Greedy & Gutsy–Eugene Marathon Recap

Maybe you saw this already?



I’m still kind of weird about it.  I just don’t really know how to process what happened.  My race, my friends’ races, the magic of Tracktown and the all-around incredible weekend filled by all of the awesomeness.

But, well, it’s complicated I guess.  Let me try to explain.

(This is going to take a while.  Please get comfortable or come back later.)

Six months ago I was clawing my way through #Sub4orDie.  I was an average runner on the cusp of major burnout, without a plan or a passion for the sport.

I finally got my 3:57.34 at Santa Barbara on Nov 10th, a race I was really proud of and happy with.

After reaching my goal I took some time away from distance running.  It was refreshing to not be tied to a plan and to have my weekends/life back.

And then in January, kind of accidentally, I fell absurdly head-over-heels in love with running.

With Sweaty in Houston for the Marathon Olympic Trials

On the plane home from the trials, I decided I was done being “average”.  With the help of a few  inspirational friends I developed a plan and deemed 2012 the year I’d run fast.

I committed to a 10-week plan and tackled each workout with energy and excitement.  I hit weekly track workouts with Coach FasterBunny.  I ran short distance races I’d shied from in the past.  I reported to runfriends to keep myself accountable. 

And I gained a shit-ton of confidence as I watched my progress.  We were finally going to see what I’m made of.

After green-lighting myself post-Ragnar, I looked back on my long run paces (all around 8:45, with a 22 miler at 8:30) and tried to formulate a plan.  Eventually I decided to just go out gutsy and give myself a chance to do something awesome.



SR, FasterBunny, me, Em

On Sunday morning, standing in the corral outside of Hayward Field in Tracktown, USA, I was finally hit with a tiny moment of self-doubt.

“Look at all these people. They look so fast. You don’t belong up here – why don’t you move back towards the 4 hour group. Who are you trying to kid?”

I looked further up at my friends – Margot (so easy to spot with her bunny ears) who ran the hardest legs at Ragnar last weekend, ready to rock with SR as her pacer.  Emily up even further, a picture of confidence and strength, ready to tackle a goal that has eluded her for the last year.  I thought about how instrumental they’ve all been in me “finding myself” as a runner.

(They probably don’t realize this and are probably wondering what gross sap hacked OUaL and is writing this.)

And I thought about all of the other people – maybe some of you – who have given me the support and courage to go after something I never thought I was capable of.  And I told myself I belonged right where I was.

And then the gun went off.

I told myself that I’d do my best to run on feel.  I wouldn’t freak if I saw splits over or under my 8:12 goal pace, I’d use the downhills, tackle the inclines smartly, and feed off the course.


from, the scale is super deceptive

Miles 1-4 were spent fighting the urge to get sucked in the current of the pack.  I focused on each step and just tried to zone in.

(8:05,  7:59,  8:09,  8:10)

By mile 5 I settled into a pace that felt good and tried not to talk myself out of it.

“Why do you think it’s too fast?  You’re capable.  You can hold this.  And if not, at least you’ll have time in the bank.  Just keep going.”

(8:02,  8:03,  8:03,  8:04)

At 8.5 we approached the one “tough” hill.  I put my head down, ready to tackle it, and heard Kim from Nuun yell out my name.  I looked up to wave, and suddenly Mason was running next to me.  It was a great boost, and hearing his updates on my friends’ progress got me up the hill and through a few miles before he left to run with Em again.

(7:58,  8:04,  8:02)

from SkinnyRunner

We split from the half and made our way along the Willamette River trail.  I turned on my music but was too caught up in the moment – the trail, the people, how I felt – to tell you what songs were playing.

(I know, I know, treading lightly into “zen runner” territory – should I drop a few f-bombs here to pull some balance back to OUaL?)

(8:03,  8:10)

We popped out into a residential area and hit the Half timing mat.  This was a BIG moment for me, kind of my “aha!” realization of how far I’d really come.


