AVCRH – Zip Zip (honeymoon flashback!)

Continuing the anniversary honeymoon recapping…

One of the excursions of our trip to Costa Rica we were most looking forward to was zip lining.  We’d heard friends brag about flying through the tropics of some magical island or Old Towne Vegas, so at least we had a concept of what it’d be like, and that it’d be “OMG SO AWESOME BEST THING EVER!”

Because that’s how everyone describes zip lining.

It had been raining all day, like it apparently does often in the RAIN FOREST, and calling for storms, so we boarded our rickety shuttle to the Sky Adventures place with a little skepticism that we’d even get to go.

Surely flying through the sky on a cable attached with a bunch of metal stuff isn’t a great idea.

Nobody seemed concerned with the weather, so we went through a safety briefing and got all suited up.  The jist was pretty much, “you’re strapped in, you won’t fall, but wear this silly helmet anyway because haha they look funny on everyone”

Fool I was MADE to wear helmets.

We got tossed in to a group with like six others, shuttled over to the Sky Tram, and headed up!

We studied the map to try and gauge what we were in for, but having no concept for distance other than how long it takes to run that far didn’t make it very useful.

We hit the first platform and our guides gave us a quick “how to”…

“And be very careful to keep your legs up, weight evenly balanced, head straight forward, hips tilted just so, and a strong but not-too-tight grip on the handles so you don’t get stuck in the middle of the cable.”

Wait.  Stuck??

Yeah, apparently people get stuck.  There’s slack in the middle of the cable, and you need enough steam at the end to get up to the platform at the end.  Any extra friction on the wheel will slow you down, but you’re also supposed to “brake” before coming in so you don’t SLAM into the tree at the end going 10000 mph.

Slightly terrifying.  And ok you really only go 50mph.


So much for an easy little glide, taking in all the views and swinging legs like a Cedar Point ride.

We did the short little tester, just to get a feel, and the first “real” run was very short and manageable.  You could see the other platform from the start.

I made Brian go first.  He said he wasn’t nervous.  This face (through the bluriness) says otherwise.

disclaimer : not Brian or I. we were safely on platform #2 at this point.

But the first REAL-real one?  1550 ft long at 40+ mph?  Yeah I spent all 30 seconds completely frozen “in position”, too nervous to even turn my eyeballs and try to catch some peripheral views of the magic around us.

But then we went again, and again, and again, and it got easier and better each time.  The panic of getting stuck was replaced with the thrill of flying over and through the rainforest, nobody else around, with the wind blowing your cheeks around while you grinned like an idiot giggling to yourself.



By the time we hit “The Big One” – over 2400 ft long (that’s 8 football fields you guys. two whole laps around the track) – man were we loving it.  I was the last one to go, and in the middle of my ride, mouth open/cheeks flapping per above, a giant fat rain drop hit me in the face and thunder clapped in the distance.

Ah shit.

Luckily we only had one more cable to go, so we all rapid-fire rode it out and ran to safety.

And we lived happily ever after.  And I’ll forever be seeking out our future “dream home” that includes enough forested land to set up our own zip line course.

* Have you ever been zip lining?  Was it easier or harder or more awesome than you thought it’d be?  Are you selling a house on a giant plot with a bunch of big trees? Can I buy it?

Sarah OUaL


7 thoughts on “AVCRH – Zip Zip (honeymoon flashback!)

  1. We actually went zip lining in Costa Rica for our honeymoon, too! It was definitely awesome but I agree, the fact that I could potentially get stuck in the air in the middle of the jungle was petrifying! Glad we did it though!!


  2. We did it in a forest in the wilds of Northern England and it was amazing! I screamed like a girl the entire time and had this enormous grin on my face at the end! In the adrenaline buzz that evening, the Husband and I decided to try and have a baby. So beware!!


  3. My husband and I ziplined in Kauai and I totally got stuck on the last run. Apparently it happens a lot to the ladies? I dunno. Maybe he just said that to make me feel like less of a loser. :) Thank goodness I stopped about 20 yards from the platform, and the guy was able to reel me in a bit and throw me a rope for me to pull myself all the way in. I loved ziplining so hard. I would totally do it again!


  4. I loved zip lining! For someone afraid of heights, I dominated our course. The guides allowed us to do super man (they attached to you) and upside down. My mom was crapping her pants when she saw me flip upside down. It was amazing! The only time I didn’t feel safe was standing on the platform waiting for my mom and aunts; it was too windy for that business. Needless to say, I survived. Thanks for sharing!


  5. After I saw a video about people who had encountered Bot Flies after returning from a trip to Costa Rica….made me never want to go there. But, considering you made it home safely without disgusting creatures laying eggs in your skin…I may feel slightly better about it. Slightly. Zipline-ing seems pretty bad ass. I must try this!



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