On Run+Yoga’ing and Who Wants to Kick My Gait into Shape?

To have any fighting shot at getting to the Weds 7:30p yoga class I’ve committed to making a habit of, I can’t go home after work.

Which is fine usually, but when Brian said my weekly Target/World Market/TJ Maxx trips were no longer acceptable “time killers” between clocking out and hitting the mat, I had to come up with something new.

So this week I did something a little more responsible.

I ran.

see! I really did both.

Good for the body AND the bank account.  Such adult decision-making.

I realized I’d forgotten Garmin at home, and exercised my newfound adultness in a convincing myself that running dataless would not kill me.  But on the drive to the (new-to-me) trail by the gym I realized there were a few factors complicating my attempt at a stat-free run :

  1. getting back in time for class
  2. not accidentally only running .8 mi (no I didn’t think to pre-map/measure)
  3. possibility of getting lost (this is why I run at the beach – a giant body of water is a fool-proof navigational tool)

At a stop light (safety first) I quickly hit iTunes on my phone and downloaded the MapMyRun app.

Normally I don’t run with my phone – the threat of sweat and/or clumsiness-induced damages are too much for me to chance – but for an easy few miles I figured I’d be alright.

(no I don’t want one of those dang armband things)

It actually worked really well – it won’t replace Garmin but it was comforting looking down during the out-and-back to see I was retracing my little blue line perfectly.  And that I was going to make it back in time for class.

Another perk of easy running with a phone – pictures!

yes, that says rattlesnake habitat. no, I didn’t see it until my way back.

And in more shameless on-the-go self-portrait news, I took like 30 shots of my legs while running in an attempt to study my form.  I’ve always thought I’ve had a decent not terrible slightly-less-than-tragic gait, but with 16 weeks of heavy running in my future it’s crucial to keep everything as in check as possible to try and fend off injury and get to the CIM startline healthy.

Right now I focus on a few things – landing (close to) midfoot, knees over ankles, and toes straight forward.

These are the first things that (for me) go to the shitter once fatigue sets in. My past issues with shin splints and runner’s knee are (in an unfortunate way) to thank for my ability to pick up quickly on these form flaws – an outside kneecap twinge, tibialis muscle burn (muscle connected to shin), or achy arch all raise a red flag that something’s out of wack and needs adjusted STAT.

But who knows what else is all janky I don’t even know about?

Spending more time in more minimalist shoes (more on that later) has been a real wake up call – I’ve got lots of work to do I fear.  I would love to have someone who actually knows two rocks about proper running form watch and fix me.  Wouldn’t a day clinic be fun?  Drills, science-y stuff, ribbons for “most improved heel striker!” and “matchiest outfit!” and “E for Effort – it’s cute you keep trying!”

Any takers?  I’ll make the ribbons and pay in nuun cocktails.

Sarah OUaL

17 thoughts on “On Run+Yoga’ing and Who Wants to Kick My Gait into Shape?

  1. Have someone film you running. It will be obvious what you are doing correctly or not. I thought I was running great, but had a lot of issues that came out when my coached stopped the tape and analyzed different parts of my stride. Some heel striking, not leaning forward, knees that flexed too much, low arm swing, etc. I added certain drills to help get me back in good form and it’s already gotten so much better. Good luck!


  2. I’m mad/happier than I’ve ever been that they are building a Target five minutes from my house. My children will have to stop eating as much so I can browse more clearance end caps.

    Yoga is freaking awesome. It feels like you just got a massage if you have a great class.


  3. Recently went to a Chi Running workshop. It was great. The coach videoed us running before then we had 4 hours of training/practice and were videoed again at the end. He emailed us the video along with some still shots and gave us more pointers. Very helpful. I’ve been working on it but still slack when I get fatigued.


  4. Im having a shin splint issue (for 8 months now…) so I finally went to physical therapy. sigh. now I have to work on correcting my form. it feels weird. I hope one day it feels more normal!!


  5. I would love if you did a post on your day to day schedule. I work full time and can’t fathom how you manage to fit everything in, between your working, yoga, hill runs, track runs, long runs, beer runs etc. Do you just not sleep?!?! I am just trying to fit my running and crossfit into the week and I can barely manage it!


    • I won’t bc I don’t want to lose my “I’m too busy!” card. I’ll totally be outted as a poor time manager and not as important as I pretend I am. :) I work 8-9 hrs, have a short commute, workout 45-90 min 5x/wk, don’t cook real meals, shower half as often as I should, sleep 6-7 hrs, and have no human dependents (Bri is self-sufficient and the dogs are pretty un-demanding).


      • I would like the same type of post showing a “typical” day. I honestly stopped reading a lot of healthy living/ fitness blogs when they started blogging full-time because it is so different from my life it wasn’t motivating or helpful. Seeing ppl who have “real” jobs fit in fitness AND fun is awesome!


  6. Props to you for getting to a 7:30p yoga class! I’m typically useless for trying to go to anything after work, so I’m trying to get in the morning routine. Glad to hear Map My Run works well, because Nike+ is a piece of shit.


  7. I must say Sergio is one of the best form coaches around–he coached a pro football player last summer who was rehabbing from a knee injury! He is also down to be paid at least partially in beer! E-mail me if you’re interested lol :)


  8. Wait I love this post and I did the EXACT SAME THING on my long run Sunday. Complete with purchasing and downloading MapMyRun+GPS for $2.99 at 7am on Saturday morning . Woo hoo CIM training!



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