That’s almost a minute faster than my current Half PR (from a downhill course).


Mason found me again somewhere around here, and his response to my 13.1 mid-mary record breaking was the perfect confidence boost to keep me from fearing inevitable positive split burnout :

“Of course you did.”

I listened as he told me more about everyone’s progress.  Emily killing it way ahead of schedule, Margot & SR running steady and strong, Oiselle Mac (an HTC teammate & Houston trials cohort) crushing a 1:19 half and placing 3rd woman overall.

I let the news and excitement for my friends sink in, but quickly got back to my own race.


I KNOW GREY WAS NOT A GOOD COLOR CHOICE. (thank you for the photo, Meghan!)

(8:07,  8:06,  8:05)

When Mason left again around 18 I was still holding pace but could feel the fatigue & pain creeping in.  My head was getting fuzzy and I was having problems keeping my thoughts channeled in a positive direction.

I kept hydrating (thanks to my Nuun Sherpa), took a gel, and tried to psych myself up for the final 10K.

“It’s supposed to be hard! This is what you’ve been working the last 10+ weeks for! Think about all the track workouts. The early mornings. That tempo you were so sure you were going to puke during. Don’t let it all be for nothing. That was all for THIS. Do it now.”

(8:09,  8:08,  8:12)


I hit the mile 20 mat, looked down at my watch, and was greeted with the time.  Not race time, or pace time, but actual plain old time-time.


(Told you Zen Runner Sarah wouldn’t be around long.)

The combo of sweaty fingers and the abused/tempermental bezel screen wouldn’t let me switch displays.  It still beeped and showed mile splits so it wasn’t REALLY the end of the world I pretended it was, but that was the one thing it took to tip my already precarious mental state to the dark side. 

I ripped it off my wrist and had myself a nice little mini-meltdown.

(8:11,  8:22,  8:29)

My legs were heavy and my hip flexors were seizing.  My right foot was hurting so badly (new pain) and I let myself believe it was a life-ruining overuse injury and that I was SO DUMB for running so soon after Ragnar.


Fear the Angry OUaL but please note that is in fact a midfoot strike

I hit 5K to go and was overwhelmed with disappointment.  This was where I was supposed to make my move.  Drop pace and surge in for a strong finish and a nice surprise BQ (Boston Qualify).

Instead, I stopped to walk.

I tried to tell myself to suck it up for “just 25 more minutes,” but that was the opposite of comforting.  It was an absolute eternity.

And then the 3:35 pace group (BQ) passed me.

What should have fueled the fighter inside of me just broke me down more.  I was hit with a (unfortunately familiar) sense of dread and defeat, and just wanted to be done.

Mason found me moments later, and tried to talk me into chasing them.

I threw my watch at him, told him to “fucking fix it”, and took another walk break instead

I explained how bad my foot was.  That I’d been greedy and stupid – in both my race scheduling and my pacing early on.  That I’m not the Superman my oversized ego thought I was.  That I was disappointed in my lack of mental toughness and knowledge of myself as a runner.

Ok, I didn’t ACTUALLY say any of that, since I don’t talk when I run and I DEFINITELY don’t talk during meltdowns at mile 24.  But I THOUGHT all those things.  Did my telepathy work, Mason?

(8:36,  8:47)

He reminded me that I was still going to massively PR, but I couldn’t let myself take comfort in that.  Not after fully committing to sub 3:35 all morning/weekend. 

I blamed my fast start, I blamed Ragnar, and worried I’d never have a stars-aligned-perfectly opportunity like I had that morning.  I wondered if Em would let me borrow her boot for my broken foot. 

I tried to tell myself that Boston is lame and I hate the Red Sox, and that I shouldn’t care about that stupid race anyway.

