Huge Eug is Here

Well it’s here.

Race weekend.


The culmination of the last 10+ weeks of training.  I’ve gotten used to typing “Ragnar/Eugene” and now Ragnar is over (sniff), and Huge Eug is actually here.

Holy. Shit.

All along I’ve been wavering over which was my actual “goal” race – was I training to help my Ragnar team, or training for a huge marathon PR in Tracktown, USA?

The reality is that running 32+ miles in an overnight, sleepless relay is not exactly taper-approved.  Ok it’s not really anything-in-life approved, unless your goal is to sleep and eat non-stop the entire week+plus afterwards.

Plus, when we realized the heat of the Ragnar Ultra Womens competition, it became very clear that my focus was on Ragnar.  I wanted to run my legs HARD and give my team a chance at the title.  And if that meant a less-than-stellar performance at Eugene, so be it.

Well, Ragnar is over.  I DID run hard and we DID end up winning.  Training success!

What I really wasn’t expecting, was to feel as good as I do right now.

My body handled the relay freakishly well.  Monday I went out for an easy 4 mile test run.  Wednesday I ran a few more successfully pain & fatigue-free miles, and Thursday had a fun/exciting 5 mile fartlek.

Decided : Ready to race Eugene.


A race “plan” has been formulated.  It’s scary and exciting and nerve-wracking, but more than anything I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to run hard tomorrow.

Thank you, sweet awesomely-recovering body.  You’re the best.

This is the first training cycle I’ve actually ENJOYED start-to-finish and I’d like to carry that through to the very end.  Ideally that will come with a shiny new PR (large or small), but if it doesn’t and I blow up big time and end up DNF/MonsterPW’ing, that’s fine.  Probably deserving.  Expected.  At least I gave it a shot.

… and I get to blame Ragnar.

Good luck to the rest of you racing, long running, recovering… what have you.  Our house of Sweaty, Margot, SR and I is bound to plow the city down – either in celebration of epic PRs or the drowning of failed race sorrows.

Sorry to the PNW in advance.

Sarah OUaL

19 thoughts on “Huge Eug is Here

  1. The PNW is so lucky to have you girls!!! I’m half tempted to show up and yell motivating/annoying things at all of you to keep you going. Nothing like running away from a crazy girl to reach a new PR… GOOD LUCK!!!!



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