CIM Week One – In the Books.


Warning : This is not actually a post about style.

(I know you’re relieved)

And believe it or not, those are NOT Rafael Nadal’s socks I’m wearing.



This is called, “WTF the Forecast Did NOT Say it was Going to be this F’ing Hot”

Also, “CIM Long Run #1 (of 16)” 

Or, “How to Completely Defeat the Purpose of Wearing Compression Socks

I know we’re babies about the heat in SoCal, but Margot and I, with our collective OH/VA/TX “real heat” Summer experience, agreed it was deceivingly hotter than reported for yesterday’s long run.  SWEAR it was worse than what claims, and the fact that we’re both open members of the LRHaterz club has NOTHING to do with it…


Most of the gory details evaporated out of my skull during the final death march’y miles, so here’s a brief recap of CIM Long Run #1 :

  • Met Margot at Back Bay at 7:30a.  Commented on how warm it was already.    “hehe, it’s like, kind of hot! ok let’s go!
  • Forgot handheld & fuel in car.  Too lazy to turn around and get it.    “hehe, it’s ok, we’ll just stop at the water fountains!
  • … 7 miles later, a few desperate gulps of luke warm fountain water.    “hehe, that feels so much better!
  • Return to cars at mile 10, Margot says ‘I’m outta this misery business have fun sucker’, I grab handheld and take off for 5 more miles.   “hehe, it won’t be so bad!”
  • Refill at mile 12 because 20 oz of Nuun is already gone. Pull down socks.  Take off shirt.   “hehe, sorry if my exposed, pasty, sixpack-less abs make you barf, everyone else on the trail!”
  • Trudge through final three miles, fear for 15 more weeks of severe LRHaterz runs.   “… “ ok not funny anymore.

It was bad, but I’m not jumping off a marathon bridge because logically I know it wasn’t my ability that made this run suck, it was my giant fueling failure.  Which, ironically?  Not such a smooth move the week before running a relay with a hydration company


The miles are done, I survived, and I’ll never run without my handheld again.  The end. 

And I got a new haircut.  The end-end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the really official Facebook Poll y’all said you like a mix of individual run posts and weekly recaps.  GOOD.  As a bullet point lover and someone who routinely struggles for content to write about, I’m all about that.

* * *

Su – 12 hot & slow miles (last run of base building)

M – 45 min elliptical. cross training like a good little injury-fearing runner

Tu – Track Party!  8x800s  –  5@325ish, 315, 315, 308.  Marathon track’ing is DEF different than the short & fast balls-to-the-wall summer workouts we’d been doing, and it’s a welcome change.  (yes I still <3 800s)

W – 4 easy #runch (lunch run) miles

Th – 1-4-1 Tempo (warm up, 4mi at goal 715, cool down).  This was a STRUGGLE – heavy legs, choppy breathing, no rhythm – but I was pleasantly surprised to see the splits weren’t as sad as I expected.  720, 715, 720, 714 and a bit of hope that these longer speed sessions might not actually kill me.

F – Rest

Sa – 15 mi, 838 avg.  See above.

              = 43 miles – highest weekly mileage since Ragnar week in April.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And that’s it from Week One of CIM Training!  I’m thrilled to be back on a schedule, loving the wrung-out dead leg feeling at the end of the day, and am slightly terrified of managing this for 15 more weeks.

On that note, I’m gonna go foam roll something.  Or make a sandwich.

Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “CIM Week One – In the Books.

  1. What training plan are you using?
    Also, could you just maybe run RNR Vegas instead? Or can I break a verbal commitment to RNR Vegas and run a redemption race at CIM?!? Oh the choices!


  2. Dude, it’s insane how much fluid I have been going through running in this weather (10 miles – 20 ounces nuun done, then another 20 ounces after I finished). Have you tried using salt tabs in hot weather? Nuun has a good amount of salt, but I found that in the really hot runs, yet more salt works wonders. That probably would have helped me in leg 1 of Ragnar when it was like 88 degrees. For the 50K, I went through I think 6-8 capsules.


  3. I thought the whole “get dehydrated the weekend before running HTC w/Nuun” was a little ironic for me too. Although I have to say…my dehydration on 7.5 measly miles in 68 deg. is a pretty pathetic venture (read: hangover). At least you can say “I am a badass and ran 15 miles in (feels like) 90 deg? and got dehydrated.” Right?



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