Catch ya from the East side.

Cleveland!  Am I going to see any of you at the Vermillion Fish Fest 5K Saturday?  (yes, Kimi, I can’t “effing wait to see your face” either)  Does anyone want to volunteer for respirator duties?  I’m 100% expecting to choke to death on the humidity and fresh air.

Sarah OUaL


17 thoughts on “Homeward

  1. Good Luck! The weather’s been nice here the past few days…not super humid. (Cleveland East-Sider born and raised. Currently in Hudson, OH)


  2. Woo! I’m last minute flying back home to CLE for the weekend too! I’m itching to race and love the fish festival..hmmmm.

    Have fun at home! :] Maybe I’ll see you at the fish festival!


  3. Good luck! Wish I could make it out there, but some friends and I are running the Color Run in Richmond Heights! Have fun in Clevie!



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