CIM Week Three–the negative side effects of HTC

This was a weird week.

On one hand, I was still riding the Hood to Coast high all geeked out on running and motivated by my teammates and our successes in Oregon.

But on the other, in a hangover/post partum kind of way, I didn’t want to run.

Like at all.


Granted a lot had to do with being FING TIRED from not sleeping and kicking some ass up a few mountains… But there was another part – stubborn denial? – that kept me from stepping out on that first van-less, bib-less, teammate-less run.  Like if you’d gotten used to eating filet mignon everyday and suddenly had to eat… spam or something. I don’t know, I don’t eat meat. How bout from Apple Jacks to those unflavored plain Cheerios? Or a perfectly frothy latte to stale Folgers in a styrofoam cup? Or a Great Lakes Brew straight from the tap to a can of warm Keystone Light?

You get it, I’m sure.

I just wasn’t pumped to run. How could you be after getting to the highest of highs, and then knowing it was going to take a miracle before you felt that great and purposeful running again? Am I being overdramatic here??


Also, don’t yell at me for not posting the second HTC recap yet. I realize it’s probably hard to wrap your head around all this when I haven’t told you about 2/3rds of ALL OF THE GREAT AND PURPOSEFUL RUNNING yet.

It’s coming. I promise. In the meantime…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CIM Training – Week #3

Su – Rest – travel day back from HTC, cry kicking and screaming the whole way

M – Rest (again) – just because I was lazy/tired/old

Tu – 6.5mi Fartlek at 5K pace (4mi of 60 sec on/60 off).  I felt strong, fast, and happy – which made me feel better for sleeping in and bailing on Track Party that AM

W – 5.2mi Easy – some hip/IT tightness so I let Brian torture me with the Tiger Tail after


Th – 3.3mi treadmill (just to even out the decimal’d weekly total). Dicked around in the weight room – Bosu squats, dumbell lunges, leg press, 10min abs.  Wasn’t up for hill work after the weekend, so suffered through strength training instead.

F – Easy 30min bike ride

Sa – 17mi Long Run, 8:40avg. This was the first LR Kristina and I have gotten to do together (CIM will be her first marathon!) and I’m SO thankful she was there to distract me from my massive #LRHater mood. I kept waiting to shake the tight/dead leg feeling (ugh like you wanted to recover from HTC or something??) and fall into a good rhythm but it never happened. Our splits were everywhere and the pace felt much harder than it should have, which is the biggest confidence-suck in my book.


I’m a terrific running buddy

It’s easy to freak out like, “How the hell will I run 9 miles further at 30+ sec/mi faster?! I’m doomed!” but I try to remind myself that’s the point of training. I don’t need to run MGP today. But putting in the miles now on tired legs will make it that much easier on race day.

Plus there was no way I was going to let my bitch mood and loser legs ruin Kristina’s PDR run.

     = 32 miles – every single one with a subliminal side of “GET YOUR SORE OLD LADY ASS TO YOGA, SARAH”

3 weeks down. 13 to go.

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “CIM Week Three–the negative side effects of HTC

  1. Bummer about being back to non-HTC reality, aka where us plebs have been stuck all along! I realize that it is way more effective if another person does it for you, but Brian’s face in that picture is what makes me really not want to let someone tiger tail me (not like that).


  2. dude. the whole “i need to run HOW much faster for HOW many more miles to qualify?!” mentality is what gets me every single time! How are you keeping your composure and not getting inside your head? thats (one of) my issue! Help a sister out


  3. You aren’t supposed to be able to run marathon goal pace for 26.2 miles in training…that would mean your goal was way too easy. Relax…you will be fine. You are a strong runner and some long runs are supposed to be slow to provide the physiological benefits. Like +1 min slower…


  4. Gah I have the same thoughts you do during training ….how am I gonna run farther AND faster in this race…yadda yadda. I hear ya. You’ll be great though. I think my worst enemy is my brain during running.


  5. old….hmm hmm there’s these big books called you have one? no…? it’s all good there this thing called wikipedia…does the job to explain words…old is not you. I has a less than fantastic post HTC week also…just feeling a little blah…heavy sore legs…and tired very old body


  6. agree with the above-don’t stress about the LR pace. you will get it!! i have given the “facts” on my HTC experience and have yet to write the “emotional” side of it. i think because i don’t know where to start. And, when it’s done, i have nothing HTC left to write about. :(


  7. I was feeling pretty lame on my LR when I could barely hold a pace for 8 miles. And I’m supposed to run about a minute faster for 26 miles in Jan! I have to remind myself I am not making the mistake of running too fast on LR’s this season. That’s what had me sidelined with an injury.



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