(9:14,  9:18)


Eventually we came out of the park and Hayward was in sight.  I didn’t kick.  I CRUISED in at my very Prefontaine’ish 9+ minute pace, and tried to look less-than-deathly for the finish photo…




Eugene Marathon, 4.29.12   –   3:37.05 (*New PR)

It’s hard to say what the real issue is here – missing a BQ by 2 minutes or my delusional “disappointment” with a 20+minute PR?

I’m such a brat.

Could I have run a smarter race?  Obviously yes.  Trained better?  Probably.  Are there things that I still need to figure out?  Most def.

(Like not running 34 miles the weekend before…??)

Of course I’m THRILLED with my time and how far I’ve come. I ran a gutsy race and gave it what I had, and I’m proud of that

And, despite the “disappointments”, this is still WAY more than I was expecting 10 weeks ago.

So instead of feeling bad about a missed “reach goal”, I’m getting excited for the future.  With my rookie season of REAL training under my belt, it’s only going to get better (& faster) from here.

Plus, with fast friends like these, it’s impossible not to.


Pacer SR, Margot’s 3:32, Emily’s 3:08

(YES that says 3:08. And her recap is almost as incredible as her time. Go read it.)

Sarah OUaL

To everyone out on the course (cheering or racing), all of you commenters, Twitterers, emailers – thank you a hundred billion for being so awesome.  Especially if “being so awesome” means wearing a banana suit.  I drank an extra (ten) post-race beverages for you.


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      • If your foot is better, maybe doing a local, chilled out 5 or 10km in a couple weeks would be good? Everyone I know that makes huge gains in the marathon also then absolutely kills it at shorter races!


  1. Love the revelation on the way home from watching Trials and the resulting move into a new running zip code–such a great example of the power of the mind/ determination, Love it. Congrats! Much more to come I am sure.


  2. Wow you did awesome! And you have nothing but better opportunities to PR over and over because of the crew you have to help you. And you may not have gotten BQ, but you still blew it out of the water with a 20+ PR! Be so happy!!


  3. Simply amazing! I can’t believe what a huge PR. Especially when not even 6 months ago, you were hoping for a sub 4. You rock!


  4. Congratulations!! This is so so awesome and you are a rockstar runner.

    Seriously, I love reading your blog. I sub-4’d in March and have been taking some time off since then. I’m really hoping to come back refreshed and BQ this fall. I need to take a page from your book and get my bootie to the track!


  5. Totally gutsy! And holy quad muscles, girl! You’re a beast who has come so far in one non-lala training cycle. Physically, you’re totally there and then some. Mentally? Was it the watch? Was it the foot pain? (How is that now, btw?) Was it time for one last gel? Was it a habit? No doubt you’ll figure it out.

    In the meantime, you kicked the sh^t out of the squeaking-under-4-hour marathon. Way to go!!


    • A lot of it WAS physical. I knew I’d hit a wall no matter how fast/slow I went out (damn Ragnar ruining taper) but could have used some extra mental guts. Will test foot in a few days – fingers crossed!


  6. Well I’m thrilled for you and your huge PR and the confidence that should come along with it. I’m not going to give you any constructive criticism because it looks like you already know what it would be. Awesome running out there, though. Not at all surprising to me that you had a 3:37 in you!


  7. This recap was amazing! Trust me, you make it so easy to cheer for you every step (blog post?) of the way because your thoughts are what we all relate to during training, racing, or whatever. I love reading them. Way to go on that 3:37, HUGE almost make me want to run a marathon..ALMOST ;)


  8. I’ve been following your “get friggin fast” training program since your New Years Resolution post where you vowed to make running more of a sport and less of a hobby. And BQ, PR, whatever, you did exactly what you said you would. I have been inspired to get fast along with every post (do you cyber coach?) and I think you did awesome. I will never go to Boston, but you will. Please give me something to read!! Congrats on the sweet PR. Im jealous!


