Best Laid Plans… Get Better?

Priorities. Quality. Sacrifices.

Sometimes you have to sit down and think about what’s REALLY important to you. Inevitably some disappointment will settle in when you make those tough choices, but you have to try and remember the big picture and what your heart wants and needs most.

Ugh life is so hard.

Ok – there’s nothing serious or “real life” going on here. But simply telling you I’m making changes to my race calendar sounded lame on its own. Needed some jazzing and melodrama.

Laguna/Fontana Week is something I’ve been looking forward to – I ran both races last year un-trained and was excited to hit the courses hard this year. Laguna is a well-run local race that runs through an area I don’t get out to much, so it feels like it’s more than 15 minutes down the road. And Fontana is the downhill love child I was planning to sprint through for a massive 13.1 PR.

Maybe next year.

Obviously BQ’ing at Ojai June 3rd is taking precedence over anything else right now.  So I (somewhat reluctantly) said goodbye to Lag & Fontana, and am tapering to the T this week.  Including an unplanned rest day yesterday thanks to a small food poisoning scare.

That crisis – and all you crazies with your crazy ideas – was promptly averted though.


Looking long term, there are some changes to the calendar there, too.  Namely re-writing my fall Goal Marathon and relinquishing hope for Long Beach Redemption.

I really want to commit to a full 16-week, “Serious” training plan this year.  Originally that was going to be Long Beach, which would come with a nice sidecar of 2011 failed Sub4 redemption.  But with these 5 extra weeks tacked onto the end of Ragnar/Eugene that puts a 16-week LB start date too soon for my body to handle.

I’m definitely feeling the effects of this intense cycle – achy joints, fatigue, and the early stages of mental burnout.  Jumping straight back into a full cycle without a proper recovery would be a BAD BAD BAD idea.

So I’ll run the half in Long Beach.  That’s fine, since my #trackboner has been in full effect lately and I’m looking forward to some serious RUN FAST work this summer.  Gimme those short races and some QT with Coach FasterBunny, and maybe LB will end up being a goal race afterall.


We’ll see.  :)

And yes, I do have that elusive “Serious Marathon” substitute picked out.

But no, I don’t think it’s time to talk about it yet.

Off for the final Long Run of this spring training cycle.  Kind of sad in a weird way.  Seems like just last week I was kicking it off with that 15K up north

Sarah OUaL

   *  Posts on deck for this week – Race Outfit breakdown and Relay Tips.  If you have questions for either send them over.


6 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans… Get Better?

  1. FYI – after an injury I am having to downgrade to the 5k or 10k at Laguna. I’m actually on my way to pick up my packet and downgrading (boo!). Anyway, you could always do the Laguna 10K as a training taper run….but yes Fontana will be a big fat mucho bummer!


  2. Take a look at the top marathoners of the world (e.g., Radcliffe, Khannouchi, Tergat, Takahashi, Drossin, etc.) and you will see a consistent pattern of weekend long runs. Often those runs are well in excess of 20 miles. For example, world record holder Paul Tergat ran the full marathon distance on a training run every other week prior to his record-setting race. Now look back at the American marathon champions of the last thirty years (Rodgers, Benoit, Shorter, Salazar) and you will see exactly the same pattern. Those people ran long runs regularly. Many times those runs would be as much as 25 to 30 miles, and their 20-mile runs were done at a brisk pace.



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