Oh That New Race?

I found the secret to a successful recovery week.

Host a whole slew of hometown BFFs for a week immediately following your race.  Overpack your schedule with fun activities that don’t involve running, drink so much you’re physically incapable of running, and decide spending every second with them is way more important than running.

Don’t feel bad about it ONE. TINY. BIT.

Ok so my body probably didn’t benefit so well from this recovery plan, but my soul sure did.  <3 girlfriends.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Questionable recovery aside, it’s time to dust off my Brooks and get back to it.  Because I have FOUR WEEKS to shave 2 minutes and 6 seconds off my marathon time.

Yup, my Eugene rebound race has been decided.

It’s not ideal timing (obviously neither was my recovery) – I’d prefer to have a few more weeks to slowly come out of recovery, get back to the track parties, and get another 20 miler in – but summer marathons are sparse and the Sept 10 Boston registration date is coming fast.

And when the clock is ticking, and those dreadful final miles where [sub]3:35 became 3:37 keep haunting your post-HugeEug dreams, you get a little crazy.

Here’s hoping my confidence, stubbornness, and the [super fast] Ojai 2 Ocean course will get me through 26.2 miles in 3:34.59 or less on June 2nd.

From O2O’s facebook page

Because if it doesn’t happen at 2011’s “7th Most Likely Race to Qualify for Boston” – well, I guess there are six other races to try.  But really, let’s just not even entertain that though.

(And nevermind that Eugene is currently #1 on the 2012 list)

So what’s on the menu for this abbreviated training plan?

  • Aint broke don’t fix it – Mon recover, Tues speed, Weds easy, Thurs tempo/hills, Fri rest, Sat LR, Sun rest
  • Hills! Running downhill is deceptively hard and a fast way to trash your quads before you even get to the halfway mark. I’ll be spending most of those Thursdays looking like this
  • Yogi reincarnation – I vow to go to (easy, restorative) yoga once a week so help me namaste
  • Be nice to my body – more sleep, less heavy boozing, clean(er) eating and remembering to take my vitamins (eating half a jar of gummy adult multivitamins doesn’t count)
  • Thread prep – I had tags on almost my entire Eugene outfit (shirt, skirt, shoes had 2 runs in them) and will eliminate a hefty amount of undue stress by starting that shopping spree early. Sooooo like tomorrow

If you’re keeping track, O2O is the same weekend as Fontana, so I won’t be getting that monster half PR I’d been planning on.

That’s alright. I mean, Hopkinton in April ’13 sounds cooler than a fresh 13.1 record anyway.

Sarah OUaL


40 thoughts on “Oh That New Race?

  1. You’re gonna rock it! Can’t wait to read about it. And impressed you can do that (back to back marathons) – I typically can’t walk properly the first entire week after a marathon. I hope it looks like I’ve got swagger and not the body of a 90 year old.



  2. I just started reading your blog. You picked a good race to run sub 3:35. I have heard that O2O is a fast course and beautiful. I will be running the half marathon. I’m also counting on this race to be my opportunity for a huge PR.


  3. Are you registered already? Hope so cuz that sucker is sold out. So I guess you have a lot of BQ marathon courses around you. I’ve only seen one around me…and I ran it…and it was flat and wonderful. You totes got at least a 2 min 6 sec PR in you. Keep up that speed work and it’s in the bag. :-)


  4. That is just about the coolest elevation chart I have ever seen. Now I want to run that race. Maybe I could PR there? Probably rolling head first, but whatever. I clicked your 2012 Likely To BQ link and was pleased to see that the Glass City Marathon (the one I just ran a couple weeks ago) was #3. I did not qualify for shit though. Maybe for a free ride in the SAG Wagon, but thats about it. Good luck on your BQ attempt. Your first and last I am sure because you are going to kick some O2O ass.


  5. Wow I think its awesome you’re ready so soon to kick your BQ in the face. If there was ever a race, I think the 020 looks like a good place to do it! You’ll rock it :)


  6. you are so awesome and have inspired me to go for a BQ this year as well! my first marathon was pretty much same as yours before Huge Eug (3:56) so what’s 20-something minutes? like you i also have never followed a training plan, so now i’m copying you, training, and we’ll get those BQ’s!!!!

    p.s. i signed up for ‘i want oual’ in my mailbox, got the confirmation email, confirmed, got one post emailed, and then never again. yes i checked my spam and all that good stuff. any one else have this problem??


  7. Awesome! Ojai is my hometown. I’ve had a few friends run the half and it sounds pretty fast. Make sure to bring your music because the bike trail is kind of hidden for awhile so you won’t see a whole lot besides fellow runners and hopefully you’re passing them up. ;)


  8. HELL YES! I’m so pumped for you! (And even though I have NO DOUBT that you’ll BQ in Ojai if you want to 2014 BQ too, come run CIM in Sacramento with me in December when go for the BQ!) SO excited to hear about this race!


  9. You are totally going to rock Ojai! Love the plan. And, I ordered a stick off of Amazon today, solely based on your recommendations. I get those gnarly knots, so hoping the stick works!


  10. I ran the half last year- super flat and Im running the full this year! Maybe Ill see ya at the start. Im trying for a sub 4 and I dont care if its 359:59! Only 1000 runners in the full so it shouldnt be too crowded. The half was small last year and flat as Kate Hudson. Hoping the same for the full. Have a 20 miler tomorrow where Ill see if I even have it in me to finish the thing.Good luck with the BQ- you got this no doubt!



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