Back to (ugly) Business

Recovery party time is over.  This was week 1 of the 4 week… plan?  I guess it’s a plan… to get ready for the big BQ attempt at Ojai June 3rd.

So, how’d it go?

It was definitely tough.  I did everything I could last week to piss my body off and make jumping back into training Grade A Miserable.

  • Poor diet – full of sugar, fried food, and lots of booze?  CHECK.
  • Poor sleeping habits – staying up late, snoozing alarms, and ignoring my ‘internal clock’?  CHECK.
  • Poor sweating – as in, not a whole lot of it, at all?  CHECK.

Great.  Maybe it’s time to start getting serious.  Here’s how last week’s return to business broke down…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday – “Easy” 5 turned into “Run fast to get back for dinner with the girls” 5.

TuesdayTempo 7. One of those “omg I HAVE to stop/slow down I’m actually going to die” but you don’t and remember how gratifying it is to push through the hurt and hit your times.  Boom.

WednesdayYoga <3 Heaven help my tight hips.

ThursdayHills, sort of.  Need to get used to running the declines controlled so hopefully my quads aren’t trashed 20 minutes into Ojai.


Friday – Rest

Saturday – 18 miles, reclaimed my Long Run Haterz presidency.  This was NOT a great run, for a multitude of reasons, most of which were my own fault and are easily remedied.  I was nauseous and was only able to take in about 150 calories, which hurt me bad at the end and killed my plans for MGP’ing the final few miles.  I don’t know if it was the sun, having chips and salsa and froyo for dinner, or if I’m finally sick of mint chocolate gu, but hopefully it was just a fluke thing.

Anyway, long-long run is done and it’s time to slide back down the “taper” train.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These next few weeks aren’t necessarily about physical gains – the endurance is already there – but there ARE a few things that need worked on before I lay it all out there for BQ.

I felt one of my main downfalls at Eugene, other than running 32+ miles at Ragnar the weekend before, was the faltering mental strength at the end of the race.  I impressed myself staying positive and confident through the first 20-some miles, but as soon as I felt that “A Goal” slip away, my fight left with it.

At Ojai, I want to run strong – physically and mentally – the whole time.  I don’t want to just squeak by or feel like I held anything back. 

Freaking EVERYTHING laid out on that damn course.

So each workout until then I’ll focus on a strong head game.  Tuesday’s tempo was a perfect example where giving in and taking it easy was very tempting.  But I stuck it out, made it hurt a while, and felt awesome at the finish knowing I got through it.

Getting me through the next three weeks?  Knowing that “awesome at the finish” feeling at the end of a silly Tuesday tempo will be multiplied times a gillion at the end of a goal marathon.

   ***  Anybody race this weekend?  Did you kick ass?  Got a good tough-it-out motivational story to share?

Sarah OUaL

24 thoughts on “Back to (ugly) Business

  1. You should get this shirt:

    Ran a 10K – threw up at the end. Guess that means I ran hard. Missed my PR by 9 sec but I’m still really happy as when I ran that PR I was in great marathon shape and now I’m coming off of did-not-run-for-4-months-but-now-am-training-5K-revolution training.

    This weekend, I just tried to think about trying my very best at that moment and what would happen later in the race, would happen later in the race.

    You got it, girl!


  2. Ran my first 25k yesterday – it was also the furthest I’ve ever run. I did it in honor of my mom who passed away in Dec. I got sick at mile 11, had to walk/run for 15 mins, threw up and my ovaries were threatening to mutiny. I wanted to quit. But I stuck it out and finished. I missed my goal by 2 mins, which still stings but I’m proud I crossed that damn finish line (yes, I cried – blubbering idiot). There are things I can/will change about my training but my proving to myself I could do it will never change and that’s what I held onto. Of course making my mom proud helped too!

    You are going to do great!!


  3. You’re going to nail the BQ…and I’m glad to hear you got your mileage in this weekend! Oh…and I hear you on making poor choices about runs this weekend. I ended up in a restaurant bathroom dry heaving due to my poor health & hydration choices. So classy!


  4. You’re going to BQ all over that race’s face. I had an incredibly sucky week of running so I’ve got no inspiration for you here. Hopefully this week will be better! I’m impressed you rocked 18 miles so soon after the marathon.