  9. seriously obsessed right now. between you and sweaty emily, i can’t NOT get emotional reading the race recaps. SOOO INSPIRATIONAL!!!! You are awe-freakin-som


  10. sitting down with a cup of java & just took in every word of your re-cap. :)

    when I heard about how well you did I was so happy for you! You ran so well during Ragnar & I quietly told myself “she’s going to CRUSH her current 26.2 PR!” You’ve really improved soo much & I know even greater things lie in front of you. You’ve got guts, determination, dedication & I’m also sensing a passion? :) I’d love to see you toe the line in Boston next year. You know you can do it!! I’m sooooo proud of you!!! You put in the work & that shiny PR sure compliments everything you put in!!!

    What an awesome weekend!!! CONGRATS!!!! see you Sunday @ PCRF!! :) :) :) :) :)


  11. Well, I would say you rocked! And that picture of you in the gray t-shirt…well, all I noticed was the honking muscle in your leg that I would love to have…mine is pretty much cottage cheesy right now but I am trying to get it to look like yours.

    (Many work outs and less sugary sweet stuff. ;-( may help me attain THAT goal!)


  12. I’ve been following your blog closely (although maybe only commented once?) for the last 8 or so months. It has been not only amazing, but also motivating to watch your HUGE transformation.
    Although I’ve ran 31 halfs, I’ve been scared to make the committment to do a full marathon since I’m HORRIBLE with training plans (as in I don’t have any). After watching you do a makeshift plan and reap HUGE rewards from it, despite not always liking it, I decided to take the plunge and run my first one, Air Force Marathon in September.

    Keep rocking it out!


  13. Reality is ridiculously raw sometimes. When running at your edge, you can’t trust your body or your mind to do rational things. That is why we train, that is why we need others to help keep us together, and that is most especially why we come back later to tighten things up just a tiny bit more and take the next step. The passion is the purpose.


  14. Congrats on your MASSIVE PR!!

    Even though I am tons slower than you – I know how hard it is to see that elusive pace group, that you are trying to beat, pass you so close to the finish. It really broke my spirit and still kills me when I think of my marathon (and possibly why I haven’t gotten back on that marathon horse again).

    I KNOW you are going to BQ — I mead, dude, you just ran an insane race the week before!! Have patience and keep rocking out that speedwork. The “mom” in me is so proud of you!!


  15. You are such a perfectionist! I knew you’d be all PO’d with the positive split. But seriously, it’s a 20 minute PR.

    Well, at least you know now what pace to go out so you have some left for the end. It’s wasn’t like were going to go out at 9:00, you really weren’t sure what your pace should be after your training, so now you know for next time.


  16. Such an awesome recap! I am still on the Sub4orDie train with my goal marathon in December. This makes me want to work my booty off and just blow it out of the water!! I think I need to find some fast friends too.. wanna move to NorCal and train me?? :-)

    A huge CONGRATS to you OUaL!! A well deserved GIGANTIC PR! I have been reading your blog for a long time now and you are truly an inspiration! You make me want to lace up my “go fast” shoes!


  17. Girl, you are beyond awesome! Seriously I have been looking forward to your recap for 48 hours:) You have worked so hard and a 20 minute PR, WOW!! You are going to have to whip me into shape if we move their next year okay? PS I love that your set a PR for your 1/2 during your marathon…SO COOL!


  18. You should be so freaking proud of that!!! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come just in the year I’ve been reading and you’re a total inspiration! No joke. Great job!!


  19. First of all, a 20+ minute PR is amazing!! Hopefully you will (very soon) be excited and not disappointed that you didn’t BQ. After missing my 3:40 goal (pre-& post BQ change), not once, but twice but still getting a PR both times, I can definitely understand the disappointment, despite the PR. You are so right…that you will only get faster after the experience of a “real” training cycle, so I would put money on it that the BQ will happen for you very soon! Aaaaand now I am research my potential future BQ race! CONGRATS!


