Base’ing – HTC & CIM Prep

Now that I’ve started the slow roll back into #runlove territory, I’ve started thinking about base training for my upcoming CIM 16-week cycle (August 12th).

Although I still don’t have the pressures of race-day execution and hard goals figured out, I do perform TEN-FOLD better when on a plan.  If left to my own devices I’ll wind up tequila’ing instead of tempo’ing, sleeping instead of AM running, and swapping sweat dates for froyo dates 99% of the time.  Before I know it, I’m fat slow and vehemently opposed to anything spandex, none of which are really condusive to fast running.

(ahem, check in, party of BIG FAT ONE)

Other than my sanity and not having to buy new pants, I’m jumping back into training early for a few reasons :

  • Going into a long training cycle with a solid base – phasing into it rather than feeling like I’m diving head first into a four month committment. 30ish miles/week and getting used to structured running again will help it feel less abrupt
  • Hood to Coast with Team AfterNUUN Delight is just 6’ish weeks away!

When the runner assignments came out a few weeks ago I was obviously excited to hear who I was going to be spending all those sweaty, sleepless hours in the van through Oregon with.

Luckily, they all seem pretty awesome.

Team Noon: AfterNuun Delight  –  Van 1

Kelly – According to Kelly: Legs 1, 13, 25

Laura – Nuun Employee: Legs 2, 14, 26

Laura– Camping Out In America: Legs 3, 15, 27

Jocelyn – Enthusiastic Runner: Legs 4, 16, 28

Sarah – Once Upon a (L)ime: Legs 5, 17, 29

Molly – Mollyberries’ Hodge Podge: Legs 6, 18, 30

Other than learning who my new van-friends are going to be, the biggest excitement was finding out which legs I’d be responsible for tackling.

I’m thrilled to have been chosen for Runner #5 – I’ve heard it boasts some of the best views on the course and incredibly “rewarding challenges”.  Translation?

Get ready to climb, sucker.

So this flatlander has some work to do to get these legs incline-ready.  We already know how running downhill without training worked out, so I’m getting some hill work in now to hopefully avoid my vanmates having to dig my grave somewhere along Hwy 202.

There are a few hill repeat routes around here I plan to hit up, but nothing to simulate those long, gradual climbs.  But, you use what you got.  And last week what I got was a treadmill and some serious ADD, so I ventured back into hill running with a 60 minute date with the “Incline ^” button.


Even as a proclaimed treadmill-hater, I loved this workout.  Changing every 60 seconds made the time fly and I was pleasantly surprised by how my legs handled the inclines.  It was a different feeling from the track – a strong burning muscle feeling as opposed to an exploding-lung feeling – but the high at the end was the same.

Like, “holy shit I just got my ass kicked, and it was AWESOME.”

I’m still a little fearful of those 2-3 mile climbs on the route from OR hood to coast, but maybe by August I’ll be running in a “hills for breakfast(/lunch/dinner)” shirt.

Sarah OUaL


19 thoughts on “Base’ing – HTC & CIM Prep

  1. Looks like a great mill workout! I like doing hill intervals on the mill bc I don’t really live in a hilly area so I try kicking my ass on the mill instead and also the stair climber. The race seems like a lot of run and I’m glad you’re transitioning back into training in a smart/Fun way!


  2. Leg #1 won’t kill you since it’ll be your first run and you’ll be all pumped on adrenaline. Leg 2, I think you’ll be OK. I don’t have much positive spin on leg #3, but those workouts you’re doing look pretty intense. ITA that mixing it up on the TM is the only thing that makes time fly and those hills will be good for you, not just for the relay but in general going forward as a runner.


  3. You’re already off on the right track. Hills and hill repeats will put the tiger in the cat! Once week, I do hill repeats or a hilly run where anything uphill is at a 10k or better pace and anything flat or downhill is recovery. Kick some butt!


  4. As a 3-time HTC veteran (I’ll be out there in August — look for team “Chafed & Confused”!), I wish you luck. No treadmill can simulate the mind-f*ck that leg 3 is going to be. Sure you can crank the incline on the ‘mill, but the whole room doesn’t rise up around you to tell your mind that this is one mother of a hill. See you out there!


  5. I need to do this workout… ASAP!!! Lately, I have feared, dreaded, and avoided the hills. I’m tired of not being strong. This workout has my name on it. I like your setup, because I get bored easily.


  6. I changed this workout out up a bit (mainly the paces) because I’m still pretty slow and I didn’t want to go all out in the first twenty minutes and then totally die at the end AND IT WAS THE BEST HOUR ON THE TREADMILL!! I was totally out of my head and not staring at my distance waiting for it to get where I needed so that I could get off the stupid ‘mill AND to top it all off I ended up doing a mile more than I had originally. I think you should post more of these pretty graphs/workouts.


  7. I’m so excited for you for HTC. I bet that it completely revs up your love for running all over again! Your legs (ie, running legs, not your pins) look fantastic, you struck gold!!! I’ve been doing some hill running lately and I’m starting to love it, in this kind of masochistic kind of way!!! A few weeks ago, I was away camping and my weekend long run ended up including a 2 miler of a hill. It was amazing to slog up, get to the top and then run back down and feel so proud of what I’d achieved. You’re going to love it!!!!


  8. Im so excited that you are doing CIM, it is going to be my very first marathon and i can’t wait! I will be stalking your training religiously! Good luck on HTC training also! You are such great motivation!


  9. I am doing the same legs on HTC! The last one is a bitch. I was in van 1 last year and could not believe the incline of the last leg, and I was in car. What does kill us make us stronger right?


  10. Hills? Head down to El Moro for some fun trail running and TONS of hills ; ) Also two good ones for repeats, one short and one a bit longer are on the lower back bay trail which I am sure you know all about. Also Polaris Drive in Dover Shores over by the Newport Aquatic center is where we would do good hill repeated in high school. There is a hill on either side of the street so you could do little loops – up one side, down the other and just keep on going. Good luck!


  11. I’ve got a similar problem: I live in a very flat part of Cali, but my first full marathon is in San Francisco. I’m screwed. ;) Keep sharing your TM hill workouts, cuz I’m going to need some interesting TM workouts, and I hate the TM. ;) Go out there and kick that Leg 3’s A$$!!!



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