  5. I had a tough duathlon a couple months ago (crazy weather- crosswinds, seriously cold) and I could have quit so easily- but pushed through. I realized quickly a PR wasn’t going to happen despite more preparation than ever- but oh well! I was going to finish it and I did! You are gonna kill it though girl! BQ!!! :)


  6. I feel like runners are the kings & queens of cheesy mantras, so here is mine: when I feel like quitting during a race, I always ask myself “Is this the moment I would go back in time and change if I don’t make my goal/is this the moment I am going to be angry at myself about when I finish”…if the answer is yes, then I will keep running. If the answer is no, then it is okay if I back off. But the answer is almost always yes – just picturing myself at the finish line being angry at myself for taking a break at mile xx is usually enough to help me refocus mentally and finish strong!


  7. You’re going to kick ACE at Ojai! As long as you tough out your training runs (no matter how much they suck) and really hone in on the mental component for the race, you will freakin’ rock it! You go, girl!


  8. That mental barrier is the hardest thing for me. And I hit that angry mile well before you hit yours. So you are already winning! I don’t think its going to be an issue at Ojai, you are so well trained its in the bag!


  9. You’re going to ROCK IT at your Ojai race. You’re mentally AND physically SO SO SO TOUGH!

    I ran in a mother’s day fun run (I know I know I know) but I was hot and tired and not going to come in under my time goal, so I did a mind trick on myself. I thought of how much I was hating this moment, and then I thought about the people in my life with Real Problems. My best friend’s mom was fighting for her life in the hospital, and another friend’s brother just died in an accident. I decided I’d take their pain from them and finish my (short) race strong. Because I CAN! I think that I will try this new mind trick every time I feel like I want to slow down or quit or turn around. We CAN run, so we should.


    • So humbling. Even other runners with injuries sometimes can get my head straight, let alone “Real Problems”. Thanks for sharing, and sorry to hear about your friends’ mom and brother.


  10. Seriously you are AWESOME!! I need you to come train me. My first marathon was 4:24 something, and I would just like to get a sub 4….HOWEVER I don’t know that it will ever happen. I am running the Ann Arbor marathon on June 17th so we’ll see how that pans out. Your kick a$$ PR is certainly inspiring!


  11. You’ve got this! You are super awesome & amazing & inspiring, & you are totally capable of doing this.

    My tough it out moment was this weekend. I’ve had a cold for a couple of weeks, not feeling good, but I’ve been training for my first half for six months. (oh, and I trained for five months last year & broke a bone in my foot the week before). So, I was pretty dang determined. Woke up yesterday, felt like ass, but told myself to get out there & run. I wheezed a bit on the hills, but finished strong. Just got back from the doctor & found out I had bronchitis. . . I think I’m going to be A LOT faster on my next one. ;-)


  12. Ran a 4 miler for charity and killed it. I had set a goal to beat an old friend who has run a couple of halfs. I am building up from C25K that I started in January ran 10.50 which for me is rocking. Wore a cape and sparkly running skirt. I am so freaking proud of myself had to use mental mantras as my dear hubby had me chug a gatorade goo 15 minutes before it sat right in my gut and made me salivate salt. I did over dress and sweated like a whore in church. My boys ran me into coral with old friend 30 seconds behind me. I kept telling myself you can do 60 seconds of anything as my Barre 3 instructors says as my muscles are shaking in class. I also use the mantra “You can do this you gave birth to two babies bigger than most watermellons. Suck it up Spencer.”


  13. When I go into that sneaky hate spiral, or want to dry heave instead of going on, or just plain don’t feel there is any way I could possibly go any further (sense the drama?), I start deal making. I’ll just go to that stupid mailbox and then walk, sit down, pout, whatever. Then when I get to the mailbox I think, well, I’ll just keep going until I get to that ridiculous mailbox. Then I’ll tell myself I can at least go around the corner because I could run 100 meters when I was 6 and who wants their 6 year old self to beat you. And I just keep it up and before I know it I’m either out of my hate cycle, or another cool song comes on, or I feel better or I’m done. I make myself get out of my deviously self-destructing little head and distract and make deals. Anything to stop thinking and just do. It’s a pretty new technique and it’s taken me pretty far already. You’ve got a great imagination, I’ll bet you could come up with some real doozies!


  14. Thank you so much for this thought

    “…One of those “omg I HAVE to stop/slow down I’m actually going to die” but you don’t and remember how gratifying it is to push through the hurt and hit your times. Boom.”

    You got me through an awful run today!



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