THE BEST NEWS (oiselle totally trials)

Interrupting Ojai Recapping (spoiler, it’s more of the tragic variety and less of the ‘I’m such a good runner!’ variety) with this late breaking news…

I don’t have words as well put-together as Emily (so go read her post), all I can say is,


Fastest cure to severe post-bad-race depression?  I think yes.

yes, that’s a Ragnar sticker on my work computer. IT, if you’re reading this, I swear it will come off very easily…

We spent so many countless hours scheming (kind of our thing) on gchat, dreaming up big ideas, and reliving our glory days of Houston and Eugene while we put together our video application.  It was so much fun, albeit stressful at 20 minutes til deadline when the final production wouldn’t upload and video-manager Emily screamed at her computer at 3am on the east coast.

If you didn’t watch/see any of the other applications, I urge you to type a quick “oiselle totally trials” into google.  So much cleverness and wit and #runlove from all the applicants – we spent the last week in a state of panic’d despair that our TrialsTake2/EugeneReunion dream wasn’t going to come to fruition.

But lucky for us (& my well-being after yesterday’s disaster of a raceOiselle chose us to tag along with them for the Olympic Track Trials in Eugene!  Not only the events at Hayward and all the buzz around the meet itself, but a Oiselle Fashion Show & Party, too.  WITH MC HAMMER.


My paperchain countdown has been assembled.  I’m counting the days/minutes/seconds  till that ol’ cowbell gets to come out of retirement.

Sarah OUaL

31 thoughts on “THE BEST NEWS (oiselle totally trials)

  1. Told you! I Just KNEW it! Great job–Holy awesomeness! Very, very happy for you! I saw you yesterday but you were in the zone- didnt want to de-zone you. My quads wish for death today and I fell off the toliet this am. Hand to God. Downhills aint the beauty they are painted to be- altleast not once you get to the flats. I hope you feel like atleast you gave it what you could–thats all you can do any given day. I dont know about you but Im all about finding a pancake flat course from now on. Congrats again on your flippin’ awesome win!


    • Haha that “zone” was probably a fiery ball of marathon hatred – questionable whether a distraction would have helped or I would have bit your head off. Smart move ;) Hope you had a better day than I did!


  2. So, sooooooo happy for you two!!!! U ladies deserve to go!! MC Hammer too?!! “Hammer time!!” :) they picked two wonderful crazies that are very deserving of this once in a lifetime oppty!! :) xo


  3. I watched the announcement video at work, too. The girl who made the announcement should have consulted you and Emily on some cinematography, just saying. But thats why you guys are AWESOME I guess. CONGRATS!!! Take 1 million pictures and post them all over, thanks!


  4. That is so Awesome! I am beyond jealous that you will be watching awesome races live. You are going to have so much fun!


  5. Congrats! I loved your entry video! If you need a place to stay, a lunch date (or recommendation), a wine-tasting buddy, or a fan to run with, hit me up while you’re in town! Hope you have a great time!


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