Bye Bye Base Training

And just like that, the plan-less summer is over.  CIM training officially starts today.

So what did I do for my last weekend as a free woman?

Well I ran.  A lot.

Friday after work I hit a part of town I don’t normally run in, with one goal in mind.  A date with that bitch Spyglass Hill.


Kicked shit all over those damn hills.  Every single one of em.

If nothing else the confidence boost for Hood to Coast was worth it.


Saturday I meant to do a long run.  Like, I didn’t set an alarm or lay any clothes out or get the toaster and coffee maker or anything, but my brain was like, “it’s Saturday! long run day!” and I just thought it would happen.

Oh, well, turns out I don’t wake up and bound out the door excited to run for hours without pre-meditated plans.  By the time 10 hit I finally admitted a morning run wasn’t gonna happen.

I still can’t recall what kept me from getting my butt out the door…


Oh right.  Too much race walking, cowboys, Farrah doubling, and Friends marathons.

I told myself once it started cooling off I’d hit my run and call it more HTC prep.  Running at odd times of day and away from your typical routine is def one of the big challenges of relays.  Well that and not sleeping and spending 24+ hrs in a van with other sweaty/stinky people you may or may not know very well.

(ironically those are also the best parts)

So I geared up and hit the trail around 7p – it was pleasantly cool and I managed to feed myself in a semi-sufficient way throughout the day I thought would get me through double digits.

Unfortunately, I forgot the sun sets like half a day earlier here than everywhere else.  I got 5 miles in before admitting defeat to the darkness.  I was alone, without reflectives, and on a path I didn’t feel comfortable on. 

Safety trumps long run.

Attempt #2 was successful, although I willingly threw every obstacle in my own way.  Mens’ Marathon distraction, coffee fueling, and waiting (again) until the sun was out full force to lace up did not make it the easiest, but it got done.


LOTS of Nuun, a much slower pace, and going out of my way to run in any shade I could find made it bearable and not as deathly as I was expecting.

Well that and the fact that “effing HOTT” here is a fraction of what the rest of y’all are dealing with.  Mid 80s, 77% humidity – welcome to Summer Heat Wave 2012 in SoCal.

So base training is complete.  I’m ready to start tackling scheduled workouts again and all the fun things on the calendar for the rest of the year.

Ahem, there should be some updating to the PR section on OUaL soon.

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “Bye Bye Base Training

  1. It’s winter here, and our daytime temps at the end of the week are supposed to be getting close to mid 80s – bring on the warm weather! Our mornings are still cold, so it’s perfect at the moment – run when it’s cold, then warm up in the sun!


  2. It’s cool here this morning and our 14 wk. old (6 pound) mini dachshund just got in from going potty ….the poor thing is shaking like a leaf…brrrr! I guess I need to look for one of those puppy coats for him or he’ll freeze come January in MN. ;-)


  3. After a horrendous start to the summer with seemingly every day in the 90s we are finally back to the mid 80s in NYC and sadly I think it feels pretty decent. At least you can actually complete workouts in it semi-respectably.



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