Summer Break (& giveaway winner)

Since corporate America is such a snooze and I’m in the peak throes of major summer vacay-envy from my teacher friends, let’s talk about running plans this upcoming season.

(read also : I sat on my ass all weekend and don’t have anything fun to talk about)

I spent a lot of last week’s recovery time trying to assess where my current relationship with running stands.  After a disappointing performance at an overly-hyped race, I wanted to either pound out some rageful makeup miles or not run at all, simply because I didn’t have to.

There were a lot of times where I itched to lace up my Brooks, or felt compelled out of habit, and had to convince myself not to.

“It’s recovery week, Sar. Let your body rest so you can get back at it HARD when it’s time. Enjoy it. Let’s go to Yogurtland instead.”

And I’m proud to say I did (rest & yogurtland).  I feel refreshed physically AND mentally, and am ready to jump back on the running train full steam.  The only question is, where is that train going?

Not once did I envision myself at the tail end of a weekend long run or loading up my handheld with 3-hours worth of fuel.  My trigger-happy race reg finger wasn’t floating over any 26.2 sites and I didn’t spend a single second on calculating BQ pace splits.

Nope.  Every time I’d picture myself clad in a sports bra and sweaty ponytail, I was going fast.  Like, really fast.  (because in my head I’m Jenny Simpson and not some mortal slogging on the beach path)

Blame Track Party Tuesday, the Trials excitement, or plain old boredom.  Call it running away from my missed goal, fear of failure, or call it sane because you’re Team #LRhaterz, too.  Whatever it is, I’m freaking pumped about some new goals and exciting races this summer.

I’m running a 5k in Ohio this weekend, and am ready for death-by-humidity as I choke through 3.1 miles of fast fun (Meggie, this is my formal application to the #5krevolution.)  I’ve also got some big goals for times at the track, and Margot’s officially promised to take me to an open track meet sometime soon.  Like, racing people track meet.  Or at least, try-not-to-get-left-too-far-in-the-dust track meet.

Seriously guys.  It’s been a while (ever?) since I’ve been so pants-peeing excited about running.  I can’t freaking wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so on that note, the winner of the OUaL’s Favorite, Can’t-Run-Without Things giveaway…

ALLYSSA!  Email me girl, ( so I can send you all your Runner Christmas In June presents!

I loved hearing everyone’s must-haves – if you’re needing some fuel for a shopping binge or looking for some new gear go check out the comments.  Usual suspects Garmin, shoes, and tunes make a strong showing, along with Moving Comfort bras and Body Glide.  I think my favorites were those who said your running partner (friend, mom, dog, kiddos in stroller, etc).  They were watching over your shoulder when you typed that, weren’t they??

If you’re not lucky Allyssa and are itching to try some of my favs, you can use codes “bloggerslovenuun” at for 15% off, and “SO40” for 40% off & free S/H at!

Sarah OUaL

17 thoughts on “Summer Break (& giveaway winner)

  1. Application accepted!!! And OMG A TRACK RACE IS MY DREAM, TOO. Can we just like hold our own while we’re in Eugene? I basically just want to pretend I’m Lauren except I’m not going to wear that ridiculous outfit with the bathing suit bottom looking bottoms. I will go with shorts. Obviously I will think I am running really fast in my head, yet in reality I will look like I’m in slo-mo. But, it’s all in the head, right? And the nail polish choice?

    I think I could only make it through a mile in a track race though. I do love the 5K, but that’s like 12.5 laps. That’s a lot of laps. I would probably get bored around 7.

    GOOD LUCK IN YOUR 5K!!! CONVERT MORE TO THE REVOLUTION!!! Ok, that sounds like a religion — how about just “inform” more about the revolution.

    #5krevolution #LRhaterzanonymous

    PS – wanna go on a super trailsy run in Eugene?


  2. I can’t wait to follow your speedster success! I had some disappointing half marathons and decided that I wanted to go shorter and get super fast before going long again. Can’t wait to get some fun ideas :)


  3. I am feeling your pain. I am running the Ann Arbor Marathon Sunday morning. Forecast says high of 91 degrees. If I am really lucky the humidity will be 200%. I love Michigan. Good luck on the 5K!


  4. Gutted I didn’t win the orange nail varnish! But I love new running goals that get me excited…I signed up for a half marathon in October which is going to be my attempt to sub-two. I keep imagining the finish line and getting all teary!!! Yay for goals!!!


  5. Did you not get my ESP messages to rig it so I won this giveaway? I thought we were bff’s?

    Anyway, I also sat on my ass all weekend too and did nothing but drink wine. It was great.


  6. Hey, how about a 5k at Knott’s Berry Farm? Last .33 mile of the race is THRU/IN the lazy river at Knott’s Soak City. Running that with my kids and some friends. Looking forward to a bang-up good time! :)
    safe travels and happy runnin


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