  20. Congratulations!!! I’m sorry you missed a BQ by two minutes (SO CLOSE!!) but any way you look at it, a 20 minute PR is majorly impressive! Especially considering how far you’ve come as a runner in the past 6 or so months. You should be incredibly proud. And if anything, this race should give you confidence about all the many PRs that are sure to come in your near future. You will get there!

    Also – I’ve totally been there with the awful attitude at the end of marathons. Things that should have motivated me have just further crushed me. But I think those mentally tough races are so important for next time. Each time you get through it, you will be stronger for it!


  21. 20 minute PR. That’s all I have to say. Well, okay not ALL I have to say but damn that’s awesome! I’m pretty sure there are many more marathons between now and September for your BQ – because 2013, here we come! I’m heading there next Spring and would love the f-bombs as company. And no, I won’t be racing in a banana suit but I’ll cheer for you anytime dressed like a fool.


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  23. GREAT. GREAT. GREAT job!! You should be so freakin proud. You rocked it girl! That PR is amazing! Even if it wasn;t EXACTLY what you wanted, you killed it!!!!! congrats…well deserved!


  24. I was about to tell you to teach me to be as badass as you. but now I’m going to comment on your rookie mistake of wearing grey. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?


  25. Own it! You ran a good race for running Ragnar the weekend before. Their are many more BQ chances in your future. Get that foot looked at for sure! :-)


  26. You are AWESOME! I almost died when I saw your time, so amazing and so happy for you. You earned it and it gives average runners like myself hope! Yayah!


  27. WOW is all I can say! Congratulations! I am always amazed at all you ladies with your marathon recaps! You are doing so great! I hope one day I will be tackling the marathon…but right now I’m still working on speeding up my half marathon time. But you, SR, Margot and Emily are all inspirations for me!


  28. I love how “real” your recap is. I think it’s completely normal to be both happy and disappointed in your race- yes, you had a HUGE PR (congrats BTW), but if you’re anything like me, you’re always wanting to push yourself a little harder and run a little faster!

    Nonetheless, your improvement is really motivational as I’m on a similar “get fast in 2012” plan. Too bad you’ve got commitments the weekend of Santa Rosa, since my goal is to BQ with a 3:35 as well!


  29. Right on and good for you!! I’m sorry you didn’t BQ this time just like I’m bummed I didn’t break 3:50 but I keep reminding myself what my original goal was, as you said,”got greedy”. It’s awesome to be greedy but I guess it just comes in time and what a huge freaking PR!!! Way to go OUAL! Is it wrong I’m still wearing my shirt ;)?


  30. You’re such a badass, OUAL! Way to go. You be proud of that massive PR. And be proud of your amazeballs leg muscles in that photo Meghan snapped! Geeze, sister. :)



  31. You KILLED that PR!!! So happy for you!!! Feel free to flaunt that s**t for a loooong time!!! You deserve it!! And mental breakdown? Pffft. I think the only people who don’t have mental breakdowns are the ones who only run 5Ks. Or people who don’t run. Every runner has mental stop signs that they need to get past. Keep going!!! You’re doing amazing!!!!! :)


  32. Congrats on the giant PR! I remember reading about your first sub-4…what an amazing improvement & after a Ragnar Ultra – truly inspiring! You’ve totally got that BQ!


  33. AMAZING recap. I am loving the vibe from Eugene. And if you can do this (AMAZING PR) you know Boston is IN THE BAG.

    So proud of you.


  34. Love that you had such amazingly great times with your friends. Love your shiny, new PR! Love that you got pi$$ed at your Garmin. I’ve done that too, but never in such a stressful situation!! Enjoy it all and rest your freaking legs for crying-out-loud!! :)


  35. Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and never left comments, but today I had to! I am SO stinkin proud of you! I knew that after being humbled by Long Beach and actually putting in training, you would reach your potential as a runner. Congrats on your HUGE PR and I look forward to reading your BQ recap next!! Awesome!!


