Shopping + Cocktails + Running = OUaL’s Head Explodes with Excitement

I swear if anyone else talked about shopping today my credit card was going to burst into flames.

In my wallet. Locked in my desk drawer. Key thrown out the window.

I’m the queen of oggling pretty things online until WOOPS trigger happy how’d that end up in my shopping cart?? And well I wouldn’t want to waste all that time I spent looking around, might as well just type in these few numbers – since I’ve got them memorized and all – and…

Welp, guess I’ll have to try and explain that charge to Brian in a few days.

But then a few days pass, maybe you forget all about it, and WHOOO HI UPS MAN!  Presents at work!

(because obvs you have them delivered to work instead of home, just in case you need a sneak-in-the-back-door-when-husbands-in-the-shower-until-a-convenient-time-to-break-the-news closet delivery plan)

Don’t lie to me. YOU DO IT TOO!

But sometimes it’s nice to go into an actual store and touch stuff before you buy it. Try it on. Give a little shimmy in the 3-way dressing room mirror to see what your ass looks like in it.

(again, don’t lie!)

  • side note – OC Retailers, why no Oiselle or Picky Bars? ANYWHERE! Can I have a talk with your buyers, please?? I’m gonna set up an expo booth on my porch and start dealing if y’all won’t…

Anyway, RoadRunner Sports is my go-to store around here. They keep a solid shoe inventory (including my beloved Brooks Launch), have all the fuel options I need (ahem, except picky), and their VIP program puts their prices below everyone else in town.

So when I’m looking to test run a new shoe, pick up a sports bra when I realize I haven’t done laundry in three weeks, or grab an emergency tube of lemon lime nuun for the weekend’s long run, RRS is it.

Speaking of.


Those are empty. Nuun graveyard is out of control. Must restock.

Luckily next week I’ve got a pretty damn good reason to get into RoadRunner



Umm yeah, I’ll see you, your cocktails, and your prizes in your little runner heaven store next Tuesday.

RRS puts on a good party – the Adventure Run with Sheila was a blast – and actually Margot, Rebecca and I went to this Girls’ Night Out event a few months ago. There was champagne, chocolate strawberries, and I won a $60 sports bra.

Yup. My kinda party.

You should come with me. (RSVP HERE)  And if you’re not in SoCal, go to the Locations Page to see what events your store has coming up.

And fly me out to come with you.

Sarah OUaL

14 thoughts on “Shopping + Cocktails + Running = OUaL’s Head Explodes with Excitement

  1. I buy all my running stuff online. Most things cost about half the price in the US compared to here, so even with shipping costs it’s way cheaper! Except of course I always buy more than I need!! AND I get it shipped to work, but the guys there give me almost as much grief as my husband does…

    I always buy regular clothes in person though, because it’s harder to judge the fit.


  2. I buy all my stuff from RRS online. It doesn’t matter, because I am a VIP and get free shipping. And usually its here in 1 day since it is shipping from Columbus OH (and I am in Cincinnati). I have actually gone into local store and tried things on (shoes, sports bras) and then left because I know I can get it cheaper @ RRS!


  3. First of all, you said *y’all* Love it.

    And yes, I have all running-related deliveries shipped to my office & store them in the trunk of my car until Brad is at softball & I can smuggle them in ;)

    No RRS in Austin, which is unfortunate because they would make a KILLING. I’ll keep harassing on Twitter til they bring a store here. I went to one when I was visiting the fam in NJ and spent $300. Whoops. Maybe it’s better we don’t have one here. Anyway, I order all my crap from them online because my VIP discount makes it hurt my bank account a little less.

    Oh! Maybe I’ll try to find a location in San Diego for when I’m out there next weekend. I’m sure Brad will love me tying running AND shopping into our vacation.


  4. I looooooove….RRS! I used to live in San Diego and they were my go to store…now I shop there online but it’s just not the same! I love their fitting process too!
    I didn’t know they had events like this when I lived there…looks like fun!


  5. I miss RRS sooo much! I first got into running in San Diego (with the help of road runner specialists) and OMFG it’s a mecca to the running gods! I swear! I’ve heard the SD store is the largest around… Just sayin’
    But our little Fleet Feet in Raleigh did throw a wine and hors d’oeuvres party with bra fittings and 10% off for all the ladies. But yeah. Missing Road Runner!


  6. The running store I work at p/t up here has Oiselle and Picky Bars! :) I hear Picky Bars has a bit of a shortage right now due to a bump in popularity following a article:

    Any fart, what’s this Girls Night thing? My new job is having me come down to Torrance all next week for training (M-F); how far is that from you? I know it’s freaking far (with traffic) from my house, so it must be getting pretty close to your hood.



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