Huge Eug Leftovers

(we’ll get back to the final Ragnar recap(s) soon – promise – just a few more housekeeping items from that marathon I almost accidentally BQ’d at this weeked)

((no, I’m not over it yet.))

I loved all your comments on my (slightly dramatic) Huge Eug recap.  A good mix of “get over yourself” and “I feel ya girl”, which I probably needed to hear.  I will go on the record again and say that I am THRILLED with the PR, and the exciting things that lie ahead.  And that yes, I will get that F’ing BQ.

Hopefully soon.

But aside of all the actual running-running things, there were some other fun bits from the weekend worth noting.  Mostly because there hasn’t been a photo of an alcoholic beverage on here in a while and I don’t want y’all thinking I got all crazy and went sober or something.

And also because I stole half these pictures from SR and Em and want a place for them.  …Since Brian says I can’t blow them all up poster-size and plaster our bedroom walls with them.

Carbloading at Rogue Brewing Co

… and at Safeway

… and at Off the Waffle (actual non-liquid carbs, this time)


… AND at the rental house (both liquid and non), run-fam style.

And since running IS what brought us to town, we had to soak in some of the local magic

Shake out river run to scope out the course

… finish line visualization (yes I wore the same thing two days in a row – sorry I don’t pack three suitcases for a weekend trip like SOMEBODY…)

… almost getting run over at the expo meeting new friends (Hi Jen and Holly!)

… popping post-race bottles outside of Hayward, and [accidentally] pouring some out for our homies (ok I kicked my glass over – minor PR party fail)

Paying respect to a fallen hero – we decided legends probably like Fruit Punch.

Ok, bottom line is, it was a freaking amazing weekend.  Great atmosphere, great friends, great everything.  Race “disappointment” aside, it’s going in the books as a big fat WIN.  Eugene, you blew my compression socks right off and I can’t wait for you to do it again.

Sarah OUaL


21 thoughts on “Huge Eug Leftovers

  1. This weekend looks like a blast! Glad you guys had a fantastic time. And yes, I understand still being bummed about the BQ. I would be too…but now you know it’s in range! You’ll just have to run a fall marathon to do it. Perhaps CIM?


  2. Love your attitude and your recaps of Eugene! Congrats on the PR, so great!! Can’t wait to read the recap when you do reach that “official” goal you’re going for…but for now, you should definitely be proud of what you did do :)


  3. i knew you’d come around… boston is within reach, and ill be there to support you. and im wicked jealous of your drinking… dry marathon training is shitty.


  4. your marathon weekend sounds so much better than mine!! I keep reading your race recap to offset my bad feelings about mine! but reading yours reminds me why I did it and even though I hated my life for about 12 miles.. I’m already looking for my next one!! Congrats on your HUGE PR and getting so close to Boston you can actually taste it!!! PS I hope the TSA didn’t give you any problems with your stick! =)


  5. I love that Rogue! I went after the Olympic Trials and saw Shalane Flanagan there after one of her races. Pretty cool. Congratulations on the Huge Eug PR. Seriously, so awesome to get so close to a BQ. The Eugene marathon/half is on my list…perhaps that will be my first full marathon!


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