  36. This is an incredible PR, and you know that you will BQ so, so soon. Super inspiring to know that you put the effort in and got serious reward out – not just in terms of running times, but amazing experiences like running with friends at Ragnar and Eugene. Amazing!


  37. So I just started reading your blog during this training cycle, and I am so inspired by how far you’ve come! I just started running about 7 months ago, and I want so badly to improve and get faster, and it is just so uplifting to see your progress, and it gives me so much hope! You did amazing out there, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!!


  38. I’m thrilled for you! That was an incredible race. You are so inspiring to me and I hope that I can kick up my marathon to be as fast as yours someday. Thanks Sarah!


  39. Holy cow!! That is amazing! I know it sucks that you were 2 mins from BQing, but clearly you have it in you!! What’s the next race going to be?! It’s time to BQ!

    P.S. I always knew you could run WAY faster than just a sub 4 hour. You run fast for crying out loud and now it has all finally come together for you. That is so exciting!!! HUGE Congratulations on a HUGE PR!


  40. That’s so amazing! What a PR. I’m at just over 4 hour marathon PR. You give me hope for that elusive sub 4…or even BQ. Great job! Thanks for the inspiration!


  41. You did a great job! I totally understand the feeling of disappointment to not make the goal you had in mind but you still SMOKED your PR. I struggle a lot with the mental game of running as well – it’s a beast. You only got wiser and stronger from this race.


  42. Dammit I know that feeling when the pacer paces you and you wanna stick a foot out and…ooops. Sorry buddy. Just needed to make sure I stayed ahead of you. Get to the back of the line!

    Congrats on a freaking amazing race. That last 10k is crazy hard and you still finished strong (although I know you don’t feel that way). Look, now you know what it feels like to keep that pace for all 26.2. Now you know what you need to do to get that frickin BQ. You HAVE IT IN THE BAG.

    Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to watch you crush races this year? You are doing girl. YOU ARE DOING IT!



  43. I was seriously speechless on Sunday when I saw you had PR’ed by 20 minutes. TWENTY FREAKIN’ MINUTES. Congrats on an incredible race. I know this is only the beginning of your journey and have no doubt your speed will only continue to improve in the future. You’ll be toeing the line at Boston before you know it. BQ HERE YOU COME!! Way to go speedy girl, so proud, and also inspired by your determination and dedication to training over the past few months. You put in the time and the training, and ROCKED Eugene. Congrats!! :)


  44. Just plain rad. Been reading your blog for about a month. So glad I found it. So motivating. But my favorite part is how you always keep your sense of humor and drink. Mmmmm drinking….


  45. YOU KILLED IT! Congrats lady. Big.Time. It’s been so awesome and freakin’ motivating as hell to follow you train and see/feel/hear your enthusiasm along the way. You had it in the bag, and we all knew it. I am inspired and ready to put my sh*t in gear so I can PR big time in Chicago. Sub-4 or bust. and I know I’m better than that too. Just need to focus my training to find out my real “faster” potential.


  46. That is waaay cool!!! I did Eugene too! Best race ever. My first marathon. I felt the same the last 6. I was fuming but hey, still a great time!! Congrats!!


  47. That is so amazing. You put in the work and were rewarded with a 20 minute PR. I totally understand the disappointment about missing your BQ. I missed mine in January at the Phoenix RnR marathon. I was on pace through 23 miles and couldn’t keep it together the last 3 miles. How lames is that?! I missed my BQ by 4 minutes, but am going for it again this Sunday. I’m sure you’ll pick out a race soon that will be your BQ, and you WILL get it. Until then, try to celebrate the huge PR.


  48. Gotta admit, I was stoked to see your time on Sunday morning. You should feel super proud of yourself. Taking 20+ minutes off a marathon PR in just 6 months and a week after an ultra relay is pretty damn impressive. Sometimes running gutsy races works out, and sometimes not, but at least you know you put it all out there and attempted that reach goal. Looking forward to see where your future running adventures take you.


