We’re Coming, Hayward!!


Well right this second I don’t really know – somewhere 30,000 feet over central California I think.  But soon enough the answer will be Eugene, OR site of the US Olympic Track & Field Trials.


You probably forgot I was going.  I haven’t been standing atop tall buildings shouting my love and excitement for fast running, Team USA, and the fairy godmothers at Oiselle who made this whole dream weekend happen or anything…

I haven’t changed out of my Rogas all week.  They say they’re ready for some major spectative action at Hayward Oval Office and some Huge Eug reunion running themselves.

Like we’ve done a few times before, Sweaty Emily & I are warming airplane seats from our respective coasts, destination “Sweat, Booze, and Spandex” (easier to blanket statement rather than list whatever race/event/runcation we’re jetting to) anxiously awaiting our arrival.

From our application video – I still amaze myself with my MS Paint skills sometimes

I’m so so SO excited – seriously I don’t know how I’ve managed not to pee my pants today.  Or anytime the last 3 weeks since Oiselle announced we won the Totally Trials contest.  I can’t wait for the heart-stopping action from Hayward, watching as our country’s newest Olympians punch their tickets to London, and trying not to cry at every finish line moment.

London’s calling all the badass runners – Ninkasi and Off the Waffle are calling me.

And as if the oval action itself isn’t enough, finally meeting all the birds (dear 10 other tennants of the “Track Pad” house, I hope you’re ready for some scary-fast speed friending), showing off my “Hammer Time” with Mr. MC Hammer himself, gawking at the Oiselle RUNway fashion show, pickling myself with all of the incredible local brews, and reuniting with the Huge Eug assphalt from that huge PR weekend back in April?  Well, I guess it’s not too late for the pants-peeing.

And if all goes as planned I’ll be flying back to OC on Sunday with Amy Hastings as my new live-in BFF, preferably without kidnapping and stuffing her teeny, ridiculously fast body in my suitcase.  It’ll be easier for everyone, and prob in the best interest of Team USA if you just decide to come quietly, Am.  I’ll make you protein shakes and run your Olympic workouts with you, NBD.

Shamelessly creepy. I’m going to be so embarassed of myself if I actually do see her this weekend.

Your best chance for on-the-fly updates from Totally Trials will be Twitter – can’t promise I’ll be able to tear myself away from all the action long enough to camp in front of my laptop and post here.  Oiselle’s blog is full of fun happenings from the first few days, and I know they’ve got some other gems queued up for your Trials hunger pains.  Oh and keep an eye out – there might be some live-vlogging in OUaL’s future :)

See ya from Tracktown – I promise to behave if Emily promises to makeout with Andrew Wheating.

Sarah OUaL


10 thoughts on “We’re Coming, Hayward!!

  1. Please please have Emily make out with Andrew Wheating. That would be amazing. Just tweet him to meet you around the back of the track or something….that sounds like a legit game plan.


  2. Such an amazing experience! LOL I love that make out with Wheating! My friend is going out to Leadville for the 100 to crew and she said she was passing out cards with my name on it them saying waiting for you at your next finish line. I mean after all we can only date elites right ;) The Trials have been insanely good this year too! Enjoy the rest of the time can’t wait to read recaps from you 2!



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