CIM Week Two–more relay please

I let myself have today as a post-HTC pity party hangover day – tomorrow I swear I’ll return to life as a normal human.  With real thoughts, food, and proper hygiene.

And maybe I’ll unpack.

Browsing photo albums, re-reading timelines, and stalking garmin data have done nothing but enable the post-partum feelings.  Such an incredible weekend, from the first minute on Seattle turf to the final (airport-sprinting) second.  Nuun played perfect host and exceeded all expectations by like a 400%.

(Currently re-packing all belongings and (uninivitedly) relocating to HQ.)


All I know is I’m glad my iPhone spent as much time in camera mode as it did.  Many memories to cry over next time I’m feeling sad with non-relay, non-PNW, non-awesome-new-friends boring ol’ regular running.

So, pretty much every minute of every day.


same album found here if you’re suffering from similar symptoms

Until the recaps are ready, or rather I come out of denial that HTC weekend is actually over, let’s talk quickly about last week’s training…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CIM Training – Week #2

Su – 30 min bike, abs – lovely SoCal recovery day

M – 4 mi easy

Tu – 4×1600 @ track – Mile repeats make me want to barf. 6:54, 6:47, 6:44, 6:37

W – off – busy flying to Seattle and kicking off NuunHTC

Th – 5 mi at Green Lake with Nuun crew and the Oiselles – progression/almost tempo/faster than easy pace

F – HTC leg #5 – 6.11 mi, second half steady climb (430’ gain)

Sa – HTC leg #17 – 8.75 mi, fast with surprise climb (200’) at end, 3am (course was detoured last minute)

          HTC leg #29 – 6.12 mi, first half climbing (588’) and a fun fast finish down

= 36 miles – all pretty #runlove’y


Back to normal business.

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “CIM Week Two–more relay please

  1. Sarah, you’re getting so fast!!! Quick question on your track party workouts, what do you do during recovery? Rest, walk around, or slow jog? I so want to just sit on my ass but I guess thats not very effective…


    • Depends on the workout – if it’s high intensity, (close to) full speed sets like 400 or 800s we stop and rest completely (~90s or so), it it’s like a ladder workout (gradually getting faster/further) we’ll recovery jog 200m or so. Depends how ambitious we’re feeling :)


  2. If I had known you were at Green Lake last Thursday I would have worn a big sign on my forehead that said, ‘Sarah Oual, I’ve got your Nuun-aritas right here!’ And then we would have run besties forever and ever. You know that deal would be just too good to pass up.

    Can not wait till the HTC recaps are up. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry! I was bored without my zany gal Oual fix.



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