Oiselle Totally Trials – episode SweatyOUaL

Old habits die hard. Felt like college again staying up way too late – especially for race week – putting the finishing touches on our application for Oiselle’s Totally Trials contest last night.
 Ok that’s kind of a lie. Emily was doing the grunt work, and I was playing nit-picky editor over gchat while she slaved away in Windows Movie Maker with a 3hr time differential working against her.

(Thanks, Em – I’m so happy it turned out SO great to justify your sleep deprivation and sorry if you hate me and all of my demanding “suggestions”.)

If you’ve been around OUaL a while, at least back in the “Sub4orDie” days, you probably remember the momentous weekend when Sweaty and I finally solidified our IRL best-run-friendship.
Beer and candy? Of course it worked out between us.

… and the disastrous raceS that weekend included.

Since that weekend in October, our run-friendship has spiralled down a borderline obsessive path at an alarming rate.  We’ve been through exciting PRs, massive meltdowns, and cheering when we weren’t (or couldn’t be) racing ourselves.

Despite the minor logistical issues of living cross-country, we’ve shared some of our highest run highs (and lowest lows, unfortunately) together.  Two of those highs, undoubtedly, were the Marathon Trials in Houston and our dream races at the Eugene Marathon last month.

So the opportunity to combine those two – cheering for the trials IN Eugene?  Too much to process.  So much potential for OMG BEST TIME OF MY LIFE I’m giddy at the thought.  Peeing pants excited.


After watching Amy Hastings come so heartbreakingly close to an Olympic bid in Houston, we would DIE for the chance to cheer her (and the rest of America’s finest) straight to London at Hayward Field.  And we’d be honored to do it alongside our most fashionable Roga’d runner friends.

So here’s the final product.  Full of roga love, Eugene magic, and a shameless call for Amy’s love.

Sarah OUaL


28 thoughts on “Oiselle Totally Trials – episode SweatyOUaL

      • Dude, no doubt. You got it. And Ill be there- twisted my ankle so Ill be sweating profusly in compression pants/compression socks a /huge ankle brace a kt tape neon body map and super high on motrin. My husband wont be able to resist me. Sub 4 may not be in my future but go stupid or go home. Rest up- you have a BQ to own.


  1. that was so kick ass. i have the creativitiy about the size of a piece of lint, even with pic monkey (which still isnt as good as the one who shall not be named but i miss so much). good luck!!


  2. I said it on Emily’s blog too – you guys such such a runmance! or Runbesties = resties. Not as good. Too much rest in that one. Anyway, this is awesome and I totally think you guys have this in the bag.


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