Road Runner Adventure Run – Beer, Prizes, & Fun (did I mention beer?)

Thursday night I did something fun.  When you’re not married to a training plan you’re allowed to go off-course and do something wild every once in a while, you know.

I made the disastrous rush hour drive down to Laguna Hills to meet Sheila (@StridingMom) for the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect – I’d been to a hosted in-store event before that was cool, but not like a real huge production or anything.  But I’ll be damned if I didn’t pull up to a FREAKING PACKED parking lot, already stirring with music and excitement  –  People on top of an RV going over the rules and making last-minute announcements (yes I was late), about a hundred runners milling around talking and stretching, vendor tents set up with samples, and Asics setting up people with shoes to test out on the run.

The premise of the event is this :

In 60 minutes you run all over town, visiting as many “check points” as possible – they email a google map right at 6pm and hand out paper copies if you don’t want to use your phone.

You collect tickets at each stop, which you turn in for a chance at the THOUSANDS of dollars worth of raffles – pairs of Asics, a Garmin, race entries, cases of muscle milk and cytomax, and RRS gift certificates were all given out.  Seriously so many prizes.  LEGIT prizes.

I didn’t win anything, but it’s fine because Deschutes had a beer tent and free Mirror Pond Ale is prize enough for me.

Yes, free beer.  All of it is free, actually.  Free miles, free fun, free prizes, free booze. 

All my favorite things.

 Beer and raffle-losing aside, it was a great way to get in a run and meet new people.  We covered almost 5 miles (you run as short/far as you want in 60 min) – the check point stops don’t really make it ideal for a training run, but if you’re looking for a fun sweat and the chance for some sweet prizes, this needs added to your calendar.

See if your store hosts an Adventure Run HERE

I’ll be back.  Who’s coming with me?  Only allowed if you’re lucky or you’ll share your beer tickets.

Sarah OUaL



19 thoughts on “Road Runner Adventure Run – Beer, Prizes, & Fun (did I mention beer?)

  1. Oh that sounds so rad. And it was right in my old stomping grounds! For once, I’m jealous of a running experience you had out there compared to what I can do out here!


  2. What?!?!? Beer, running AND prizes? I feel neglected…wish we had cool events like that in my neck of the woods! Looks like an awesome time! I might have to keep my eye on the calendar and make the 2+ hr. drive just to partake ;)


  3. This looks like so much fun. My local RRS does have one and I’ve been meaning to go for ages but never get round to it. Now I’m really keen!!! Just need to find a baby sitter..why does everything happen on a Thursday night?? Glad you had such a great evening,


  4. I have done the Adventure Run here in San Diego 3 times now!! The first time I went all alone.. so nerve wracking. Of course I made so many great friends along the way!
    And free beer!?!? I call it a win!


  5. I can almost hit the Westminster, CO Road Runner with a rock from my house, and I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these yet. Great idea. PS – the Adventure Run here is on the second Thursday so if you reaaaaallllllyyyy love beer, you can bring a crew to Colorado and run and imbibe here a week after you do it there. :)


  6. I LOVE the RRAR! We have it on the first Thursdays too (here in VA). I volunteer for them though because as volunteers we always walk away with great prizes (free Asics, running gear, gift cards to RRS, etc.). and they are really fun. Win-win! :)


  7. When Nicole moves up to my ‘hood I am hoping I can drag her butt with me to one of these. She has gone to quite a few of the ones down at the HQ store, but they have them at the Carlsbad store too!


  8. When I lived in Portland, the local running store used to do a “First Thursday Adventure Run” that was super similar to this: free beer at the end, free to run, tons of prizes, and shoe wear testing! It was epic, although my friends and I always made it to all of the stops but never actually won anything :P so it became our running joke of “let’s go run, then watch other people win and walk away with a free pair of socks and beer instead.” I’m on the hunt for something similar now that I’ve moved back to the Bay Area!


  9. Not a fan… Way too expensive….. $70 for soles / inserts… Nope! Sales people are a tad on the pushy side… No thanks! They put me on auto bill, unbeknown to me, when I signed up for their VIP program. Charged me $25 12 months after my purchase. FAIL! They offer a free running analysis called “Shoe Dog”. They video tape you running on a tread mill and run some other tests to help size you correctly. It’s free, not worth the sales pressure and jacked up prices. I have lost faith in running shoe stores because of this place. I will be making future running shoe purchases from and Kohls again. Stay away!


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