Oh, Bart? Yeah We’re Cool.

It’s only Tuesday but already this week has brought so many long-lost loves back into my life.  Maybe most importantly, running at strange times and not showering.

Shower Pill, my coworkers are sending you a basket of love notes and first born children as their gratitude for ridding the office of Stinky Post-Lunch-Run OUaL. Check your mail.


yes that’s 2 ShowerPill showers in 2 days. don’t judge me.

It was SOOOO nice to finally get back to the track.  After opting out for Ragnar/Eugene taper and then taking two weeks for recovery, I was dying to get back in my kinvaras and make love to sweat all over those pretty little red lanes again.

PLUS, Kristina (from that Ragnar night leg) came too and has officially sold her soul to the TPT koolaid.  Yeah our army’s growing, Margot!!

Since it’s still a little too soon removed from the marathon, and a little too close to the next one, we took it a little easier this AM with some Yasso 800s.

‘What the heck is a Yasso???’

Well first of all, this is a Yasso.

Bart Yasso, from his website

Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World and one of the most respected names in endurance sports.  I mean whatever if you’ve cycled across the country (twice) and ran a marathon on every continent.  NBD.  Haven’t we all? 

And what like an Ironman or Badwater or Mt Kilimanjaro are hard or something?
(jk Sweaty don’t get your embroidered IM panties in a bunch)

Ok he’s a big deal.

Anyway, the second point is, we’re BFFs.

Ally you can be maid of running honor, no worries.

Oh Bart, stop acting all coy.  Discussing race strat with you is practically #runnerd phone sex.

And so I mean on that note…

Politely shot down.  But that’s fine.  I’ll find you in person someday, Yasso, and don’t think I’m not cashing in on that offer.

So, back to the track.  We ran my stalkee Yasso’s 800s.  You can read about them in like science and technical ways in this Runner’s World article, or I can just tell you all about them.  Feel free to take my word over a highly regarded running publication anyday.

What you do – prepare yourself for the technicalness – is you run 800m in the minute equivalent of your marathon time.

  • Want to run a 3 hour 35 minute marathon? (YES, YES I DO)  Then run your 800s in 3 minutes 35 seconds.

Ok actually this backwards – Yassos are typically done during training to determine what your race capablities are, not after you’ve already decided that (and put it all over the internet for the world to hear).

(but really, read the article above to learn what Yassos ACTUALLY are)

So I guess really we just ran 800s a little slower than we normally do.  Sorry for shmearing crap all over your workout, Bart.  You can still call me if you want?

I’d show you Garmin data but I’m a loser that can’t remember which button is “start/stop” and which button is “lap”, so here’s an unsourcable record of the workout for you to take my word on instead.

1mi warm up, 6×800 @3:21-:30 w 400m recovery jogs, 1mi cool down.

6.5 mi of Track Party heaven on Earth.  So happy to be back.

Sarah OUaL


31 thoughts on “Oh, Bart? Yeah We’re Cool.

  1. I totally stalk Bart too! We tweet every once in a while, but I got to meet him at the Little Rock Marathon. I really did feel like a stalker then. But I didn’t care.


  2. I don’t know what makes me more jealous, the fact that you were tweeting with Bart Yasso, or the fact that you are such an awesome tweeter. I only just recently opened a twitter account and joined billions of others in the now. I am so glad track parties are back, #LoveTPT. Is that right?


  3. Killed a 6k Saturday and beat an old friend who has run a lot of halfs. All while feeling like ralph from Gatorade goo my hubby forced down my throat ok he did not force it. Glad I only drank half 10.36 for this baby. I am chipping away at 11.50 miles and doing harder longer races. Hey is that a song? Anyway tangent. If you wanna see a pic of my cute running family check it out and I know I overdressed for a 70 degree morning run but I looked cute. And yes the kid in the Shamrock run is not tall brother but my son who is ready to outgrow me at 11. Thanks for making me laugh this morning before I take names at Barre 3 and do a quick 3 miler.

    My name is Courtney and I am addicted to running:-)
    PS I am from Eugene.


  4. Yasso better be right because I would be so so happy with a 4:15 finish for my first marathon (um, in 11 days), which was the average for 8 yassos a few weeks ago. I’m gonna be happy with any finish time though because it’s an automatic PR.


  5. I love the lunch run :) I get the 800’s though! For my BQ marathon I actually spent the week before doing a mile warm up, 3×800’s at a 3:15 pace with 3X800’s at a 4:00 pace. I would literally chant “This is Boston. This is Boston” on my fast ones and “This isn’t Boston. This isn’t Boston” in my head during the slower ones. By the third interval it was probably, “Go faster so you can go home” but it helped me mentally pick my pace.


  6. ha this whole post made me chuckle ;)

    I’m too much of a wimp to run Yasso’s for their intended purpose… With my luck I’d be be the ONE person they fail for and I’d have to start prepping for my 9 hour marathon pace.


  7. I had a TT yesterday too – I took out the “P” since it wasn’t really a “party” with the SD track club!

    We did a workout I found fairly awful (it also hotter than balls in San Marcos at 6pm – like upper 70s). 400-600-400-200. 200 meters of rest in between everything. So no “set” breaks either, just 200 meters, and then back in with the 400 again. 5K race pace. 1-6 sets. Yeah. I don’t think anyone did 6 sets. I did 3 and was done (my excuse is I have a race on Sunday).


  8. Hahaha! Oh Barty, Bart, Bart…so cute!

    Awesome that you can run during lunch! I wish I could, but I think running around my conservative office in workout clothes (even if I’m going to run outside) would be frowned upon…or maybe it’s because I sweat like a mule whenever I do anything physical and I would terrify people. Either one.


  9. Since I’ve tweeted and FB commented about this post already, figured I’d go for the trifecta (of awesome) and leave a little blog comment too. Thanks for giving me (well, really the side of my head) 15 minutes of fame…and a few random twitter followers. I feel super cool.

    I’m off to plan your run wedding, hope B doesn’t mind!


  10. Bart and I are also BFF’s! I wrote a blog post a few months ago on my running heroes – http://solanaleigh.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/my-running-heroes/ and he tweeted it to all of his followers saying that I was his running hero! He even tweeted me recently to tell me that since I went from a 4:18 PR to a 3:57 PR that he sees a BQ in my future! This of course isn’t reality, me running a sub 3:35 is impossible, but it sure felt nice that BART YASSO believed in me. Anyways, we can all be BFF’s in the internet world, and hopefully one day meet! PS – definitely going to start following your blog now!


  11. Isn’t he a little old for you? I guess he is still pretty ‘vital’ though…

    I can’t believe you put ‘#runnerd phone sex’ on you blog…bolded no less :P


  12. So jeal that you and Bart Yasso are like… BFF now! You’re definitely famous by proxy. He even mentioned you on facebook earlier! (not that I bart stalk either…. okay I do. )


  13. Hey! Just found your site for the first time – congrats on the recent PR! I also set a PR several days ago – 3:37:05 as well!! And I can relate to not being 100% thrilled with that time. Stay hungry and keep running!


  14. Track workouts are my fave because there is no math involved and I don’t have to wear my Garmin.

    I can’t wait to hear about you getting that 3:35 — makes me want to almost sign up for a marathon. Almost.


  15. I am loving your twitter affair with Bart… makes me smile- I hope your hubs is okay with all that… =) AND I am super excited that I’ve enlisted a friend of mine who is so super fast (even when pushing a stroller) to start having track parties with me!! Not going to be attempting a BQ.. like ever.. but I’d like a taste of 4:xx:xx =) I hope your track party love spreads over to the east coast!


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