I Got Tired of Zuckerberg Begging

Look at what I did…

Probably adding one more social media platform to my life isn’t going to make anything over here any more timely, but I can promise that photos will get dumped to FB before anywhere else (except for now, while I try to play catch up) and that maybe there’s a giveaway in the near future…

So go “Like” OUaL to stay in the know of all the upcoming races, favorite products, and all those things worthy of more than 140 characters but that I’m too lazy to turn into a blog post.

Humpday Challenge : Tell me something more awesome than driving to work thinking it’s Tuesday and realizing it’s Wednesday.  Best answer gets a big virtual high five.

Sarah OUaL

28 thoughts on “I Got Tired of Zuckerberg Begging

  1. Finished the last patient at noon, got a 90 minute lunch and was able to run home and get a power workout in, shower and back to deal with whiney adults. Boom. Awesome blossom.



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