Just Run – A Novel Idea

Dear Self,

That whole, “run on feel” thing?  Turns out not such a bad idea.  Especially if you’re trying to avoid running feeling like work and being a miserable bitch through CIM training.  So just like this weekend’s not-a-long-run run, why don’t we try to do that more?  Just run.  It didn’t suck, and surprisingly, despite not looking at Garmin the entire time, the splits didn’t either.



It’s a long road ahead.  But if we learn how to do this more often, it won’t be so bad.


Sarah OUaL

reigning president of the LRHaterz Club


12 thoughts on “Just Run – A Novel Idea

  1. The runs when you just go out for fun and don’t put pressure on yourself are always the best. Also when you are running the Back Bay Loop (one of my personal favorites) there is always a nice view to get lost in :)


  2. I run by feel all the time because it’s more fun not to be a slave to the Garmin. When I head out, I really don’t even decide how fast I’m going to run or how far I’m going to run until I’m through the first mile.


  3. I really need a run like that, lately all my runs have been on the treadmill except a few and they just feel like work, it sucks! I did get a good greenway run the other weekend but it’s the only one I have enjoyed in a while. Sad! I pray for good runs but the heat gets in the way!



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