OMG It’s Finally Here (Ragnar SoCal prep)

I ran my last run of the 10 week Ragnar/Eugene training cycle this morning.  I can’t believe I’m saying it, but…

It’s over, ALREADY??

After adopting “No Train Racing” for pretty much all of 2011, I was nervous how I’d fare with an [almost] full-length training cycle.  Turns out, when you actually enjoy running, training is much less murderous.  I’ll talk more later on what did/didn’t work for me, but I can pinky promise you I wasn’t expecting this “ALREADY???” feeling.

Lucky for my taper crazies, a 200+ mile relay provides a whole lot of shit to busy yourself with.  Outfit decisions x3, fuel strategizing, 24 hour coffee joint locating, sleep-sitting-up practicing, etc.

Oh, and packing.  Good lord you need a lot of crap for relays.

So, I’m doing all those things.  Because,


All of the planning, training, and 4,000 word group emails are [finally] coming to fruition.  What started as a harmless HTC-envy tweet between Heather and myself ACTUALLY turned into two teams of internet strangers running 200+ miles through Southern California.


SR, Chiara, FasterBunny, OUaL, Pam, HauteRunningMama 

All the details are ironed out, my bags are [mostly] packed, and my legs are nice and rested.  GO TIME, BABY.

I’m runner #2 on So Much Cooler Online – Ultra which shakes out like this :

  • Leg 1 – 10 mi inland OC (Santa Ana, Orange, Anaheim) in the balls blazing middle of the afternoon
  • Leg 2 – 14.9 mi (Temecula/Murrieta) in the middle of the night
  • Leg 3 – 7.3mi coastal SD (Encinitas/Solana Beach) mid-morning
    • Total – 32.2 miles

On top of the already excessive excitement, we’ve got some AMAZING companies supporting us along the way.  And I literally mean “supporting” – inside and out all of our muscles/organs/hairs/wardrobes will be well tended to.

compression socks, espresso protein drink, compression shorts, sugar-free electrolytescute running skirts, (reflective!) no-slip headbands, and j’adore hardcore tank


I’m so freaking pumped to get in the van and run the shit out of some SoCal asphalt with the girls.  As one of the few all-women ultra teams I know there’s going to be a little extra fire to get to the finish line and pass as many hopeless souls fellow runners along the way.

Nothing wrong with a little [friendly] competitive spirit, right? ;)

If you want to follow along, we’ll be live-tweeting from the vans using #SMCOL.  Find out if SR poops her pants or Margot gets lost in the woods there first.

(jk margot we won’t let you get lost)

((SR please don’t poop your pants))

Sarah OUaL

ps PRO Compression is having a major sale – $20 off and free shipping using code “RR20“.  I’m majorly in love with the socks (running AND recovery) and am on a quest to own every color.  I suggest you join me in the movement.


25 thoughts on “OMG It’s Finally Here (Ragnar SoCal prep)

  1. soooo, is it ok if I poop my pants? harharhar. I just did an aerial/satellite of my first leg along the santa ana river trail, Yorba Linda to Corona. Did nothing assuage my freaking-out-ness. But at least I know what it looks like.


  2. I’m running my first Ragnar (Cape Cod) in May! You guys are superheroes for doing this as an ultra team! I’d love to hear more about your prep – how you’re packing your bags, what you’re wearing, what food you’re bringing. Looking forward to reading more about your experience!


  3. So excited! We are running SoCal Ragnar too! Our first time! I will probably hunt you down at the finish line and make you shotgun a beer with me :) You girls are gonig to KILL IT!!!


  4. So stoked to read about it!! Ragnar is sooo fun!! Please be careful with the heat. We had a high temps for our race too and it can really drain ya if you aren’t on top of it. Something about the sun and no sleep that really took its toll this year.
    Be safe and have fun!!


  5. Oh my god I am SO excited too! I think I have checked my bag at least 6 times now. Good luck to the ULTRA team! Can’t wait to see you girls kick some major dude-butt. See you out there!


  6. One of my running club friends ran a leg near Temecula last weekend…she said she was on some golf cart path through a golf course in the dark. Also, I’ve been to Solana Beach! Pizza Port Brewery. We took a train there from SD. I started in chronological order…off to go read your Ragnar Recap…


    • Oh, just you WAIT until I get to the golf-cart-path-in-the-dark part. FNDOAINGALKJDFLAGH@%#. (to be fair it was on the directions, i just chose not to read/remember/digest that part)



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