Out of the Office

If you’re looking for me over the next 48 hours, I’m hanging out in a van with these cats running a bunch of miles :


Runner1 | Runner2 | Runner3 | Runner4 | Runner5 | Runner6

If you’re looking for some cheap entertainment from the course, follow #SMCOL.

If you’re wanting even more super insider scoop (like which teammate snores, what my cowbell sounds like IRL, and how messed up we are after 24 straight hours of relay’ing) check the Live-Action HRM Vlog.

And if you’re in SoCal, we better see you Saturday afternoon at the finish line party.

Oh!  And if you see this guy around, give him a nice pat on the back for driving our crazy asses all through this wild adventure.  He’s probably got the toughest job of us all.




Sarah OUaL


16 thoughts on “Out of the Office

  1. GOOD LUCK, TWIN. I’m pissed I’m not joining in… but I’ll happily clap and cheer for you from the safety of my bed with my pain meds and ace bandage. whooooop!



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