having been a half marathon) and I just wonder what will happen past 13.1. I’m excited about the marathon, but so scared that I won’t enjoy my training. But your post inspired me! Training can be fun! Way to go!


  5. OMG, when that pic of “you” running (uh, I mean cursing) up the hill came on followed by the downhill running pic, I busted a gut!!! That was an awesome video!!! If I was on the Nuun panel, I’d pick ya! Good luck!

    Side note: what pic editing are you going to use when picnik leaves us? :(


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  7. HTC is the absolute best!! It’s my second favorite day after Saint Patricks Day (yep!). I really hope you get picked, this will be my 5th year and I’d love to see you out there!


  8. Very fun! It was like watching a cartoon – with people – like…Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Or… something! anyway I loved it! Best of luck!!


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