AVCRH – Geology & Too Many Legs (honeymoon flashback!)

Our honeymoon started one year ago today.  Kind of crazy.  Feels like yesterday and a million years ago at the same time.

I stopped posting my trip recaps when they got to be so absurdly outdated (seriously almost 2 months late) it was embarrassing and I thought y’all were sick of hearing about it.

But an anniversary sounds like a great excuse to pick up that ball where it was dropped.  That and 1.5 of the posts are already written.

ICYMI, don’t have a magical memory, or just want to start over from the beginning, completed recaps :

Travel  *  Treehouse Hotel  *  Horseback to La Fortuna Waterfall  *  “The Bus Ride”  *  Waterfall Rappelling  *  White Water Rafting

Good.  Now let’s proceed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(dated & written Sept 29 2011)

One of the excursions that was included in our “Adventure Honeymoon Package” with Nayara was a Volcano Hike.


I know, we thought it sounded awesome, too.

What’d we get?


A freaking geology class.

Don’t get me wrong, it was neat to learn about how Costa Rica came to be, and about Arenal’s devastating, life-ruining, holy-shit-when’s-it-gonna-blow-again story.

News flash : Any day now.  Bad boy’s been brewing for a while and it’s only a matter of time before he starts chucking boulders and freaking magma all over the country again.

(I didn’t take very good notes, but that’s the cliffnotes version of volcanism)

(and Brian’s fashion sense)

Once we got passed the educational junk we hiked through “Spider City.”  This was not in the tour description, and naturally was revealed when we were already halfway in, standing underneath some creep monster who’s web can hold like a million pounds or something scientifically awesome but real-life NASTY.

(p.s. ARACHNAPHOBIA to the max.)

I don’t care how irrational and childish or how many insects they eat – anything with more than 4 legs can stay the EFF out of my life.


(Bri took pictures but I refuse to look at them, so if you are some sort of spider freak I’ll have him send them to you.)

The view on the other side was worth it though.  I GUESS.


It wasn’t quite the strenuous, life-threatening adventure we were expecting it to be, but it was a nice to get out, see the land, and get a dose of culture (other than just drinking the local beer).

We both agreed this wasn’t a tour we would have wanted to pay for ourselves, but since it was included in our package we weren’t mad about it.

Well, except one part…


Up next – Zip lining through Arenal Volcano Park aka Helmets, Harnesses, and Crotch Shots.

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “AVCRH – Geology & Too Many Legs (honeymoon flashback!)

  1. YES!!!!!! I’m your biggest wedding post fan and even more so this year because I’m getting married next year!!! Bring on the honeymoon recaps round 2!
    Excuse my excitement, it’s 3:36 on a Thursday afternoon and I hit the wall at work 45 mins ago, so yeah, there’s that.


  2. I went to Costa Rica in March of 2001 (Gawd I’m old) and we had to be evacuated from Arenal because it did start to erupt (not like the movie Volcano erupt, but we saw lava). It was pretty amazing. Our tour driver got us out of the danger zone and we were able to watch some of the flow. Isn’t Costa Rica beautiful?? It is still hands down my favorite place ever.


  3. I was just in Costa Rica in March. We went to Arenal Volcano after a four hour bus ride…could those roads get any worse? Our tour through the “rain forest” by the volcano lasted about twenty minutes and the most exciting thing we saw was a bunch of ants. I would have paid to see spiders…and the top of the volcano. Really cloudy and crappy weather the day we were there. So jealous you got a better tour and was able to see the whole volcano. They said our view was about a quarter of Arenal.


  4. This place both looks and sounds amazing. But now that I know about the spiders, nottttt too sure if I will ever visit. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it! I got a bee sting on my honeymoon in Aruba. That was enough of a brush with nature to get me right back to the pool bar. :)



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