  49. We are so on the same page. Just last week I decided I was tired of being slow. I’ve been running since Jr. High and I think the fastest I’ve ever run was a 24:00ish 5K my sophomore year of high school. I get that at least I go out and do it, but I want to be faster (and I’m working on it). I also totally understanding your disappointment despite your improvement. Awesome job on the PR!!


  50. i can’t even begin to tell you how much you inspire me! you crack me up on a daily basis also, but for real, you are amazing! i can only hope to continue improving as you have!


  51. HugEug indeed!!! Nice run outta you Sarah!! Lame Boston is waiting for ya, sooooo rest up & then do tha damn thang! :) You’ve definitely inspired me to get back on the track party bus. So thanks.


  52. Yo – last year I PR’ed by 21 min in the marathon and was so disappointed I missed my bq goal — and mostly really mad at my mental game. I had a pretty bad attitude for a good bit of that marathon.

    A year later, I am able to appreciate that PR so much more and how it shaped me as a runner today. It really made me change my mental game and want to never make that mistake again. It made me appreciate the gains I do make, and not necessarily in time/pace.

    You did awesome. A 20 min PR is awesome. Completing a marathon is awesome. It was fun to be able to cheer you on!


  53. You are so amazing, that is a huge PR, and look at those leg muscles in that first picture! And you ran a seriously gutsy race and I majorly admire you for it. Your improvement and dedication totally inspire me, that maybe I can get that fast someday too. End sappy rant.


  54. You did FREAKING Awesome! So proud of you. I was so pumped when i heard your time. A 20 minute PR!!! That is HUGE!!!! 20 mins, you cut 20 mins off your time. That’s amazing.


  55. Oh how I understand this. And I think only other runners do. Everyone else will tell you that you should be HAPPY with that time and you PR’d and you did what other people can only dream of doing. But, as another runner who sets very lofty goals for herself and has “failed” before, I understand how you feel. You want to be happy and you are on some level, but you also feel like you disappointed yourself. But, that disappointment goes away in a day or two and you realize how awesome you are and you use it to drive you to go bigger and better next time. BTW, You ARE awesome!!!


  56. Hot damn woman! I’ve been following your training and knew you’d blow Eugene out of the water -but 20 minutes is a-mazing-ing! Congrats! It’s so awesome to work hard for something and see it pay off. And seeing/reading about someone else do it motivates the hell out of the rest of us.


  57. Congrats on the kick butt PR!!! My favorite part is when you declared that Boston is lame and you hate the Red Sox. Um, agreed, nobody understands an Indian’s fans hate for the Red Sox. But you totally have BQ in your future, and then YOU will show Boston who’s boss.


  58. Great job out there. I know how hard it can be to be bummed about hitting your time. I was aiming for sub-4 at Marine Corps and ran a 4:03….it was a big PR but I was fucking pissed. Congratulations on an awesome race. I hope you get that BQ soon!


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  60. You’re such an inspiration. I have my first half next week and my goal is to just finish and my stomach is in knots. When I doubt myself I just come to your blog and think if you are doing all this great running I just have to suck it up and get through 13.1 and stop doubting myself! Thanks for sharing!


  61. wow. totally inspiring. just coming off of big sur and feeling exhausted by the thought of another marathon, this has me inspired. I hope i can get where you are!!


  62. Eugene was my first half. Your race recap is making me seriously think about the full next year! Great job, you’ll get your BQ this year, and I look forward to reading about it.


    • Do it! The second half was really great. So many races seem to be a half marathon w another 13.1 just tacked on, but Eug had character and excitement and energy the whole way through. Crucial when you’re slowly dying through those last miles :)


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  68. I just reread this too and from one Ohioan to another, you’re pretty kick ass. I’m a college kid always looking for Beer Run motivation. Thanks for tweeting about this and reminding me to keep running.


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