You Said You Would…

I went to yoga last night.  It was lovely. Good mix of stretch and sweat, and successful side crows on both sides.  Dang I’ve missed it. Why’d you guys let me stop going?

(my painfully tight hips & hamstrings are wondering)

I’m telling you this partly because blogging at lunch sounds more appealing than dealing with the CLUSTERFCK of a mid-day post office trip.  The other “partly” part?  Accountability.

I said I’d go to yoga once a week as part of my BQ plan, so I did.

Will somebody please bring me a cupcake or something? A gold star sticker to put on my calendar? A little pat on the butt and a “way to go, champ”???

Seems simple – accept a task, complete it, move on.  Maybe you’re super confused because you’re all “ummm isn’t that life? WTF is the big deal, would you like me to congratulate you for remembering to put on deodorant this AM as well??”

Quick check… Ok, yes. Feel free to congratulate me on that as well.

I’m typically the “Say I will, so I will” type.  But lately?  Maybe it’s the inner rebel, maybe it’s the inner lazy, hard to tell, but I’ve not been so great on the whole commitments thing.

Training I can do.  I’m pretty good these days about sticking to my workouts, and manning up when it starts to get tough. Based almost entirely on my fear of marathon pain and failure.

(physical pain and admitting defeat are the two biggest motivators, IMO.)

But other things like laundry, work projects, buying and mailing birthday/graduation/ijustlikeyou gifts?  And maybe, ohhhhhh recapping races?  (Ragnar WILL be finished. Honeymoon? Probably not.)  It’s like I get a thrill out of seeing just how far I can drag them out.

“Nah… it can wait”

“That doesn’t need done right now…

“What’s one more day going to hurt??”

(in the case of laundry, the answer is running in mis-matched socks and that ratty old sports bra that’s about as supportive as a bandeau)

It’s probably my least favorite quality of mine lately.

Just like getting out the door is the hardest part of a run, I need to remind myself how accomplished and awesome I’ll feel checking those tasks off my to-do list and just freaking do them.

So off I go! To the post office for these tardy gifts, bills, and thank you notes, and then to go find myself a nice hill to practice running fast down.

Because this is just 23 days away.  No getting away from that deadline.

Sarah OUaL


27 thoughts on “You Said You Would…

  1. Laundry sucks. Especially the folding & organizing part. I drag that part out with a basket of clean cloths in my closet for at least 3 days, usually 7.


  2. What is the dealio with deodorant anyway ??? I sweat and I have yet to find a “pit” block that holds back my sweat. I may have to try a glue stick next. ;-)


  3. I’m getting very close to putting “expert with laundry, taking out the trash, washing dishes, fixing things around the house, going to the post office, and writing about stupid stuff” on my online dating profile. B/c that’s what women really want, right?

    Seriously, though, gold friggin star. And we should hit the mat together sometime.


  4. I hear you, I HATE doing laundry. I also hate going to the grocery store… and putting deoderant on (just kidding)
    Keep it up yogi girl, rock those side crows and pretty soon you’re going to rock a brand new BQ!


  5. My husband has repeatedly told me that cleaning the apartment does not warrant a prize, or even a gold star. Ditto for laundry, trader joes trips, or paying bills. What does he know anyway?


  6. I don’t understand why I don’t get a prize after I do something. I cook dinner, clean, do laundry and everything else, why can’t I get a prize after each and every task. Is that asking to much? No clearly not.


  7. I’m so awful that during my last training cycle I reconfigured my budget so I could figure out how to have someone come clean my house since I was having a hard time finding my bathroom sinks under the film that is living with 3 little boys :) Best. Decision. Ever. You’re going to kill O2O!


  8. I’m going to be running the Ojai Marathon too and hoping for my first BQ! I was supposed to run the Ft. Collins marathon this past Sunday, but my son broke his arm 2 days before, so I couldn’t go. That was supposed to be the BQ attempt, but luckily I had already registered for Ojai as a just in case back up plan. Crossing my fingers that the awesome down hill course will help bring me that BQ!


  9. alright downward do gal, if you ever come to Boston (just keep me in the loop ;)) I will give or send you a cupcake ’cause you rock for going to yoga. You will get that BQ no prob. :)


  10. As I admitted to my chiropractor while discussing natural treatment for my gouty toe… I can go running and endure burning pain but I can’t drink that nasty cherry juice. It’s too hard.


  11. I definitely think that going to yoga deserves a Cupcake!!! ughhh it’s so tough to get away from the “I could have just run at least 6+ miles” while I’m laying on the mat stretching out my tight hip flexors…but it does help prevent running injuries!!
    that marathon course looks AMAZING!!! I am running the RNR San Diego the same weekend, and that course is pretty amazing too!
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!


  12. You’ve got it, keep that mindset for race day and you will do great. I am total novice here but it sounds like you have the physical ability and training down to carry you to your BQ, it’s the mental part of trusting in your ability and spending that out over the entire 26.2 that is the trick.

    I had a 25k trail race on Saturday that rocked! Major running high that has not yet faded. But I can honestly say I still had some in the tank when I finished. I did NOT leave it all out there in the dirt and that feeling sucks! Don’t do it! Let it all go.



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